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Symantec Posts Update for Cyberjack Internet Suite

Users One-Click Away From Getting Table Support in Browser, Telnet Client and Base Level Integration with Netscape 2.0 Browser

Editors Summary

  • First Internet suite to provide base level integration with Netscape 2.0 browser; provides value-add; enables Netscape 2.0 users to use Cyberjack’s non-Web tools: FTP for downloading files, IRC for chatting, Telnet (terminal emulation via Internet), and Archie, Gopher and Finger for searching and gathering information
  • Plans to extend integration fully with Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer, including Cyberjack Guidebooks, Cyberjack news browser, etc.
  • Adds Telnet capability to the suite
  • Adds HTML 3.0 Table support for Cyberjack browser; important for first time users not currently using Netscape
  • Seamless upgrade built into Cyberjack for easy updates

Toronto, Ontario -- April 17, 1996 -- Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ:SYMC), the worldwide leader in communications software, today announced an update for its Windows 95 Internet suite, Cyberjack 7.0. The update adds support in the Cyberjack browser for HTML 3.0 Tables, a full featured Telnet client, and base level integration with Netscape Navigator 2.0 that enables users to use Netscape for browsing but automatically launches Cyberjack’s additional components, such as FTP file transfer, IRC for chatting and others, when encountered.

"Our strategy is to continue to develop and add value to the Internet experience with Cyberjack," said Mike Brookbank, Cyberjack product manager at Symantec’s Delrina Group. "Cyberjack’s tight integration with Windows 95 provides users with a very gratifying experience. It has easy configuration and connectivity, more than 500 sites in the Guidebook to get a user surfing immediately, plus seamless integration between the various components like file transfer, Internet chatting, accessing news groups and of course the Web. To that end we have enhanced the Cyberjack browser to support Tables, a feature of many Web pages today. In addition, we recognize Netscape’s position in the market and want to assure users that their investment in Cyberjack will not preclude them from using the Netscape browser." Symantec plans to have periodic updates for Cyberjack that further integrates it with Netscape and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

According to Greg Falzon, industry analyst with market research firm Computer Intelligence InfoCorp of La Jolla, Calif., Web browser developers face a quandary in deciding whether to support the Netscape or Microsoft browser extensions. "The Web is supposed to be a standard, with all browsers being able to view any content that is posted, but that scenario is changing too fast for developers," said Falzon. "It doesn’t make much business sense to try to maintain two parallel and divergent development paths knowing that in the end someone is going to give their browser away for free. The ability to provide a high value-add to the non-Web areas of the Internet, while providing seamless integration with any browser the customer decides to use, is a solid strategy that can yield the biggest benefits to the user."

In addition to the base level integration with Netscape 2.0 and Table support in the Cyberjack browser, the update includes a full featured Telnet client. Telnet enables users to remotely access Unix-based host computers that are connected to the Internet but cannot be accessed with a Web browser. Telnet is typically used by IS managers for managing remote systems and especially by students, to access their e-mail accounts and Internet news groups stored on university and college computers.

To provide for easy updates and upgrades for users, Cyberjack has a unique built-in capability. All the user has to do is select Upgrade from the Setup menu, and Cyberjack automatically checks itself across the Internet against a special Symantec server where new postings are available. If there is new code, Cyberjack prompts the user to download it and then provides instructions on how to proceed or automatically re-runs the Installation Wizard.

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