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Symantec Announces Norton NT Tools To Enhance Your Investment In Windows NT

An essential set of proven tools to scan and repair viruses, manage files and monitor and view key system information

Editors Summary

  • Protection against viruses on the desktop and over the Internet
  • Automatic alert notification of virus definition updates via Internet online services
  • Internet FTP site access with easy drag and drop
  • Browse both mapped and unmapped network resources
  • Compress files using any of several formats
  • Connect to FTP sites and download files using easy drag and drop techniques
  • Real-time system monitoring and status with System Doctor
  • Information on key system resources with System Information
  • View the status of another Windows NT based system on the network
  • Centralized access, launch and configuration from the Control Center

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- March 25, 1996 -- Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq:SYMC), a leading supplier of utilities software products, today expanded its comprehensive cross-platform utilities support to the Microsoft Windows NT operating system with the introduction of Norton NT Tools. Norton NT Tools is the only set of utilities that combines anti-virus protection, powerful file management and the ability to monitor key system resources under the Windows NT operating system.

"Delivering products such as this new utility for Windows NT-based systems is a big benefit to users of Windows NT Workstation," said Megan Bliss, group product manager, Windows and Business Systems division, Microsoft Corporation. "Symantec continues to provide easy to use products that complement Microsoft’s entire family of 32-bit operating systems, including Windows 95, Windows NT Workstation and Windows NT Server."

Symantec is the technological and market leader in providing utilities across platforms - the Macintosh, MS-DOS, Windows, and Windows 95 operating systems. Now the superior technology of Norton AntiVirus, Norton Navigator and Norton Utilities components is available to users of Windows NT. The proven technology, intuitive interface and powerful features from the Norton family of products provide an award-winning set of tools that optimize system performance in the complex Windows NT computing environment.

"Symantec is fully committed to developing top quality, high value products for the Windows NT platform," said Karen Black, vice president of the advanced utilities business unit. "Norton NT Tools is the first Symantec utilities product developed to enhance the investment users and the companies they work for have made to this powerful operating system."

Scans And Eliminates Viruses
The Norton NT Tools virus scanner provides virus detection, elimination and repair, including fast, unobtrusive, transparent scanning and an easy-to-use update system to maintain the highest level of antivirus protection for Windows NT. Automatic virus update notification is fast and easy and because of the compact virus definition file and online access to virus definitions. Used with Norton System Doctor, the Norton NT Tools virus scanner will alert users when their definition set should be updated.

New definition sets, updated monthly, can be downloaded from the following online sites:

Symantec BBS 541-484-6669 (300 - 28,000 baud) Symantec’s FTP Site Symantec’s anti-virus Web site CompuServe GO SYMANTEC America Online SYMANTEC The Microsoft Network SYM-NAV95

Windows NT is not immune to virus infections. In many instances, Windows NT will prevent viruses from spreading where MS-DOS or Windows will not, but there are a number of common viruses that can cause significant damage to Windows NT programs, data, even the operating system itself. For example, the Word Macro viruses can infect a Windows NT-based system just as they do all other Word platforms.

Because Windows NT is frequently a file server for MS-DOS, Windows and Windows 95 workstations, the Norton NT Tools anti-virus component is specifically designed to scan for viruses that can infect any of these systems. It will also repair boot sector and file virus infections on Windows NT-based systems.

Norton NT Tools virus scanner scans for more than 7,500 known PC viruses and allows users to easily customize their virus protection installation. Users can scan an entire disk or set of disks, a particular folder and all its files, or a specific file for virus infection. Scanning can be performed on demand or scheduled to regularly run at a predetermined time and frequency.

Powerful File Management
The Norton NT File Manager dramatically reduces the effort needed to perform typical file management and manipulation tasks during everyday use of Windows NT. File manager lets users browse unmapped network resources, format and copy DMF floppy disks, drag and drop to and from FTP sites directly from within the Norton File Manager, quickly find files and programs, configure their systems for maximum productivity, and more.

Network File Management
With UNC browsing, users can quickly and easily browse through network drives and perform file operations on them without having to map them, just like Network Neighborhood in Windows 95. Network file operations like copying and deleting no longer require mapping the selected drive. Users can also save time by configuring network resources from one central location, from within the Norton File Manager. The Norton File Manager enables connecting, adding, sharing and changing ownership of both mapped and unmapped network resources.

