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Symantec Offers Norton File Manager Preview Edition for Windows NT

Norton File Manager Preview Edition for Windows NT Available on Symantec's BBS and FTP & Web Sites, CompuServe, America Online, The Microsoft Network


  • Powerful file management which extends, enhances and complements Windows NT.
  • Centralized control over both mapped and unmapped network resources.
  • Built-in Internet FTP access and file transfer makes it easy to copy files to and from Internet FTP sites by dragging and dropping within the Norton File Manager.
  • Copy and format floppy disks, including Distribution Media Format (DMF) disks.
  • Fast search engine for locating files. Search on date, size, attributes and contained text.
  • Compress/Decompress files using PKZip, ARC or LZH compatible formats. Automatically compress files by dragging and dropping them into a compressed folder.
  • Supports NTFS.
  • Streamline everyday tasks with a comprehensive set of configuration options.
  • Compare and synchronize folders.

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- February 5, 1996 -- Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq:SYMC), one of the world’s leading suppliers of utilities software products, today extended its file management solution to the Microsoft Windows NT platform with the Norton File Manager Preview Edition for Windows NT. The Norton File Manager Preview Edition is a powerful and complete set of file management tools that make it easier and faster to manage files in Windows NT. The Norton File Manager Preview Edition lets users browse unmapped network resources, format and copy DMF floppy disks, drag and drop to and from FTP sites directly from within the Norton File Manager, quickly find files and programs, configure their systems for maximum productivity, and more. The Norton File Manager Preview Edition for Windows NT is available for download for a limited time via Symantec's BBS and FTP & Web Sites, CompuServe, America Online and Microsoft Network. Norton AntiVirus Scanner for Windows NT, released earlier this month, is also available for download from these same online sites.

“The Norton File Manager Preview Edition for Windows NT gives users control of file management in NT,” said Scott Madden, product manager of Norton File Manager Preview Edition. “NT users can enhance their productivity in Windows NT by taking full advantage of the network and file management tools in the Norton File Manager Preview Edition.”

“The ability of the Norton File Manager Preview to browse unmapped network resources, attach to FTP sites and compress files is a big benefit to users of Windows NT,” said Mike Nash, group product manager, Business Systems Division, Microsoft Corporation. “Symantec continues to provide easy to use utilities’ solutions that complement the operating system.”


Norton File Manager

Powerful file management features in the Norton File Manager Preview Edition for Windows NT make working in Windows NT significantly faster and easier.

Network File Management

With UNC browsing, users can quickly and easily browse through network drives and perform file operations on them without having to map them, just like Network Neighborhood in Windows 95. Network file operations like copying and deleting no longer require mapping the selected drive. Users can also save time by configuring network resources from one central location, from within the Norton File Manager. The Norton File Manager enables connecting, adding, sharing and changing ownership of both mapped and unmapped network resources.

Internet FTP Access and File Transfer

Use the FTP site feature to transfer files to and from any FTP site by simply dragging and dropping the files between the user’s system and the FTP site. With the Norton File Manager, users can treat FTP sites as if they were just another drive on their systems. The Norton File Manager also provides Norton UUencode/UUdecode to encode and decode files sent and received over the Internet.

Copy and Format Disks

The Norton File Manager lets users format and copy, or make images of floppy disks using the extended Distribution Media Format (DMF). This allows users to create backup copies of Microsoft program disks. In addition, this extended format can be used to store greater amounts of data which can later be read by the Windows NT operating system.

Norton FastFind

Norton FastFind provides powerful, fast file searches on name, date, size, attributes and text within files.

Norton Zip/Unzip and NTFS Compression Compatibility

With Norton Zip/Unzip, users can reduce the size of files sent over the Internet, compress and decompress files on the fly, and save valuable disk space. Using drag-and-drop, users can zip/unzip any file in a fraction of the time it takes to use a separate application. The Norton File Manager is compatible with PKZip V1.x (unzipping only) and V2.x, ARC, LHZ (LHA 2.1x), and Zip self-extracting archives. The Norton File Manager also supports NTFS, handling NTFS compressed files as if they were standard, non-compressed files.

Norton Folder Synchronization

The Synchronize Folders feature displays the contents of two folders on a dual pane interface so that users can quickly and easily compare and synchronize the folders’ contents. The differences in the contents of two folders can be compared using the Folder Compare feature.

Fully Customizable

Users can customize the Toolbar, Shortcut keys and Tree Views, configuring the Norton File Manager to work according to user-specified preferences. Several default configurations and an XTree Gold Mode, with compatible keystrokes, are also available.

Other File Management Functions

Users can change file associations; compare files; copy and make image files of floppy disks; encrypt/decrypt files; and setup custom ViewTabs for customized display settings.

Application and text files for the Norton File Manager Preview Edition for Windows NT, FMNTPRE.EXE and FMNTPRE.TXT, for download from the following online areas:

Symantec’s BBS (541) 484-6669 (300 - 28800 baud) Symantec's FTP site Symantec's Web site CompuServe GO SYMANTEC America Online SYMANTEC The Microsoft Network GOTO SYMANTEC

Norton File Manager Preview Edition for Windows NT runs on any Intel 80486/25 or higher machine, running Windows NT 3.51, with 12 MB RAM or more, and 6 MB hard disk space.

Installation of QuickView Plus, from Inso Corporation is required to view files using Auto-Viewer or Quick View in the Norton File Manager Preview Edition for Windows NT. TCP/IP stack and provider are required for use of the FTP site feature. Users must have an existing Internet connection, running Winsock 1.1 or later.

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