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Symantec Announces Norton AntiVirus 2.0 for Windows NT

Key Features

    • First full protection for servers and workstations under both Windows NT 3.51 and Windows NT 4.0.
    • LiveUpdate provides one-button access to the latest software and virus definition updates.
    • Striker, Symantec’s patent-pending, next-generation polymorphic virus detection engine.
    • Industry-leading Macro virus detection and repair.
    • Auto-Protect background protection automatically scans local and remote files as they are downloaded, opened, created, modified or run.
    • Backed by unparalleled support from the Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (SARC).

      CUPERTINO, Calif. -- September 16, 1996 -- Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced the newest addition to its award winning line of anti-virus software, Norton AntiVirus (NAV) 2.0 for the Microsoft Windows NT operating system. Version 2.0 provides the most complete and effective anti-virus protection for organizations using and migrating to Windows NT as it becomes a corporate standard at the desktop and server.

      NAV 2.0 for Windows NT is the first anti-virus product from Symantec to protect both servers and workstations operating under Windows NT 4.0 and Windows NT 3.51 from computer viruses transmitted over the Internet, through Intranets, attached to electronic mail, hidden in compressed files, or on floppy disks, hard drives, CD-ROMs, network drives and drives shared between peer machines.

      "The introduction of Norton AntiVirus 2.0 for Windows NT answers customer requests for a single anti-virus solution for desktops, network servers and Web servers," said Mary Engstrom, general manager of the AntiVirus Business Unit. "In addition, the new LiveUpdate feature, in combination with the resources of the Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (SARC), provides our customers the most current protection available. In a world where there are 3-6 new viruses per day, that current protection is vital for corporations and individuals who want to stay virus free."

      LiveUpdate provides end users and system administrators with a revolutionary way to protect against both today’s virus threats and those that will appear in the future – a critical requirement when 3-6 new viruses, on average, are discovered every day. With the click of a button, LiveUpdate detects an Internet connection or modem, automatically connects to a Symantec server, then downloads and installs the latest virus definitions. In addition to receiving Symantec’s free monthly virus definition updates, LiveUpdate may also be used to install software patches and obtain product information. LiveUpdate is a patent-pending technology that will appear in many Symantec products over the coming months, and provides a unique way for organizations to ensure that software solutions are up to date.

      Striker - Next-generation Polymorphic Virus Detection
      Polymorphic viruses represent a growing threat; they account for roughly 22% of today’s viruses. What distinguishes a polymorphic virus is that it is often difficult to detect using conventional anti-virus programs, because of the complexity of the encryption. With each new infection, the virus encrypts itself and randomly generates a new decryption routine, so that no two infections look the same.

      With an infinite number of ways to conceal themselves, polymorphic viruses elude the standard method of virus detection – using a scanner to identify a particular sequence of code sometimes known as a "signature." NAV’s new Striker feature, however, employs a new approach to detect chameleon-like polymorphics. Each time NAV 2.0 scans the computer it sets up a "virtual PC." This becomes a "clean room" in which NAV safely executes the potentially infected file without endangering other files on local and remote hard disks.

      Best Macro Virus Protection Norton AntiVirus automatically detects and repairs all known Macro viruses, the number-one virus threat today. Macro viruses infect documents, spreadsheets and templates generated by Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Independent testing verifies that the Norton family of anti-virus products offers the best protection available for users against Word Macro viruses; in fact, only the Norton family of anti-virus software detects and repairs all 10 of the 10 most prevalent Word Macro viruses.

      Auto-Protect provides continuous, unobtrusive, background protection. It runs at the kernel level of Windows NT and uses NT services and file system filter drivers to provide secure, 32-bit, native NT file scanning, active when NT services load at system start up. Auto-Protect automatically scans files when they are downloaded, opened, created, modified or run. If it detects a virus, Auto-Protect blocks access to the infected file, protecting applications, information, resources and assets.

      Network Ready
      NAV 2.0 integrates with Norton AntiVirus for NetWare providing manageable, effective protection on the most common network server platforms. Scanner and alert services, for example, manage the setup, control and sending of alerts, using the NT Messenger Service or by notifying Norton AntiVirus for NetWare. The Alert service logs all events to the Windows NT event log -- and to the NAV Activity Log. Similarly, the software communicates virus events to Norton AntiVirus for NetWare, which logs the events on the NetWare server and notifies system administrators via NetWare messaging, e-mail, or paging.

      Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (SARC)
      Symantec’s family of anti-virus products is backed by unsurpassed information, technology, and customer service. The Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (SARC) has a dedicated team of 26 men and women whose sole mission is to provide swift, global responses to computer virus threats, proactively research and develop technologies that eliminate such threats and educate the public on safe computing practices. As new computer viruses appear, SARC develops identification and detection for these viruses, and provides either a repair or delete option, thus keeping users protected against the latest virus threats.

      SARC also maintains Symantec’s anti-virus web presence (www.symantec.com/avcenter) and posts updates regularly on the first of each month – or more frequently in an emergency, such as the recent discovery of the Hare virus. Additional virus information and update services include: the Symantec BBS, the Symantec FTP and Web sites on the Internet, CompuServe, America

      Online and the Microsoft Network. Virus information is also available from the Virus Hotline, 541-9-VIRUS-9. For individual users who do not have online access, a disk-based update subscription service is available for an annual fee of $39.95 plus tax. Corporate customers receive regular updates on disk when they subscribe to Symantec’s Upgrade Insurance Program.

      Pricing and Availability
      Norton AntiVirus 2.0 for Windows NT will be available in October at an estimated retail price of $69.95. Site licenses are available, and corporate license holders may add NAV 2.0 for Windows NT under the terms of their upgrade insurance. Norton AntiVirus 2.0 for Windows NT requires an Intel-based system; Windows NT Workstation or Windows NT Server, versions 3.51 or 4.0; 16MB RAM, and 10MB free hard-disk storage space.

      About Symantec Corporation
      Symantec Corporation develops, markets and supports a complete line of application and system software products designed to enhance individual and workgroup productivity as well as manage networked computing environments. The company is headquartered in Cupertino, California, and sells its software worldwide. Symantec can be contacted for more information through its Internet Web site at http://www.symantec.com.

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