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Symantec Announces WinFax PRO 8.0

Built For Customer Satisfaction, New Version is Easier, Faster, Smarter, Supports Windows NT, and Includes New Version of TalkWorks

Editor's Summary

  • Easier and faster to use with features like the "WinFax Controller", a mini version of WinFax that provides direct access to the most common fax tasks with a single click, cover page design Wizard, and new macros for Word and Excel for Office 97.
  • Smarter and more reliable faxing with new intelligent fax engine that automatically corrects and configures itself to avoid failed faxes, automatically starts WinFax PRO in a "receive-ready" state (under Windows NT), and LiveUpdate.
  • First full-featured, 32-bit fax and telephony software to support both Windows 95 and Windows NT (3.51 and 4.0)
  • TalkWorks (included with WinFax PRO 8.0) has new advanced telephone and answering machine capabilities, and supports two lines.
  • WinFax PRO 8.0 is a ready client for Symantec's two network fax solutions, WinFax PRO for Networks (a solution for small offices and workgroups) and NET SatisFAXtion (a solution for larger, departmental needs).

Mobile Insights '97 Conference, Laguna Niguel, Calif. --February 24, 1997-- Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq:SYMC) today announced WinFax PRO 8.0, a new 32-bit version of the world's best selling fax software. Aimed at the general business user, WinFax PRO 8.0 meets all the faxing needs of any user profile, whether on the road, in a small office / home office setting, or connected to the corporate LAN. WinFax PRO 8.0 is one of the "Hot/Cool Products" being showcased at the Mobile Insights '97 conference.

Built For Customer Satisfaction
"In developing WinFax PRO 8.0, we set out to deliver a hassle-free fax product that would truly satisfy our customers," said David Wilmering, director of product management at Symantec. "To meet this objective we did more testing and solicited more customer feedback than any other version previously developed. Users told us they wanted WinFax PRO to be easier and faster to use, smarter and more reliable. WinFax PRO 8.0 features like the 'WinFax Controller' and the new intelligent fax engine deliver on each of these needs and more."

Easier & Faster To Use
WinFax PRO 8.0 has new features that improve usability over previous versions, making the overall application easier and faster to use. WinFax PRO 8.0 includes the "WinFax Controller", a miniature version of WinFax PRO that provides direct access to all the most common fax and voice/telephony tasks without loading the entire program. The Controller appears in the Windows 95 / NT 4.0 tray (the miniature icons in the Task Bar) or an icon on the desktop under Windows NT 3.51. The user can click on the icon and select from a menu list of the most common fax functions, like sending a fax, scanning and sending, viewing a fax, and listening to voice messages. The Controller notifies the user if messages have been received. It even alerts the user if a fax has failed, which no other fax software does today.

As with previous releases, WinFax PRO 8.0 includes over one hundred cover pages and a cover page designer so users can customize or create their own cover pages. To make the task of designing cover pages even easier and faster, WinFax PRO 8.0 now includes a cover page design "Wizard". The Wizard steps the user through a series of questions and pre-designed cover page templates, to create unique cover pages automatically. The unique cover pages can include the users' name, business information, address, telephone and fax numbers, as well as a company logo. The Wizard can create new, customized cover pages for the user in a matter of minutes.

To further improve ease-of-use with the most popular applications, WinFax PRO 8.0 includes new "send fax" macros for Microsoft Word and Excel for Office 97, and Corel WordPerfect. The macros automatically add WinFax to the File menu of each application, making it easier for users to fax their documents.

Smarter & More Reliable
Building upon its long tradition for ever improving the reliability of fax transmissions, WinFax PRO 8.0 has a new intelligent fax transmission engine that is able to detect transmission failures, auto-correct, and auto-configure, for more improved reliability. WinFax PRO automatically adjusts protocol settings to ensure the successful delivery of faxes, so users no longer have to tinker with different modem initialization strings when a fax has consistently failed. Another feature of the new intelligent fax engine is its ability to detect and avoid a catastrophic communications failure, such as a modem malfunction that would normally require a reset.

