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Symantec Ships Free Update to Successful Café for Macintosh Java™ Development Environment

Update features Just-in-Time Compiler, Graphical Debugger, 68K Support, and Apple Guide Tutorials for Java

Updated Information - May 28, 1996
On May 20th we announced the availability of the DR2 version of Symantec Cafe for Macintosh. It was our original plan to have DR2 ready for downloading on the 20th. However, we delayed the release date because we felt the product did not meet our functional and quality standards. For that reason, we delayed the software until it was ready.

We know that our customers are eagerly awaiting the fixes and new features in DR2, and we are equally eager to deliver the same. We are currently working on the final stages of Cafe for Macintosh DR2, and will make it available on our Web site June 5, 1996.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Macintosh Development Tools Group
Symantec Corporation

The text of the original announcement follows.

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- May 20, 1996 -- Following quickly on last month’s release of Café for Macintosh Java-compatible development environment, Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq:SYMC) announced today the availability of a significant update to the product providing the Symantec Just-in-Time Compiler (JIT), a graphical Java-compatible source code debugger, 68K support, and Apple Guide tutorials. Symantec Café is a full featured development environment for Sun's Java programming language that runs on both Macintosh and Windows platforms. Symantec Café for Macintosh includes several features not available in any other Macintosh Java-compatible development tool, including a native Java-compatible compiler that runs several times faster than Sun’s™ Java Compiler, an integrated graphical class browser, tutorials and sample applets, and the Cafe Studio visual development utility. With the addition of the JIT, debugger, 68k support, and Apple Guide tutorials being provided today, Café now offers a feature set that is unrivaled in the Macintosh Java-compatible development tools market.

"Release 1 of Café for Macintosh was a runaway success", said Mansour Safai, general manager of the Symantec Development Tools Division. "With this update we are following through on our commitment to providing premiere Java development tools for Macintosh and giving our customers and developers the opportunity to use a fully-developed Java development tool which is the best one available for the Java Macintosh market."

The JIT provides significant performance improvements when running Java-powered applets on the Macintosh. Applets run up to three times faster when compared to using Sun’s Java Virtual Machine for the Macintosh. By using the JIT, customers can increase performance of applets and dramatically reduce their development cycles. The graphical debugger provides full source code debugging, allowing customers to quickly track down bugs in their Java code. 68K support allows customers to develop, debug, and run applets on non-PowerPC Macintosh computers. The Apple Guide tutorials let both novices and professionals learn the Café environment in a step-by-step, easy to navigate manner so they can quickly become proficient programmers. Combined with the over 90 sample applets and an "Intro to Java-based programming" book, Café provides a comprehensive set of materials for quickly creating powerful applets.

Symantec Café for Macintosh customers can download the JIT, debugger, 68k support, and Apple Guide tutorials free from Symantec’s Café subscription center at http://cafe.symantec.com. Symantec Café for Macintosh is currently available from Symantec for a 90-day special introductory price of $99.95 downloadable from the Symantec website at http://cafe.symantec.com, with an estimated retail price of $299.95 thereafter.

Sun Microsystems Inc.’s Java is becoming the industry’s platform for network computing.

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