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Symantec Updates WinFax PRO for Networks for Use Under Windows 95

Editorial Summary

  • WinFax PRO for Networks delivers the cost savings and productivity benefits of PC fax to all users on the network.
  • Update (version 4.15a) enables product to run under Windows 95.
  • Additional hardware support: now supports BrookTrout TR114 with the FX164 processors with the V1.6 III Boot-ROM; and the multi-channel PureData SatisFAXtion 2000/4000.

Toronto, Ontario -- June 20, 1996 -- Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ:SYMC), the worldwide leader in communications software, today began shipping an update for its LAN fax software for workgroups, WinFax PRO for Networks. The update (version 4.15a) enables either the client or server components to run under Windows 95, plus adds support for more network fax hardware devices. Symantec is also making the update available for download from the Internet (www.symantec.com), CompuServe (GO SYMANTEC), America Online (Keyword SYMANTEC), MSN (GO SYM-COMMSUITE), and the Symantec BBS at (541) 484-6669. Users running WinFax PRO for Networks version 4.11 should download the self-extracting file WFN415A.EXE.

WinFax PRO for Networks enables corporate and small office workgroups to easily send, receive and manage fax communications by sharing fax modems across any Novell NetWare or NetBios-based local area network. It delivers the cost savings and productivity benefits of PC fax to all users on the network. WinFax PRO for Networks is inexpensive to set up, and can grow with a company's needs to up to 16 lines for both fax and modem sharing. More than 500,000 people today use WinFax PRO across a network.

"WinFax PRO for Networks delivers all the benefits of PC fax, which the standalone WinFax PRO user has enjoyed, to all users on the network," said Rick Dales, networking product manager at Symantec. "Every user on the network will gain the productivity benefits of PC fax, without the hard costs associated with getting a fax modem for each user and running a dedicated phone line to each desk."

"LAN fax is an increasingly cost-effective and critical technology that businesses need as a complement to the fax machine," explains fax industry analyst Peter Davidson, president of Davidson Consulting of Burbank, CA. "People will always use fax machines to send paper documents and many end users prefer to receive faxes on paper. However, faxing certain computer files directly from your desktop can be a huge time saver over frequent trips to the fax machine. LAN fax software can dramatically improve productivity especially when doing a fax broadcast, since is a simple point-and-click affair from a PC, and usually a programming nightmare from a fax machine. There are other benefits too in receiving faxes right at your desktop. Fax machines are great, but complementing them with LAN fax gives users the best of both worlds."

The WinFax PRO for Networks 4.15a update now allows either the client or server components to run on a Windows 95 system. In addition, it further expands the broad hardware support for the product. WinFax PRO for Networks supports over 700 generic Class 1 and Class 2 modems, as well as high end specialty LAN fax boards, from vendors such as Gamma Link, Brooktrout and PureData. The new update now supports the BrookTrout TR114 with the FX164 processors with the V1.6 III Boot-ROM, and the multi-channel PureData SatisFAXtion 2000/4000 hardware. The 4.15a update also resolves a number of other issues. For example, previous versions limited server access within a network segment, but the update enables users to use fax modems in servers outside of their particular network segment, through a router.

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