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Symantec WinFax PRO SDK Embraced by Third Party Developers

Hardware and Software Vendors to Fax-Enable Products Through WinFax PRO SDK

Editor's Summary

  • WinFax PRO SDK fills the need for a consistent 32-bit fax specification that enables developers to fax-enable their applications.
  • Support for the WinFax PRO SDK comes from a broad spectrum of software and hardware developers, including Xerox Corporation, PC DOCS Inc. and Brooktrout Technology.
  • WinFax PRO SDK information is available from Symantec’s Web site at
FaxWorld, San Francisco, CA -- December 10, 1996 -— Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq:SYMC), the worldwide leader in communications software, today announced the first group of third party hardware and software developers that plan to support the WinFax PRO Software Development Kit (SDK). Support for the WinFax PRO SDK comes from a broad spectrum of software and hardware developers, including fax board and fax server manufacturers; multifunction devices; developers of contact management software and PIMs; and document management companies.

WinFax PRO, the world's most popular computer fax software, delivers all the demonstrated productivity benefits of computer based faxing, plus the ability to send faxes via the Internet for long distance cost savings. The WinFax SDK will extend computer fax benefits to new hardware platforms and software applications on both the Windows 95 and Window NT platform with future versions of WinFax PRO.

"We’re committing to an open architecture so more people can embed fax, and benefit from it, as an integral part of their environment. We thank all the companies that have indicated their early support for the SDK, and invite other interested vendors or VARs to join us." commented Marc Camm, General Manager of the Symantec Desktop Communications Product Group.

Companies that plan to Support the WinFax PRO SDK

Multifunction Peripherals and Devices

  • Xerox Corporation, Desktop Document Systems division
  • Xionics Document Technologies Inc.
Fax Servers
  • Instant Information, Inc.
  • Open Port Technology
  • Optus Software Inc.
Fax Boards
  • Brooktrout Technology
  • Dialogic Corporation
  • Wildcard Technologies
Contact Managers/PIMs
  • Symantec ACT!
  • Maximizer Technologies
  • Visioneer Inc.
Document Management
  • Mindworks Corporation
  • PC DOCS Inc.
Store & Forward Devices (PFD)
  • InfoImaging Technologies Inc.
Mobile Professional Tools
  • Reflection Technology Inc.
  • AirTouch Communications
Leading Hardware and Software Developers comment on their plans to support WinFax PRO SDK:
"Even before Delrina products became part of Symantec, the ACT! division worked closely with the WinFax group to create synergy between the two products," Said Bill Coleman, general manager of the contact management division of Symantec. "The SDK will allow us to continue to strengthen and enhance the integration between ACT! And WinFax."

"Our personal multifunction devices are currently compatible with WinFax PRO, using a Class 2 protocol. However, the HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) that will be included in the SDK will allow us to add many powerful features to our devices in the future," said Jerry Murch, vice president and general manager, personal products business unit, Xerox Desktop Document Systems division.

"Brooktrout Technology applauds Symantec's move to open the Hardware Abstraction Layer interface to fax devices such as Brooktrout's TR114 and TruFax multichannel fax boards. Brooktrout looks forward to having WinFax Pro support its boards through an I3 CAS interface driver," said Tim Resker, Product Manager, Brooktrout Technology.

"WildCard welcomes the Symantec HAL interface," says Ed Palacios, "The integration of HAL with CAS32 will enable users of WinFax Pro and other HAL-compliant applications to use the widest possible range of FAX hardware, including the SatisFAXtion line of single and multi-line intelligent modems."

"We welcome Symantec's commitment to make available a consistent fax API," commented Laura Klassen, Wireless Data Product Manager, of AirTouch Cellular. "Our CDMA cellular customers need fax capability that will work on both a CDMA cellular network and in a landline environment. This new software will meet our customer's needs."

"Reflection’s FaxView personal fax reader enables the mobile professional to quickly and easily retrieve and read faxes from WinFax with a pocket-sized, portable product." says David Kindler, Product manager at Reflection Technology Inc. "This new API will help us develop ways to expand the remote messaging power of FaxView and future products for mobile messaging."

"The HAL SDK will allow us to add 32 bit support for CAS into WinFax, thus providing a seamless integration between the WinFax and the Fax servers and toolkits we develop." said Mike Oliszewski, President of Instant Information, Inc (I3).

