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Symantec Expands Family of ACT! Platforms with Availablity of ACT! for Newton

Best-selling Contact Manager now allows Newton users to manage their business relationships more effectively

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. MACWORLD --January 8, 1995-- Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq:SYMC) today announced the availability of ACT! for Newton. The personal computer version of ACT! is a powerful contact management application and one of Symantec's best-selling products.

ACT! for Newton is a powerful contact management application that brings the popular features of Symantec's best-selling contact management software to mobile devices based on the Newton platform. ACT! for Newton, offers direct synchronization of contact management information between a personal computer and a Newton PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).

"Symantec continues to lead the way in contact management development by meeting the needs of mobile professionals," said Steve Singh, general manager for the contact management division at Symantec. "What we are providing is a companion tool for our existing mobile ACT! users, and we are offering Newton users the opportunity to use a full-featured contact manager."

Like Symantec's leading contact management software for the personal computer, ACT! for Newton features a powerful and customizable database that tracks contact names, addresses, and daily activities. All data can be easily synchronized and updated between the ACT! for Windows and ACT! for Macintosh desktop versions and ACT! for Newton.

ACT! for Newton offers the powerful capabilities of ACT! with instant access to data on a Newton PDA. ACT! for Newton provides users with access to their contact database from anywhere at anytime. With the 'instant on' feature of the PDA, the user can access their ACT! database without turning on a computer, loading the OS, and then loading the application.

The contact database is completely integrated with a calendar that displays all scheduled meetings, calls and action items by day, week or month. Completed activities are automatically logged into each contact's history. Users can take notes on the Newton and automatically record date-stamped notes for each contact.

A letter generator allows users to create customized letters for any contact in their database and then print or fax them from an Apple MessagePad or other Newton PDA device. Similar to the personal computer version, ACT! for Newton provides pre-defined lists for generating address lists, status reports, and activity reports.

ACT! for Newton also takes advantage of Newton technology by providing the ability to beam information from one Newton PDA to another using Apple's built-in infrared technology. It also includes Newton specific features including data soup and handwriting recognition.

"ACT! for Newton solves one of the primary problems faced by business professionals on the run -- access to and management of their business relationships when they're away from the office," said Steve Andler, senior director of Apple's Mobile Systems Product Marketing. "With ACT! for Newton, mobile professionals can quickly and easily synchronize their data with a Windows- or Mac OS-based desktop computer, providing instant access to critical data."

Pricing and Availability
ACT! for Newton is now available with an estimated street price of $99.95 from Symantec's network of authorized resellers.

System Requirements
ACT! for Newton requires a MessagePad 100, 110, or 120 or other Newton compatible device. ACT! for Newton is compatible with the Newton 1.0 and 2.0 operating systems and requires 400k free memory. Synchronization requires ACT! 2.04 for Windows or later and a 9-pin to 8-pin serial cable or ACT! 2.5 for Macintosh or later and a standard printer serial cable.

ACT! is the best-selling contact management software application which provides essential tools for managing business relationships more effectively and increased personal productivity. ACT! is a software tool designed for professionals or business workgroups whose day revolves around their business contacts.

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