Recent Activities

Symantec Meets with Policymakers in Washington and Co-hosts 2nd Annual Cybersecurity Conference with Bloomberg Government

Mike Brown (President and Chief Executive Office, Symantec) making the opening remarks at the cybersecurity conference January 15, 2015 CEO Mike Brown and General Counsel and Secretary Scott Taylor traveled to Washington, D.C. to kick off the second annual Bloomberg Government -Symantec Cybersecurity conference. Brown and Taylor also used the trip for two days of meetings last month with U.S. government leaders.

In their conversations with government officials, Symantec executives and the Government Affairs team discussed the Administration's plans to improve America's cybersecurity posture, continued opportunities for public-private collaboration in fighting cybercrime, and Symantec's breadth of cybersecurity expertise.

Brown opened the Bloomberg Government-Symantec Cybersecurity conference: "Cybersecurity 2015 -- Beyond the Breach." This event, attended by more than 300 government employees, members of the media and industry representatives, showcased Symantec's public policy leadership in Washington and around the globe with key government and industry partners. (End Paragraph) The conference was timely, coming at the end of a year in which data breach and cybersecurity headlines frequented the front pages of major newspapers, and its goal was to explore the minds of government officials and thought leaders on the issue of what's ahead in the realm of cybersecurity in 2015.

The program featured expert panelists and speakers, including Lisa Monaco, White House Homeland Security Advisor, and David Medine, Chairman of the U.S. Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board. These panelists addressed issues such as cybercrime, the importance of international cooperation to combat rising cyber threats, and protecting privacy and civil liberties. (End Paragraph) With the conference's closing remarks, audience members were able to say that they had heard from representatives of the American and European governments, law enforcement, academia, and private industry. The panels that were assembled discussed such important topics as fighting cybercrime, international attitudes towards privacy and security, differences between the U.S. and the E.U. in the cybersecurity realm, and national security in the digital age.

The topics discussed by panelists at the conference have since only increased in relevance to the average American, with the revelations associated with the recent cyber-attacks on Sony Pictures unraveling in the weeks following the conference. Symantec continues to play a large role in working with law enforcement and governments around the world to combat cyber-criminals.