"We plan on utilizing this SDK to seamlessly integrate 3D FaxPal’s operation into WinFax PRO." Said Doug Wathor, vice-president of sales and marketing for InfoImaging Technologies Inc. "3D FaxPal will answer and store faxes even when the PC is off. By tightly integrating this feature with Symantec’s product, we can give users their stored faxes automatically upon launching WinFax PRO."

About the Companies that plan to support the WinFax PRO SDK AirTouch Communications is a global wireless communications company, with interests in cellular, paging, and personal communications services in the United States, Belgium, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, South Korea, Spain, and Sweden, as well as an interest in the Globalstar satellite system. The company, based in San Francisco, serves over 7.2 million proportionate customers worldwide.

Brooktrout Technology is a leading supplier of advanced software and hardware products for system vendors and service providers in the electronic enable our customers to deliver a wide range of solutions for the integration and cost-effective management of fax, voice and data communications in telecommunications and networking environments.

Dialogic Corporation is the leading manufacturer of high performance, standards-based compute telephony (CT) components. Computer telephony systems built with Dialogic products manage more than one third of all telephone, facsimile, and multi-media calls answered by computers over wireless and wire networks worldwide. Dialogic products are used in voice, fax, data, voice recognition, speech synthesis and call center management CT applications. Web:

InfoImaging Technologies Inc. is the worldwide marketing, sales and support headquarters for 3D FaxPal, 3D FaxFile and FaxSpeed hardware and software products.

Instant Information, Inc. develops CAS based developer toolkits for popular Coprocessed fax modems and AT&T Easylink services as well as a complete LAN fax solutions for OEM licensing. Web:

Maximizer Technologies equips sales professionals, corporate management and other business users with current, comprehensive contact information and business data through its progressive family of products, including MultiActive Maximizer 3.0is, a desktop and mobile PC-based contact manager.

Mindworks Corporation is a leading developer of Document Image Management applications for Windows. With the Recollect line of products users can effortlessly scan, index, store and retrieve documents from a variety of sources, right on their desktop.

Open Port Technology is a provider of global enterprise-wide client/server and Internet fax messaging solutions for organizations ranging from departmental workgroups to diverse multinational companies.

Optus Software Inc. has been pioneering the integration of fax messaging into enterprise computing environments with its award-winning FACSys product line since 1990. FACSys delivers outstanding reliability and ease-of-use, and offers interoperability with the widest range of third-party hardware and software in the industry.

PC DOCS Inc., is the leading worldwide provider of enterprise document management solutions. DOCS Open, the company’s flagship product, manages information assets throughout their lifecycle, across mixed networks, databases, corporate intranets, and the Internet.

Reflection Technology Inc. is a world-wide leader in virtual technology display technology and wireless messaging. Founded in 1987, Reflection develops, manufactures and licenses its award-winning displays and products that incorporate these displays.

Symantec ACT! Group -- ACT! is the recognized leader in the growing market of contact management software. With the recent release of ACT! 3.0 for Windows 95/NT, Symantec continues to dominate the contact management market by developing the most extensive line of solutions in the industry.

Visioneer Inc., a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: VSNR) that is headquartered in Fremont, Calif., develops and markets products that provide a fast and easy way to get paper into computers and put it to work. Visioneer's PaperPort paper management system includes a convenient link to WinFax PRO, providing the fastest way to get paper-based documents into the computer and then faxed using WinFax PRO. Web:

Wildcard Technologies is a leading developer and manufacturer of electronic messaging solutions for the global market through local area networks, voice, data, fax and speech recognition.

Xerox Corporation: The Xerox Desktop Document Systems division develops, markets, and distributes systems and software that capture and communicate documents across the digital office. These systems and software products incorporate advanced Xerox technologies to improve document quality and communication and are marketed directly and via a wide variety of third party relationships and channel partners. The division is headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., USA.

Xionics Document Technologies Inc., a leading developer of innovative software and silicon for printing, scanning, copying, processing and transmitting documents among computer peripherals. Publicly held (NASDAQ:XION), the company's corporate headquarters are located in Burlington, Massachusetts, with offices in Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom.

About Symantec Corporation
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