One advantage fax and answering machines have over computers is the ability to immediately receive after a power failure. When a computer resets, it has to reload the operating system, and usually waits for a user's intervention at the log-in prompt. WinFax PRO 8.0 under Windows NT can now automatically restart in a fax and voice receive-ready state, so faxes and voice messages can continue to be received after a power failure. No other fax or voice messaging software has this capability.

WinFax PRO 8.0 now includes LiveUpdate, a feature in several Symantec products, that provides single click access to the latest software updates, keeping WinFax users current. Users will now be able to get the most recent updates, technical information, and modem definitions by selecting LiveUpdate from the WinFax Help menu.

Windows 95 and Windows NT Support
WinFax PRO 8.0 is the first 32-bit full-featured computer fax software that supports both Windows 95 and, for the first time, Windows NT (3.51 and 4.0). No previous version of WinFax PRO was specifically designed for Windows NT, which was one of the most frequent customer requests, especially since Windows NT does not come with a fax capability. During the course of developing WinFax PRO 8.0, Symantec posted a Windows NT only Sneak Preview of the software. More than 50,000 people downloaded the NT Sneak Preview, indicating a strong demand for a full-featured fax solution under Windows NT.

"WinFax just keeps getting better. This new version is easier to use and even more reliable," said Andy Schmidt of H&M Systems Software in Maywood, NJ, a WinFax end user and beta tester. "I save time and effort sending directly from my desk, my faxes always look great, and I can easily send a fax to a group of people from my contact management software. WinFax lets me manage all my fax communications when I'm in the office or on the road. If you rely on faxing people as part of your business, then Microsoft fax just doesn't have enough functionality. You've got to get WinFax PRO."

TalkWorks Telephony
In addition to its robust faxing capabilities, WinFax PRO 8.0 also includes TalkWorks. TalkWorks enables computers equipped with a supported voice-capable modem to answer the telephone and take voice messages as well as receive faxes, includes telephony features, and allows others to dial-in and request documents that are faxed back to them (i.e. a fax-on-demand capability).

TalkWorks has advanced answering machine features like the ability to track incoming calls, and schedule different greetings for different times (i.e. so a different greeting can be played after 5pm), a mailbox setup Wizard, and a call simulator that allow users to test the voice prompt system. Telephony features include hands-free speaker phone support, which includes music-on-hold and speed dial capability. Additional innovations include support for caller ID (where available), and integration with the WinFax phonebook and any other WinFax-supported phonebooks (such as ACT!). TalkWorks integrates with WinFax PRO providing a central repository for both fax and voice messages. Users can receive faxes and voice messages on a single phone line, or set up two modems, one for fax and the other for voice/telephony, as WinFax PRO 8.0 can now support two modems at once.

Open Architecture
WinFax PRO 8.0 now conforms to the open architecture specified in the recently announced SDK. The SDK enables third party hardware and software developers to easily utilize and integrate WinFax PRO with their own applications. For example, the open architecture will directly benefit ACT! 3 users (version 3.03) who will see marked performance improvements for such tasks as "Current Lookup", and searching or sorting by last name or company. New drivers (which are included) have been written under the SDK that make WinFax PRO 8.0 a ready client for Symantec's two network fax solutions, WinFax PRO for Networks (a solution for small offices and workgroups) and NET SatisFAXtion (a solution for larger, departmental needs).

System Requirements, Pricing and Availability
WinFax PRO 8.0 requires a 486 computer (Pentium recommended) with a minimum of 8MB RAM (16MB recommended), Windows 95 or Windows NT (3.51 or 4.0), 27MB disk space for a minimum install (44MB for a full install) and Class 1, Class 2 or Class 2.0 fax modem. A voice capable fax modem is required for TalkWorks. WinFax PRO 8.0 will ship to stores in March 1997, and will have an estimated street price in the U.S. of about $99. WinFax PRO 7.5 users can upgrade for $19.95 (plus shipping and handling). Users running all other versions of WinFax PRO or WinFax LITE can upgrade for $49.95 (plus shipping and handling).

About Symantec Corporation
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