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InterMax Solutions Formed to Provide Client/Server Intranet Solutions to Fortune 1000 Corporations

SAN MATEO, Calif. -- April 16, 1996 -- The formation of InterMax Solutions, Inc., a new company headquartered in San Mateo was announced today. The new company is focused on providing client/server solutions for mission critical applications by offering rapid development, ease of change and immediate deployment using the Internet or corporate Intranet. InterMax Solutions' unique combination of technology, consulting and training services positions the company as a leading provider of client/server application solutions for the corporate sector.

The new organization's flagship product Sydney™ is based on the application development and execution engine from Symantec Corporation's (Nasdaq:SYMC) award-winning Team Enterprise Developer product, combined with Internet technology extended by DBSS, Inc. DBSS, formerly a client/server consulting and training firm servicing the Fortune 1000, had been looking for a toolset to add to their design services in order to provide a total solution for corporate applications development that takes advantage of the rise in intranetworking. Leslie McNeill, former chief executive officer of DBSS has been named president and CEO of InterMax Solutions and Ted Schlein, Symantec's vice president of networking and client/server technology will serve on the InterMax Solutions board of directors.

"Mission-critical applications in the corporate environment must deliver decision support information with security, control and in a cost-effective manner," McNeill said. "Our development environment, Sydney, provides the rapid development and ease of change required by corporate customers combined with immediate deployment featuring an HTML view of all aspects of the application UI. The HTML view is created dynamically at execution time and is visible to the client with no HTML coding required via the Internet/intranet communications capability," he added.

"Symantec recognizes the need in corporate IS for a total solution based on client/server application development technology. The combination of InterMax Solutions' expertise with Internet/intranet technology and the Enterprise Developer engine provides a powerful solution to solve enterprise-wide application development problems," said Symantec's Schlein.

InterMax Solutions is privately held with Symantec holding a minority ownership. The Symantec Enterprise Developer technology will be used by InterMax Solutions as core technology. Future development, marketing, sales and support services will be determined by InterMax Solutions. In addition to its San Mateo headquarters, InterMax Solutions has a sales and support office in the Philadelphia area, and has established offices in the United Kingdom to service and support customers in Europe. The company also maintains a development office in Melbourne, Australia.

Technical support will be available for existing Enterprise Developer customers for a limited time, after which a migration path will be available for those customers wishing to upgrade to the Sydney Applications Environment. For companies interested in any of the InterMax Solutions products and services call (415) 358-5900.

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