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Symantec Establishes Link with PalmPilot for Mobile ACT! Users

ACT! PalmPilot Link Provides Direct Access To Contact Manager

CUPERTINO, Calif. --March 10, 1997-- Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq:SYMC) today announced the availability of ACT! PalmPilot Link, a 32-bit utility for ACT! users that synchronizes contact information to and from the U.S. Robotic’s PalmPilot. Symantec and Palm Computing Inc., a subsidiary of U.S. Robotics, collaborated to develop the link for those ACT! users that need to take their data on the road and need instant access to critical information. The PalmPilot with ACT! 3.0 and the ACT! PalmPilot Link all work together as an extension of the desktop environment. ACT! PalmPilot Link provides users with a solution that combines the powerful contact management features of ACT! with the ultra-portability of the PalmPilot. With over one million users, ACT! 3.0 for Windows 95/NT is a customizable feature-rich individual and team contact manager. ACT! 3.0 provides users with many types of built-in contact exchange options: from one contact to a whole database, and from a LAN, the Internet, and PDA to desktop.

"As more professionals adopt the PalmPilot for day-to-day use, they require a reliable tool that will provide users with the ability to synchronize information with ACT!," said Christopher Calisi, Vice President, Remote Professional Solutions. "ACT! PalmPilot Link provides ACT! mobile users with a one button connection to the powerful desktop version of ACT! that provides instant access to their data from anywhere."

"The PalmPilot user base are contact centric professionals many of whom have adopted ACT! as their contact manager, making the combination of the PalmPilot and ACT! appealing to most mobile users and business professionals," said Ed Colligan, vice president of marketing for Palm Computing Inc. "The ACT! PalmPilot Link is critical to these users whether they take their data across the world or just across the campus."

The ACT! PalmPilot Link is a set of files that provide one-touch bi-directional synching capabilities to the PalmPilot through Palm's HotSync Cradle. This allows users to make their ACT! data truly portable. PalmPilot customers use the Pilot as a "window" to access a variety of information from a desktop PC or over a corporate-wide network promoting efficient productivity in and out of the office. ACT! contacts, meetings, and to do's get synchronized into PalmPilot's Address Book, Date Book, and To Do list modules respectively. Support for To Do list priorities and recurring activities in the PalmPilot Date Book are also included. In addition, the ACT! PalmPilot Link provides users with the ability to organize their contacts on the PalmPilot by supporting up to 15 of ACT!'s ID/Status field values in the PalmPilot's Address Book Category field. The link also features a "sync-after date" option which allows the user to synchronize only a portion of their ACT! database after a specified date. Users can also take advantage of the dedicated contact note field by transferring those notes into a dedicated note field in the appropriate contact record in ACT!.

Pricing And Availability
ACT! PalmPilot Link will be available in the Spring. ACT! customers can obtain a free copy of the ACT! PalmPilot Link from the Symantec website at http:// To receive ACT! PalmPilot Link on diskette customers can contact the Symantec Customer Service department at 541-335-7000. ACT! 3.0 for Windows 95 is available from Symantec’s network of authorized resellers. It has an estimated retail price of $199.95 and an upgrade price of $89.95.

System Requirements
ACT! PalmPilot Link requires the PalmPilot, a serial port (for PalmPilot cradle connection) and ACT! 3.03 for Windows 95/NT. ACT! 3.03 requires Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 3.1, or Windows NT 3.51 or NT 4.0, PC with 80486 or higher microprocessor (80386 for Windows 3.1), 8 MB of RAM and at least 16 MB of free hard disk space.

U.S. Robotics is one of the world’s leading suppliers of products and systems that provide access to information. For further product information, customers can contact U.S. Robotics at 800-881-7256 or visit the PalmPilot web site at

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