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Symantec Extends WinFax 7.0 Telephony Support

TalkWorks Now Supports New U.S. Robotics Sportster Voice Fax Modems;Update Immediately Available On-Line

Editorial Summary

  • TalkWorks now supports the complete line of the popular U.S. Robotics Sportster voice-capable modems.
  • Users gain benefits of line sharing for fax and voice messages.
  • GIGA analyst cites explosive growth for voice and sound capable fax modems over next two years.

TORONTO, Ontario -- June 7, 1996 -- Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq:SYMC), the worldwide leader in communications software, today posted updates for TalkWorks, the WinFax PRO 7.0 for Windows 95 telephony option, that provides support for the popular U.S. Robotics 28.8 and 14.4 Sportster series of voice fax modems. TalkWorks currently supports the Sportster Vi, and now supports the newer Sportster Voice. The update, patch596.exe, is available on-line through CompuServe (GO SYMANTEC), the Internet www.symantec.com, the Symantec and Delrina BBS’s at (541) 484-6669 and (416) 441-2752 respectively.

The combination of a voice fax modem and WinFax with TalkWorks provides a stand alone user with the ability to setup his PC as a powerful voice messaging system having multiple mailboxes and a fax-on-demand capability, with the ease-of-use of a home answering machine.

Wayne Morgan, who runs a part-time computer consulting business from his home office in Ft. Worth, Texas, uses WinFax PRO 7 with TalkWorks to manage his fax and voice communications. "WinFax with TalkWorks lets me share a single line for both voice and fax, which is a big benefit," said Morgan. "My computer is always on to receive faxes because most people send them to me at night to save money on long distance. While WinFax is running I can also do other things. For example, I do all my system backups at night, and it doesn’t affect WinFax’s ability to send or receive faxes." For Morgan, having a voice messaging capability along with WinFax is an added bonus. "I also like the fact that everything comes into WinFax, so I can manage it in once place," said Morgan.

"We see the most explosive growth in PC communications hardware coming with the integration of voice and sound functionality in fax modems," said Andrew Johnson, analyst with GIGA Information Group (formerly BIS Strategic Decisions). By 1998, GIGA projects that 65% of the projected 17,348,000 modems sold in the U.S. will have a voice capability. The number of voice capable fax modems sold in 1995 represents less than 12% of the 1995 totals. "The state of computer telephony today is much like the early days of fax modems," added Johnson. "Back then, Delrina was successful in ensuring that WinFax would support every board that was out there. They are attempting to do the same now with voice-enabled modems."

Symantec’s Delrina Group worked closely with U.S. Robotics’ application engineers to certify compatibility of the Sportster voice modem series with TalkWorks. "Our close working relationship with Symantec helps advance computer telephony by giving users reliable, feature rich, hardware/software solutions," said Burk Murray, senior product manager at U.S. Robotics.

TalkWorks is included in CommSuite 95, which combines WinFax PRO 7.0, Cyberjack 7.0 and WinComm PRO 7.0 to provide users with integrated fax, voice messaging and telephony, e-mail integration with Exchange, paging notification, a full suite of Internet tools, and a full featured general purpose data communications package. CommSuite 95 has an estimated street price of under $100.

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