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Symantec and PC DOCS Announce Technology Alliance to Include E-Forms in Complete Document Management Solution

Canadian Coast Guard: First Implementation of Delrina FormFlow™ and DOCS Open Solution

TORONTO, ONT, -- January 29, 1996 -- Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ:SYMC) and PC DOCS Inc. today announced full interoperability between their products, Delrina FormFlow and DOCS Open, providing the ability to manage electronic forms as part of a comprehensive enterprise-wide document management application. A Dynamic Link Library (DLL) was developed to handle FormFlow forms like any other documents managed by the system. This integration allows customers to automate their business processes with FormFlow electronic forms, where the relevant FormFlow files are then organized and managed by DOCS Open. The Canadian Coast Guard is one of the first customer organizations to have implemented a combined FormFlow/DOCS Open solution. This announcement marks the beginning of a series of Delrina Group partnerships designed to allow users to easily add electronic forms to their existing and planned enterprise-wide applications.

"More and more, electronic forms automation is becoming one part of a comprehensive technology solution within organizations," said Teddy Rosenberg, general manager, Electronic Forms, Delrina Group. "While FormFlow provides complete forms management capabilities, we recognize that these electronic forms must often fit into the management structure of all other documents in an organization. By integrating FormFlow and DOCS Open, we have included electronic forms in a full document management solution. It has been our strategy to partner with key players in the industry where it makes sense for our customers and business model. We plan to bring this solution to our mutual customers including many other departments in the Canadian Federal Government."

The Coast Guard's application uses FormFlow for more than 70 different human resources and administrative forms such as employee appraisals, vacation requests, and timesheets. DOCS Open is used as its enterprise-wide document management solution to scan paper documents, track e-mail and electronic forms, and manage document storage and disposal. A DLL was developed by PC DOCS to handle FormFlow forms like other documents managed by the system. FormFlow's unique "packaging" feature—the ability to send a form by itself, send a form with associated data, or send pointers to the form and/or the data—made this integration possible.

"A key consideration in our decision to purchase DOCS Open was its ability to work seamlessly with our existing infrastructure, including FormFlow, without requiring us to make additional software investments. Now our FormFlow forms are managed just like the other documents in our organization," said Scott Prieur, manager of application development for the Information Resource Management (IRM) division of the Coast Guard. "DOCS Open and FormFlow work together to provide an open solution that ties into our existing resources, yet is flexible enough to work with software we may choose in the future."

"The Symantec and PC DOCS relationship makes a lot of sense, highlighting the natural synergies between FormFlow's powerful and versatile forms creation and routing capabilities and the well-established document management features of DOCS Open," said James J. Greene III, analyst at Summit Strategies, Inc. a Boston, MA-based market consulting firm. "The integration of these products means customers can have their cake and eat it too, completely automating their previously paper-constrained processes while improving the protection and management of vital documents. Most importantly, this demonstrates the Delrina Group's commitment to complement and enhance forms-related infrastructure technologies such as databases, e-mail and security that are already part of the customer environment."

About Delrina FormFlow
Delrina FormFlow electronic forms software allows organizations to leverage their existing technology investments to automate business processes. Organizations use FormFlow to create intelligent forms — electronic representations of paper forms with built-in intelligence such as calculations, links to databases, and customized toolbars and menus. In addition, organizations can create form applications with conditional routing and deploy them enterprise-wide using their e-mail systems. These form applications present and move information using the existing networks, databases, and e-mail infrastructure. Examples of such automated business processes include travel requests, expense reporting, procurement and human resources applications. FormFlow is currently available for Windows, DOS, UNIX (SunOS, Solaris, SGI), and Macintosh, with IBM AIX, HP/UX, Windows NT, and Windows 95 versions to follow.

About PC DOCS, Inc.
PC DOCS, Inc. is the leading provider of document management software for networked professionals and sells its award-winning software, DOCS Open through a channel of authorized resellers, integrators, and distributors worldwide. The company provides enterprise-wide document management systems for a variety of industries including manufacturing, finance, government agencies, insurance, legal, and other professional service organizations. PC DOCS, Inc. is a subsidiary of PC DOCS Group International Inc. which is traded on the NASDAQ (DOCSF) and Toronto (DXX) Exchanges. The company can be contacted for more information through its Internet Web site at

About the Delrina Group
Delrina Group of Symantec Corp. designs, develops, markets and supports innovative PC software products in the fax, data and voice communications and electronic forms software markets. Delrina is recognized as the world leader in PC fax and electronic forms. Delrina can be contacted for more information through its Internet Web site at

About Symantec Corporation
Symantec Corp. develops, markets and supports a complete line of application and system software products designed to enhance individual and workgroup productivity as well as manage networked computing environments. The company is headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., and sells its software worldwide.

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