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Symantec Announces Norton Antivirus Software Developers Kit

Quarterdeck Corporation First To License
Norton AntiVirus SDK offers application developers an easy method of embedding the leading virus detection technology into their Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows NT applications
  • Simple APIs for embedding anti-virus detection in Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows NT.
  • Allows applications to check files for virus infections.
  • Top rated virus detection of over 6900 known viruses.
  • Monthly virus definition updates free for download available for end users from Symantec’s CompuServe Forum, America Online Forum, Microsoft Network Forum, BBS, FTP or World Wide Web site.
CUPERTINO, Calif. – February 8, 1996 -- Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq:SYMC), one of the world’s leading suppliers of utilities software products, today extended its anti-virus protection solutions to applications developers by announcing the availability of the Norton AntiVirus Software Developer’s Kit (NAV/SDK). The Norton AntiVirus SDK is a powerful anti-virus engine with exposed API’s that allow application developers to directly embed virus detection into an application. Quarterdeck Corporation is the first company to license the NAV/SDK. Quarterdeck will embed the anti-virus technology into their Quarterdeck Mosaic browser and InternetSuite products.

The Norton AntiVirus SDK provides virus scanning capabilities using technology from Symantec’s award winning Norton AntiVirus for Windows 3.0 and Norton AntiVirus for Windows 95 products. Provided as a software developers kit, developers can now easily embed the capability to scan files for viruses as an integrated part of an application. There is broad applicability for the NAV/SDK, but first uses are expected to be in communications products and Internet browsers. The SDK is available immediately directly from Symantec.

The first implemention of embedded virus detection was seen in Symantec’s pcAnywhere32 and Delrina Cyberjack products. Quarterdeck is the first commercial licensee of the NAV/SDK.

“We are excited about Quarterdeck’s decision to select the superior anti-virus technology from Symantec for inclusion in their products,” said Germaine Ward, director of product management for Norton AntiVirus. “Users browsing the Internet using Quarterdeck’s products won’t have to worry about transferring an infected file from the Internet onto their PCs.”

“The fear of downloading infected files has caused some users to avoid taking full advantage of the Internet. This will be less of an issue as more browser vendors take advantage of the NAV/SDK and build in virus detection. In addition, virus definition updates for users are easily available from Symantec’s online services,” Ward added.

“We want users of InternetSuite to feel safe navigating the Internet, and Norton AntiVirus will offer a powerful layer of protection for people downloading software from the Internet’s many resources. The Norton AntiVirus SDK will allow us to build automatic virus security into the suite, instead of simply including an external scanner that users will have to remember to run,” said Suzanne Dickson, director of Internet client products for Quarterdeck.

Software development companies interested in including Symantec’s SDK technology in their products should contact Alison Unden at 310-449-4146. Pricing is negotiated on a case by case basis.

Quarterdeck Corporation is a pioneer in the development of software products in four strategic business areas: Utilities, Internet Solutions, Internet Services, and Communications. The company also offers an entire line of powerful, next-generation Internet tools for corporate, small business and individual users, including the award-winning WebCompass. Quarterdeck Corporation's headquarters are located at 13160 Mindanao Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292. Further product availability and pricing information can be obtained by calling (310) 309-3700, by accessing Quarterdeck's Internet Web site at, or by sending an mail request to

Symantec is the market leader in providing tools for detecting and preventing viruses. Market data shows Norton AntiVirus tops all anti-virus programs, with retail customer preference driving NAV to a 76 percent market share. The Symantec product offering includes antivirus solutions for Macintosh, IBM and IBM-compatible workstations and servers. Workstation products include Norton AntiVirus for Windows 95, Norton AntiVirus 3.0 for DOS/Windows, Norton AntiVirus Scanner for Windows NT, and Symantec AntiVirus for Macintosh. Symantec also offers Norton AntiVirus 2.0 for NetWare to protect NetWare servers in addition to Central Point AntiVirus for Netware, Central Point AntiVirus for DOS/Windows, and Central Point AntiVirus for OS/2.

The Norton AntiVirus SDK is backed by an unsurpassed range of virus information and update services. Users can access the Symantec AntiVirus Reference Center on Symantec’s web site to obtain up-to-date information on viruses and virus protection. This area also contains the latest virus definitions for all Symantec antivirus products which are updated every month and available free to download. Additional virus information and update services include The Virus Hotline (541-984-7879); downloadable virus definitions from the Symantec BBS, the Symantec FTP site and web site on the Internet, CompuServe, America Online and the Microsoft Network. In addition, a Monthly Virus Definition Disk Service (541-335-7000) and a Quarterly Subscription Service (800-203-4403) are available for a fee.

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Symantec Corporation develops, markets and supports a complete line of application and system software products designed to enhance individual and workgroup productivity as well as manage networked computing environments. Platforms supported include IBM personal computers and compatibles, Apple Macintosh computers as well as all major network operating systems. Founded in 1982, the company has offices in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and Europe. Information on the company and its products can be obtained by calling (800) 441-7234 toll free or (541) 334-6054.

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