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Market Data Shows Norton AntiVirus Tops All AntiViral Programs

Retail customers' preference drives the Norton AntiVirus to 73% unit marketshare

Cupertino, California, --January 23, 1996-- (Nasdaq:SYMC) Following the launch of Windows 95, the Norton AntiVirus (NAV) continued to build on its tradition of technical and marketshare leadership in the antivirus marketplace. According to the September quarter PC Data Retail Report, an independent retail marketshare report, the Norton AntiVirus for Windows/DOS and the Norton AntiVirus for Windows 95 represented a combined 72.8% of the domestic unit marketshare and 76.7% dollar marketshare versus all measured antiviral competitors."Norton AntiVirus was the top retail antivirus seller in units and revenue during September and October." said Ann Stephens, president, PC Data in Reston, VA.

In addition, StoreBoard, an independent retail marketshare research report, showed that NAV earned the number three spot among all Windows 95 software applications (following Microsoft Plus and Microsoft Office) sold through all StoreBoard channels during September, 1995. Overall, StoreBoard reports that Symantec's software for Windows and Windows 95 ranked second in September with 20.8% share of all reported software unit volume.

"Norton AntiVirus for Windows 95 apparently has experienced a high attach rate to new computer hardware sales in September," said Stella Kelly, director of the StoreBoard service for Computer Intelligence Infocorp.

Symantec's three new utility products for Windows 95 -- Norton AntiVirus, Norton Utilities, and Norton Navigator -- have seen a significant growth in overall attach-rates to purchases of the new operating system in since August. Attach rates of all three products have increased from 14.2% in August, to 23.3% in September, to 35.4% in October, according to PC Data's retail reports.

Symantec made an early commitment to provide utilities for the Windows 95 platform and had product localized and stocked in retail in nine languages. SofTrends, a market research service provided by the Software Publishers Association, reported that initial retail sales data indicated 13.5% of consumers who purchased Windows 95 also bought Norton Utilities; 8.5% purchased Norton AntiVirus; 5.5% purchased Norton Navigator (as reported in Computer Retail Week, 9/18/95). As a result, Symantec overall Windows 95 software revenue marketshare currently ranks second in retail to only Microsoft.

Pricing and Availability
Norton AntiVirus for Windows 95 is available at an estimated retail price of $79; tradeup is available for $29 to registered users of Norton AntiVirus, Norton Desktop for Windows, Central Point AntiVirus and PC Tools.

Norton Utilities for Windows 95 is available at an estimated retail price of $119; tradeup is available for $59 for registered users of Norton Utilities, Norton Desktop and PC Tools. Norton Utilities is also offered on CD-ROM at an estimated retail price of $129.

Norton Navigator for Windows 95 is available at an estimated price of $99; tradeup is available for $39 to registered users of Norton Desktop, PC Tools, Norton Commander and XTree. Norton Navigator is also offered on CD-ROM at an estimated retail price of $99.

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