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Symantec Announces Standalone Café for Windows

Café incorporates new Java visual design tools, powerful graphical debugger, and faster compiler and interpreter into development environment

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- March 4, 1996 -- Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq:SYMC) announced today a new Java visual development environment named Symantec Café for Windows. Symantec Café is a standalone Java development tool not dependent on Symantec C++ and is the first to include graphical tools that dramatically speed up the development of Java applets and applications. Symantec Café features a native Java compiler that allows builds of Java programs several times faster than Sun's Java Development Kit compiler. It also provides the first fully integrated graphical debugger for Java, allowing developers to do source level debugging of their Java standalone applications, or applets that are embedded inside an HTML web page. In addition, Symantec Café provides a Class Browser with Java features such as JDK 1.0 from Sun, an introduction to Java programming book, and over 35 Java sample applets that help developers get started quickly using Java in their web pages.

"We have received tremendous response from Java developers with our first Java product, the Café patch, introduced in December. With our new standalone product, Café, we further extend our lead and momentum in the Java tools market," said Mansour Safai, general manager for Symantec’s applications and development tools. "Symantec Café provides cutting-edge Java development tools that are not available anywhere else, including visual design tools, a fast compiler, and a fully integrated, visual graphical debugger."

"The early availability of a complete toolset is a fundamental plank in Java platform," said Ruth Hennigar, general manager for language and applications at JavaSoft. "Symantec Café provides the first visual form editing and graphical debugging tools in an integrated windows development environment for Java."

Symantec Café also includes Café Studio which provides the capability for visually creating Java views and forms by dragging and dropping visual controls on a Java form. In addition, the user can select from a series of predefined visual templates for maximum productivity. The user can simply select a graphical object and directly modify the Java code for handling specific events. Café Studio also provides a menu editor for Java, and the capability of taking existing Windows resource scripts and automatically converting them to Java source code.

Key Symantec Café Features Include:

  • Café Studio visual tools allow the visual design of Java forms and menus using drag and drop. In addition, users can click on a visual element and directly code a corresponding event handler, allowing visual programming with Java;
  • A native Java compiler building Java programs several times faster than the standard Sun Java Development Kit compiler;
  • Full integration of the Java compiler in the environment allowing the user to see build errors and go to the appropriate location by simply double-clicking on the error;
  • A fully integrated graphical debugger inside the IDE, including:
    - source level debugging
    - program call chain
    - data and object browsing
    - management of threads
    - management of breakpoints
  • Café includes a replacement DLL for Sun's Java interpreter allowing Java programs to run up to twice as fast;
  • Class Browser/Editor allows developers to browse the Java sources ad well as the ability to browse and edit methods, data and classes. The Class Browser now fully supports Java packages simplifying the understanding of the Java class library;
  • The Hierarchy Editor provides a visual representation of the Java application class hierarchy, allowing the user to better understand the standard Java classes and their relationships, as well as classes of the application. The Hierarchy Editor now fully supports the display of packages;
  • Easy access to help for quick look-up of Java API in help files from the editor;
  • Color syntax highlighting of Java and HTML code in the editor;
  • Project Express Wizard for the creation of new Java projects and to add existing code;
  • AppletViewer with Symantec’s development environment;
  • AppExpress Wizard for rapid generation of new Java applets;
  • Professional programmer’s editor with color syntax highlighting for Java programs;
  • "Introduction to Java" programming book and several web page samples with Java applets that illustrate how to get started using Java in their web pages;
  • Getting Started Guide;
  • Symantec Café Tutorial;
  • Java Language Reference.
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