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Symantec Responds to Customer Appeals for Early Look at WinFax PRO for Windows NT

"Sneak Preview" Available Now for Free Download from the Web

Editorial Summary

  • Symantec responds to customer requests for an early look at the version of WinFax PRO being developed for Windows NT by posting a "Sneak Preview", available now from the Web at www.symantec.com/winfaxnt
  • "Sneak Preview" has functionality similar to current WinFax PRO 7.5 for Windows 95 users. The preview also includes the TalkWorks telephony option, and an Internet fax capability.
TORONTO, Ontario -- October 30, 1996 -- Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq:SYMC), the worldwide leader in communications software today posted on the Internet, a "Sneak Preview" version of its much anticipated WinFax PRO for Microsoft Windows NT fax software. The software is available for immediate download at www.symantec.com/winfaxnt.

"When Windows NT 4.0 began shipping we announced that we were developing a version of WinFax PRO specifically for that platform," said Marc Camm, general manager of Symantec’s Communications Business Unit. "Since then, we have been getting many requests from people, especially in the corporate market, who want to test the software before it ships. Since there is no full-featured fax application available today that specifically supports NT, and because we feel confident that the software we have now is very stable, we have decided to post the preview of WinFax PRO for Windows NT, which supports both NT 3.51 and 4.0, on our Web site for anyone to download and evaluate."

"Faxing remains an important method of business communications," said Rich Tong, Vice President of Microsoft. "We’re pleased that Symantec is providing customers with a preview of WinFax PRO for Windows NT Workstation and this addresses an important customer need." Although WinFax PRO for Windows NT has been under beta testing for the past month by a limited group of users, Symantec has received many requests from corporate customers requesting that the software be made available for evaluation at the earliest possible time. Symantec is releasing the preview to give all potential customers the opportunity to test-drive the software before it is released. The software is slated for commercial shipment in early 1997.

The Sneak Preview of WinFax PRO for Windows NT includes functionality similar to the recently released WinFax PRO 7.5 product for the Windows 95 user. The preview also includes TalkWorks, the WinFax telephony option, plus the ability to send faxes via the Internet. TalkWorks provides users equipped with a voice-enabled fax modem, with the ability to set up their computer to answer the telephone and record voice messages along with faxes. It also supports speakerphone features, includes a fax-on-demand capability, and support for Caller ID (where available). The Internet fax capability is a service built into WinFax PRO that uses the Internet as a low cost long distance pipeline, enabling users to send faxes from their computer to any fax machine or device that exists off the Internet.

The Sneak Preview of WinFax PRO for Windows NT is available for immediate download at www.symantec.com/winfaxnt. The file is called WFPNTSP.EXE, and is about 11 MB. Users who would prefer to receive a copy of the preview on CD ROM can contact Symantec toll free at 1-888-WINFAXNT (a shipping and handling fee of $9.95 is charged for the CD ROM). The preview requires a minimum 486-based PC running Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 or 4.0, with a minimum 16MB of RAM (32MB recommended), 28MB hard disk space for a full installation, and a Class 1 or Class 2 compatible fax modem. A voice-enabled modem is required to use the functionality of TalkWorks.

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