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Symantec Delivers Real-Time Server Management Solution

Shipment of Exposé 3.5 expands Norton Administrator Suite to address key challenges faced by network administrators and fully integrates acquisition of Fast Track, Inc

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- July 1, 1996 -- Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ:SYMC) today announced delivery of Exposé 3.5, an intelligent server management solution used in local area networks or across wide area networks and company Intranets. The availability of the new real-time server management software provides network administrators the only single solution for proactive management of servers in a mix of network operating systems, including Microsoft NT, Novell NetWare and Banyan VINES, and across disperse geographic environments.

Key benefits of this new software tool to the network administrator include: ensured network availability through proactive server management, enhanced capacity planning and budgeting, a graphical display of the network topology and rapid problem resolution. The server management capabilities of Exposé complement the strong client/desktop management capabilities of the Norton Administrator Suite providing a single source for all major network administration challenges and marks the full integration of Symantec’s acquisition of Fast Track, Inc.

"Network administrators are driven to maximize server up-time and network availability. They often are measured and compensated on this metric, as it is critical to the operations and productivity of an organization," said Ted Schlein, Symantec vice president of networking and client/server technology. "Expose 3.5, when used with the Norton Administrator Suite, can help ensure availability to all network resources - whether they are server or PC client based."

Key new features of Exposé 3.5 include: full Windows NT support, 32-bit client consoles, true management of servers across the Internet and integration into the toolbar of Norton Administrator Suite. The program’s scalable distributed architecture allows it to manage any size network and is fully open, so other management platforms can access its data as well as alarm traps can be sent to notify other SNMP management consoles, such as HP OpenView, Cabletron Spectrum or SunNet Manager.

Server Monitoring and Management: Comprehensive, Proactive and Integrated
Exposé 3.5 monitors and manages servers from a single integrated console, gathering server statistics and allowing administrators to set server parameters to optimize performance. The program provides an invaluable tool in ensuring network availability by diagnosing why a server has crashed, why it has slowed down or why a user can’t access it. Administrators can graphically monitor and change the status of critical network objects such as servers, devices and communication links. Exposé provides hundreds of metrics, allowing administrators to alarm-on and manage more types of potential problems. By monitoring server traffic and disk drive capacity, Exposé demonstrates when additional servers or disk drives are necessary and cost-justifiable, assisting administrators to optimize network performance and anticipate traffic problems before they occur.

Remote management over a WAN or dial-in connections enables management of multiple sub-networks. In addition, Exposé 3.5 is Internet enabled allowing administrators the ability to extend server and device support over the Internet to company Intranets reducing the need to install dedicated network lines to manage remote locations. The program comes equipped with a library of SNMP MIB extensions for many popular hubs, routers and other SNMP devices providing a consistent way to collect and manage SNMP data.

Architecture Design: Scalable, Distributed and Fault-Tolerant
Exposé is designed on a fully distributed and client-server based architecture that shares the management among many machines providing unlimited scalability and minimal network traffic. In addition, the program’s architecture allows for fault-tolerant management eliminating single points-of-failure as alarms and graphs are mirrored from two different servers monitoring the same devices.

Graphical Console: A Clear View Supports Easy, Effective Response
Exposé automatically maps the network, providing a clear, comprehensive view of the network’s topology allowing administrators to depict their network view exactly as their business is organized out, in a hierarchical manner, for quick and easy identification and resolution of network conditions and problems.

Administrators can manage from any Windows 3.x, Windows 95 or Windows NT machine on the network eliminating the hardship of a dedicated workstation for management and multiple administrators can manage from multiple consoles simultaneously, anywhere on the network. Data and statistics collected from the managed servers are provided in an easy-to-read graphical format which is consistent regardless of the server’s network operating system. Key information is clearly displayed including stoplights, speedometers, graphs and traffic reports. The console integrates with the Norton Administrator Suite console and provides single-point control of all network and end-user resources.

Alarms: Distributed Intelligence and Notification
Exposé proactively manages by immediately alerting IS or Help Desk personnel when a specific situation occurs on a server, such as Server Down or Disk Full. Exposé’s built-in libraries and editable alarms allow the administrator to create custom libraries using graphic scripts to construct work-flow designed responses to common server problems. Alarm indications are propagated throughout Exposé and administrators can select a number of notification options including, paging, E-mail, and 25th-line messages. Graphically scripted alarms can also set or change server parameters automatically.

Graphs: Vital Data At A Glance
Exposé graphs multiple servers simultaneously, providing ease-to-read visual displays of server and traffic status, problems and long-term trends. The program minimizes disk utilization by storing graph information in compressed format on the monitored server and allows the administrator to set limits on the amount of graph data stored. Exposé allows the same graph to be viewed from multiple management consoles with only one copy of the data being gathered. In addition, Exposé outputs the graphic data for use with external data analysis tools.

Pricing, Availability and System Requirements
Exposé is available now through resellers worldwide with an estimated retail price range of $695/per server with price breaks of 5, 10, 20, 40, 100 and 200 server volumes. Corporate site licenses are also available.

Exposé is compatible with the major network operating systems including Novell NetWare 3.11, 3.12, or 4.10; Banyan VINES 4.x, 5.x or 6.x, and Microsoft NT Server 3.51. The Administrator’s console runs on a Windows management platform (Windows, Windows 95 or Windows NT) which requires an IBM 80386 PC or 100% compatible, DOS 3.31 or higher, Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or Windows NT, and minimum disk space of 8 MB.

Norton Administrator Suite
Exposé is the newest member of the Norton Administrator Suite, a comprehensive line of network administration products designed to solve the major challenges facing network administrators in the day-to-day management of the network. Key features addressed by Norton Administrator Suite include hardware and software inventory, software metering and distribution, desktop virus protection, desktop configuration management, remote control and now server management.

Competitive Environment
Exposé provides network administrators the only single solution for proactive management of services is a mix of network operating systems, including Microsoft NT, Novell NetWare and Banyan VINES. Other competitive products include offerings from Intel, Microsoft and Novell.

Network Operating System (NOS) Support

Symantec Exposé Intel LDMS Microsoft SMS Novell MW
NetWare X X   X
Windows NT X   X  
VINES X      

Product Comparison

Symantec Exposé Intel LDMS Microsoft SMS Novell MW
Distributed Architecture* X      
Server Monitoring* X X X X
Alerting* X X X X
Trap Support X X   X
Auto-tuning* X      
Configuration Mgmt X   X X