Internet FTP Mapping and File Transfer
Use the FTP site feature to transfer files to and from any FTP site by simply dragging and dropping the files between the user’s system and the FTP site. With the Norton File Manager, users can treat FTP sites as if they were just another drive on their systems. The Norton File Manager also provides Norton UUencode/UUdecode to encode and decode files sent and received over the Internet.

Copy and Format Disks
The Norton File Manager lets users format and copy, or make images of floppy disks using the extended Distribution Media Format (DMF). This allows users to create backup copies of Microsoft program disks. In addition, this extended format can be used to store greater amounts of data which can later be read by the Windows NT operating system.

Norton FastFind
Norton FastFind provides powerful, fast file searches on name, date, size, attributes and text within files.

Norton Zip/Unzip and NTFS Compression Compatibility
With Norton Zip/Unzip, users can reduce the size of files sent over the Internet, compress and decompress files on the fly, and save valuable disk space. Using drag-and-drop, users can zip/unzip any file in a fraction of the time it takes to use a separate application. The Norton File Manager is compatible with PKZip V1.x (unzipping only) and V2.x, ARC, LHZ (LHA 2.1x), and Zip self-extracting archives. The Norton File Manager also supports NTFS compression, handling NTFS compressed files as if they were standard, non-compressed files.

Norton Folder Synchronization
The Synchronize Folders feature displays the contents of two folders on a dual pane interface so that users can quickly and easily compare and synchronize the folders’ contents. The differences in the contents of two folders can be compared using the Folder Compare feature.

Fully Customizable
Users can customize the Toolbar, Shortcut keys and Tree Views, configuring the Norton File Manager to work according to user-specified preferences. Several default configurations and an XTree Gold Mode, with compatible keystrokes, are also available.

Other File Management Functions
Users can change file associations; compare files; copy and make image files of floppy disks; encrypt/decrypt files; and set up custom ViewTabs for displaying a user-defined file manager virus.

Continuous System Monitoring With Norton System Doctor
Norton System Doctor (NSD) and System Information (SI) let users easily and continuously monitor and view key information about their Windows NT-based workstation. With easy-to-set thresholds for system resource management, NSD runs in the background and notifies the user when the system is reaching critical levels. Norton System Doctor monitors the PC’s performance to keep it problem-free and running at peak efficiency. The intuitive interface displays information that is easy to read and understand, including the status of another Windows NT-based system on the network, saving users time. Norton System Doctor is completely customizable and users can specify what conditions NSD monitors and control what happens when problems are detected. Sensors in NSD monitor nearly every aspect of a user’s system including the disks, memory, CPU and network. Most sensors include an alarm that can be set to trigger when the condition being monitored reaches a critical value. The alarm can alert users to the condition by displaying a message that suggests corrective action.

System Information
System Information (SI) gives the user quick, one-stop access to both basic and detailed information on memory, disks, network connections and multimedia devices. It provides more information than the Windows NT Control Panel, giving technical details about the user’s system, including the attached peripheral devices, such as the keyboard, mouse, display monitor and printer. Detailed reports from System Information are helpful when installing new software or hardware, upon completion of an upgrade, when cleaning up a hard disk to see how much space is used, when troubleshooting system problems, or any time a user needs details about drive or memory usage.

Norton Control Center
To set options quickly, the user can take advantage of the graphical interface in the Norton Control Center (NCC). NCC offers a convenient method to set options associated with both Norton AntiVirus Scanner for Windows NT and Norton System Doctor. Pricing And Availability Norton NT Tools is now available on CD-ROM at a suggested special introductory price of $49.95. Customers may exchange their CD-ROM for diskettes via the disk exchange coupon located in the product manual. Norton NT Tools requires an Intel 80386/33 or higher (Uniprocessor and Multiprocessor machines); EGA, VGA, SVGA, Monographics Video; 16MB of RAM required; 8.5MB free hard disk space required; Windows NT workstation version 3.5.1 or later; and Windows NT Server version 3.5.1 or later.

About Symantec Corporation
Symantec Corporation develops, markets, and supports a complete line of application and system software products designed to enhance individual and workgroup productivity as well as manage networked computing environments. Platforms supported include IBM personal computers and compatibles, Apple Macintosh computers as well as all major network operating systems. Founded in 1982, the company’s global operations span North America, Europe and several fast growing markets throughout Asia Pacific and Latin America. Information on the company and its products can be obtained by calling (800) 441-7234 toll free or (541) 334-6054.

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