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Symantec And Informix Form Strategic Alliance To Deliver Enterprise Java Development Database Solution

Integration of INFORMIX-Universal Server, INFORMIX-Data Director And Symantec Visual Café Pro Facilitate Innovative Enterprise Java Applications For The Web

MENLO PARK, Calif. --April 2, 1997-- Informix Software, Inc., (Nasdaq:IFMX), the leading provider of innovative database technology, and Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq:SYMC), the leading provider of Java development environments, today announced a strategic alliance to develop and market solutions allowing developers to rapidly create and deploy next-generation enterprise Java applications. Symantec and Informix have agreed to integrate and market each others leading products to professional Web and enterprise Java developers worldwide.

Informix has adopted Symantec Visual Café Pro as the premier Java development tool for Informix OnLine and INFORMIX -Universal Server databases. Symantec has adopted INFORMIX-Universal Server as its premier database solution, and will replace Sybase SQL Anywhere, bundling INFORMIX-Universal Server with future versions of Symantec Visual Café Pro. INFORMIX-Data Director will also be included to provide direct access to rich media types stored in Informix's Servers. To provide for maximum client deployment, Informix will be supporting Symantec Visual Café Pro for Windows 95, NT and Macintosh.

Java developers will be able to create powerful enterprise level applications using drag-and-drop and the powerful Rapid Application Development (RAD) capabilities of Symantec's Visual Café Pro product and INFORMIX-Universal Server. Informix and Symantec will also jointly develop the next generation of Visual Café Pro to extend its capabilities to support multi-tier enterprise Java application development for INFORMIX-Universal Server applications.

"Informix's object-relational database management system provides the best data storage structure for the complex data types required for the Web," said Mansour Safai, general manager of Symantec's Internet Tools Division. "As Informix developers begin to expand their enterprise applications to the Web, they can be sure of ease and compatibility with the market-leading Java tools."

"By enabling its leading Java tool for the Enterprise with Informix-Universal Server, Symantec is an excellent choice for the growing number of customers moving to incorporate rich data types in their enterprise applications," said Phil White, chairman and CEO of Informix. "Companies can now take advantage of Informix's leading database technology and Symantec's Java expertise to quickly bring the most innovative business applications to market."

The industry's leading open, completely integrated object-relational database management system (ORDBMS), INFORMIX-Universal Server provides the extensibility needed to handle a broad range of data types such as images, video and audio, not managed effectively by traditional relational databases. Based on Informix's Dynamic Scalable Architecture( (DSA), the database is provided with near-linear scalability to support Enterprise deployment of applications utilizing such exciting new content.

As the first [and most powerful] Visual RAD tool for developing applets and applications that connect to relational databases, Symantec Visual Café Pro is the ideal Java development environment to build applications for INFORMIX-Universal Server. Symantec and Informix will work together to ensure that future versions of Visual Café Pro include wizards and controls that are INFORMIX-Universal Server-aware and complement the features already enabled through INFORMIX-Data Director.

INFORMIX-Data Director, which will be included in a future version of Visual Café Pro, is the first open component-based Java development tool that allows developers to create intelligent database-aware Java applets for Web-enabled client/server applications with the INFORMIX-Universal Server. The tight integration of these products will provide a rich development environment for INFORMIX-Universal Server.

This combination allows developers to easily create powerful INFORMIX-Universal Server-ready applications, enabling rich content stored directly in the database to be powerfully deployed on the Internet and corporate Intranets. The accelerated application development provided by Symantec Visual Café Pro, INFORMIX-Universal Server and INFORMIX-Data Director will ultimately result in reduced time to market for such leading-edge database applications.

By using INFORMIX-Data Director for Java with Visual Café Pro, developers will be provided with direct access to INFORMIX-Universal Server, and model-driven, drag-and-drop functionality to rapidly develop content-rich, scalable Java applications. Visual Café Pro's wizards will make Java application development for INFORMIX-Universal Server fast and easy by automatically creating applications for such databases and bringing exciting new data types to the Web.

For instance, developers will be able to simply drag-and-drop new data types, such as documents, directly into INFORMIX-Universal Server forms or reports without writing any code. Developers will also be able to incorporate spatial data stored in INFORMIX-Universal Server into their applications and have their spatial data queries displayed on users' screens in the form of a map.

"Informix is a strategic partner of Netscape and an important supplier of products that are helping us build next generation Internet and Extranet applications in the areas of sales, marketing and customer interaction," said Larry Geisel, senior vice president of information systems and CIO at Netscape. "With the combination of Symantec's Visual Café Pro, INFORMIX-Data Director and Netscape Visual JavaScript(, we have available to us a comprehensive visual development environment that will allow us to rapidly build crossware applications using Informix's database servers."

Visual Café Pro
Visual Café Pro is the only fully-integrated Visual Rapid Application Development tool for Java and database application solutions and provides distributed database access from anywhere on the Web using only a Java-enabled browser. Visual Café Pro allows web developers to quickly and easily create thin Java applets and applications that can access existing relational databases, using innovative database wizards and pre-built Java Beans components.

Included in Visual Café Pro is dbANYWHERE WorkGroup Server, a middleware database application server technology that allows Java programs to access corporate databases over the Internet using JavaSoft's JDBC API. dbANYWHERE provides the scalability and security of a three-tier solution with the ease of development and implementation of a two-tier solution. Sun Microsystems, Inc.'s Java, is the de facto standard programming language for network computing.

About Informix
Informix Software, based in Menlo Park, California, provides innovative database technology that enables the world's leading corporations to manage and grow their businesses. Informix is widely recognized as the technology leader for corporate computing environments, ranging from workgroups to very large OLTP and data warehouse applications. Informix's database servers, application development tools, superior customer service, and strong partnerships enable the company to be at the forefront of many leading-edge information technology solution areas. More information about Informix is available via the World Wide Web at

About Symantec Corporation
Symantec Corporation develops, markets, and supports a complete line of application and system software products designed to enhance individual and workgroup productivity as well as manage networked computing environments. Platforms supported include IBM personal computers and compatibles, Apple Macintosh computers as well as all major network operating systems. Founded in 1982, the company's global operations span North America, Europe and several fast growing markets throughout Asia Pacific, Japan and Latin America. Information on the company and its products can be obtained by calling (800) 441-7234 toll free or (541) 334-6054.

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