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Symantec Announces Visual Café Pro

Visual Café Pro is the first Visual RAD tool for developing database "aware" applets and applications using Java™

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- October 30, 1996 -- Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq:SYMC) announced today Visual Café Pro, the first Visual Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool for developing applets and applications that connect to relational databases. Following Visual Café, Visual Café Pro is the next logical product in a line of top-selling Java tools from Symantec that allow users to easily create Java applets and applications. Visual Café Pro provides several Wizards that help Intranet developers automatically create forms on top of existing database tables, as well as creating typical web forms and tables. In addition, the developer can quickly view and access database structures and create custom forms by visually dragging and dropping fields to database forms.

Visual Café Pro is expected to ship with a local relational database engine and a forms wizard to get users up and running quickly connecting Java forms to most popular databases. Visual Café Pro also incorporates dbANYWHERE Workgroup Server, Symantec’s new middleware database technology that allows Java programs to access corporate databases over the Intranet/Internet using a set of APIs that includes JavaSoft’s JDBC API. The addition of dbANYWHERE Workgroup Server allows Visual Café Pro customers to develop true multi-platform, multi-tier, multi-database Internet applications which access corporate as well as private databases. In addition to the Visual Café components, Visual Café Pro is expected to include dbAWARE components in it’s Component Library which are components that are database aware and are used as building blocks to develop database applications.

"Intranet developers have been waiting for a visual tool that would let them use Java for creating database apps to provide access to corporate data over their Intranet infrastructure," said Mansour Safai, general manager of Symantec's Internet Tools division. "In addition, creating database aware web pages has been rather cumbersome and complicated for developers, while providing little or no interactivity to the user. Using Visual Café Pro, developers should be able to quickly create highly interactive common or custom tailored database forms in a matter of minutes!"

Visual Café Pro is expected to include:

  • A local relational database engine so users can quickly get started with writing database connected Java applications;
  • dbANYWHERE Workgroup Server which is expected to have direct connectivity to the Visual Café Pro local database, MS Access, Oracle, MS SQL Server, and Sybase. dbANYWHERE Workgroup Server is expected to also support 3rd party JDBC/ODBC bridge software providing connectivity to an array of additional ODBC databases;
  • 100% JDBC compatible API with full support of open standards;
  • Java extension API which supports complex database logic such as previous row and master/detail transaction processing for additional functionality to make database application development easier and faster, while reducing the complexities inherent in SQL development;
  • A three-tier architecture, providing light client configurations while offloading network and database traffic. Only a Java-enabled browser is required on all of the user’s machines. No more configuring and maintaining large client-side software applications;
  • Wizards for easy creation of applets/applications which bind to database tables, including master/detail joins;
  • Visual development of database forms from existing database cataloging information; and
  • Fully open database connectivity. Visual Café Pro generates the working code which can then be tailored to handle more complex scenarios such as stored procedures.
Visual Café Pro for Windows is expected to be available in December of 1996. Free preview versions of dbANYWHERE technology are currently available for download to anyone on the Symantec Café (http://cafe.symantec.com) now. Visual Café Pro is expected to sell for an Estimated Retail Price (ERP) of $499.00. Visual Café Pro is designed to run on Windows 95 and Windows NT.

Java is a programming language developed by Sun Microsystems for developing cross-platform applications across the public Internet and corporate intranets.

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