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Netscape to Promote Symantec Visual Cafe as Premier Visual Java Development Tool For Netscape ONE™

Symantec to License Java JIT Compiler to Netscape and Provide Netscape ONE™ support in Visual Café

NEW YORK, New York -- October 16, 1996 -- Netscape Communications Corporation (nasdaq: NSCP) and Symantec Corporation (nasdaq: SYMC) today announced they will work together to promote Symantec Visual Café as the premier visual Java development environment for Netscape ONE™ open network environment. Netscape ONE is a standards-based platform for creating a new generation of distributed client/server applications for Intranets and the Internet.

Netscape and Symantec also announced that Netscape plans to license the industry-leading Symantec Java Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler version 2 for inclusion in Netscape's software line for the Microsoft Windows and Macintosh platforms. The Symantec Just-In-Time Compiler is expected to improve the speed and performance of Java™ applications running inside Netscape Navigator™ browser software. As a result, Netscape users will enjoy an enhanced Internet experience with faster execution of the thousands of Java applications available on Web pages and corporate Intranets worldwide.

The two companies also announced that Symantec will provide support for Netscape ONE in Symantec Visual Café and host a Symantec Tools Forum in the DevEdge Online community, Netscape's on-line resource for developers. Symantec also announced that it is providing free copies of Symantec Visual Cafe Preview to conference attendees.

"Symantec's support for Netscape ONE further illustrates the breadth of world-class development tools available for the Netscape platform," said Marc Andreessen, senior vice president of technology for Netscape. "Together, Netscape and Symantec are making it easy for Java developers to use Netscape Internet Foundation Classes to build a whole new class of network applications that span the corporate firewall to include customers and partners into their business processes."

"With Visual Café, Symantec is building an integrated solution that enables corporate developers to rapidly build and deploy enterprise apps that run on the Intranet," said Mansour Safai, General Manager of Symantec's Internet Tools Division. "Symantec is also excited to host the growing legion of Cafe and Visual Cafe developers in the Netscape developer community by hosting a forum in DevEdge Online."

The Symantec Just-In-Time Compiler turns Java bytecodes into native processor instructions for faster execution of Java applets and standalone applications on the Internet and Intranets. Symantec's new version 2 compiler provides significant speed improvements and brings Java execution much closer to native execution. In private benchmark tests, the Symantec JIT version 2 is twice as fast as previous versions and clearly faster than competitive compilers currently on the market today.

In a keynote address at the second Netscape Internet Developer Conference today, Netscape Senior Vice President of Technology Marc Andreessen and Symantec General Manager of Internet Tools Division Mansour Safai demonstrated the power of Symantec Visual Cafe, Symantec's visual rapid application development environment for Java. The demonstration showcased Visual Café's ability to visually create Netscape ONE applications for Intranets by dragging and dropping Netscape Internet Foundation Classes (IFCs) components. It also highlighted the use of Visual Cafe's Interaction Wizard to interconnect IFC components and illustrated the performance improvements when running the Symantec Java Just-In-Time Compiler integrated into Netscape Navigator.

These announcements highlight Netscape and Symantec's commitment to providing enterprise developers with a complete, seamless environment for deploying Intranet applications based on Netscape ONE. By combining Netscape ONE technologies with Symantec's productive and innovative tools for Windows and Macintosh, Netscape and Symantec are making it easier for developers to create and deploy powerful Java-based enterprise applications that operate on a broad variety of operating systems.

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