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Symantec Offers Free Download of Norton Speed Disk Preview for Windows NT 4.0

Norton Speed Disk Preview for Windows NT 4.0 Available on Symantec's BBS and FTP & Web Sites, CompuServe, America Online, The Microsoft Network

CUPERTINO Calif. -- December 17, 1996 -- Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq:SYMC), the world wide leader in utility software, today expanded its comprehensive cross-platform optimization solution with the Norton Speed Disk for Windows NT 4.0 (NSD/NT). Norton Speed Disk is a disk defragmenter for both Windows NT 4.0 Workstation and Server and supports both NTFS and FAT drive systems.

Harry Wan, Product Unit Manager for Windows Utilities said, “Symantec is committed to providing a complete set of utilities for Windows NT. The Norton Speed Disk Preview is one component of the Norton Utilities for Windows NT that will be released in Q1 '97. Norton Utilities 2.0 for Windows NT brings our award winning Norton technology to the Windows NT environment.” Easily Tunes Up the Windows NT 4.0 System
Norton Speed Disk is a must have for any Windows NT server or workstation, since Windows NT itself does not include a defragmenter and the NTFS file system does become fragmented. Speed Disk improves system performance by defragmenting the files and free space on the hard disk. In the upcoming Norton Utilities 2.0 for Windows NT, the Norton System Doctor will automatically monitor the fragmentation on the hard drive and automatically optimizes and/or notifies the user when the drive needs to be optimized.

Speed Disk supports both FAT 16 and NTFS file systems and can be selected to run continuously in the background, or optionally to have System Doctor launching Speed Disk only as needed. Speed Disk allows smooth multi-tasking, unobtrusively optimizing the hard disk while the user continues to work. Speed Disk can continue the defragmentation process without starting over, even when the user accesses and writes to the hard drive.

Leading-Edge Technology for High-End Technical Users
Norton Utilities for Windows NT 4.0 will be a comprehensive package which provides high-end users access to the tools they need. Scientists, developers, statisticians, financial workstation users, medical workstation users, and MIS/IS professionals who work on Windows NT 4.0 platform will find that NU/NT will optimize and speed system performance, recover accidentally erased files and repair hard problems, making the NT system perform at top level.

Download Requirements
Norton Speed Disk Preview for Windows NT 4.0 (2MB) requires Intel 80486/33 or better (Uniprocessor and Multiprocessor); EGA, VGA, or SVGA Video; 8.5MB free hard disk space and 16MB RAM (minimum); NT Workstation 4.0 or greater, or NT Server 4.0 or greater.

In addition to Norton Speed Disk Preview for NT, Symantec also offers Expose intelligent server management.

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About Symantec Corporation
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