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Symantec Announces a Database Connectivity Solution for Sun's Java

dbANYWHERE works with JavaSoft’s JDBC

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- September 18, 1996 -- Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq:SYMC) announced today dbANYWHERE, a new middleware database technology that allows JavaTM programs to access corporate databases over the Internet using JavaSoft’s JDBC API. dbANYWHERE provides the scalability and security of a three-tier solution with the ease of development and implementation of a two-tier solution

dbANYWHERE allows customers to develop true multi-platform, multi-database Internet applications which access corporate databases as well as private databases. The Internet applications run on the client -- not the database server thus eliminating the need to write any code for the server. The dbANYWHERE server optimizes client-server traffic through smart buffering on both the client and server; large data queries run more efficiently and more users can access data simultaneously. Also, critical resources such as back-end database connections are transparently shared by all clients, thus lowering user access costs.

"dbANYWHERE raises Java application development to a new level," said Mansour Safai, general manager of Symantec’s Internet Development Tools division. "Now the Java developer can write powerful database applications without regard to what machine the client is using and without regard to what database the server is accessing. dbANYWHERE provides the missing link which heralds the realization of the platform-independent development solution."

"Symantec’s JDBC product will enable developers to create full-scale Java database applications for Intranet and Internet usage," said Lew Tucker, director of Corporate and ISV Relations JavaSoft. "The portability of JavaSoft’s JDBC and the power of Symantec’s data access engine, provide exciting new opportunities for the deployment of large-scale Java applications worldwide."

Client applications developed with dbANYWHERE can be deployed on any platform running on a Java enabled internet browser. This provides a huge advantage for MIS departments by reducing licensing, hardware and maintenance costs on end-user machines. dbANYWHERE applications can be built with the market leading product Symantec Café.

dbANYWHERE uses Java as the programming language and SQL as the database query language. dbANYWHERE also incorporates JavaSoft’s JDBC to make data access and storage requests to the database engine and supports JDBC functionality. It also includes the drivers to connect to Oracle, Sybase, Watcom and MS SQL Server "in the box" as well as providing access to over 30 common databases via its complete ODBC support.

A preview beta version of the dbANYWHERE technology is available free for download to any customer on the Symantec Café website (http://cafe.symantec.com/). dbANYWHERE runs on Windows 95, Windows NT Server and Windows NT Workstation.

Java is a software platform developed by Sun for developing cross-platform applications for the Internet and corporate intranets.

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