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Symantec Provides Customers With The Most Powerful Contact Manager For Lotus Notes

ACT! 1.5 for Notes Is A Complete Contact Management Solution for Managing Business Relationships

CUPERTINO, Calif. --May 27, 1997-- Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq:SYMC) today announced the availability of ACT! 1.5 for Notes 4.5, a new version of the powerful Notes-based contact manager. Individuals and team members using Notes 4.5 require a day-to-day reliable tool that will provide them with power and flexibility. ACT! 1.5 for Notes provides workgroups and individual workgroup members with customization and calendar functionality that builds on an already feature-rich contact manager. ACT! 1.5 for Notes brings teams together with its comprehensive contact database and integrated activity scheduler. It is the most popular contact management solution for the Notes platform that offers group scheduling and customizable fields for professionals sharing contacts in a collaborative environment.

"As professionals continue to look for ways to automate their business processes, contact management applications are at the center of their technology needs," said Christopher Calisi, Symantec's vice president of Remote Productivity Solutions. "By integrating the calendars, improving performance, and opening the design, Symantec continues to deliver the highest quality Notes application in contact management."

New Customer Benefits
With customization, links to word processors and integrated calendaring and scheduling features in ACT! 1.5 for Notes, contact intensive professionals can rely on powerful functionality and a variety of new key process features. Customers can take advantage of new group scheduling features and graphical calendars and easily share calendars with the rest of their organization including non-ACT! Lotus Notes and Lotus Organizer users. Individual team members can choose a personal default word processor, with links to popular word processors including 32-bit versions of Microsoft Word, WordPerfect and Lotus WordPro. Documents can be automatically saved and linked with contacts and letters can be easily mail merged while using the full power of Lotus WordPro. Customers can easily customize and also share form letters across an entire team. In ACT! 1.5 for Notes users can also customize databases, build additional functions, or link to other Notes databases. User can schedule new activities or move existing ones with warnings of conflicting activities.

Other new features based on Notes 4.5 include: faster access time, access to activities directly from the calendar view, drag-and-drop rescheduling, added graphics for inserting company logos or other graphics on fax forms, and one-step scheduling of new activities directly from the calendar.

ACT! 1.03 for Notes 4.0 Also Included
ACT! 1.03 for Lotus Notes 4.0 and the new ACT! 1.5 for Lotus Notes 4.5 are included together on a single CD. ACT! for Notes 1.03 which began shipping in March, provides Notes 4.0 workgroups and individual workgroup members with the ability to change database design and is ready to use out of the box so administrators can make changes to the database. These features are also included in ACT 1.5.

Pricing and Availability
ACT! 1.5 for Notes 4.5 is available through Symantec's corporate resellers worldwide in a CD with an estimated price of a single user at $249, 10 users: $225 per user, 25 users: $199 per user, 50 users: $189 per user, 100 users: $179 per user U.S. respectively. Purchases over 10 nodes are available via most of Symantec's distributors and resellers through the company's Value or VIP programs. Customers using ACT! 1.0 for Notes or ACT! 1.03 for Notes are eligible for a free upgrade to version 1.5 through Symantec Corporation. System Requirements

ACT! 1.5 for Notes requires a Pentium with 16 MB RAM, Notes Release 4.5 (desktop or the full Notes version), and Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or Windows NT. ACT! 1.5 for Notes also requires a Notes 4.5 server running either OS/2 Warp or Windows NT. ACT! 1.03 for Notes requires a Notes 4 server running either OS/2 Warp or Windows NT.

About Symantec Corporation
Symantec Corporation helps make users productive and keep their computers safe and reliable anywhere and anytime. Symantec offers a broad range of solutions and is acclaimed as a leader in both customer satisfaction and product brand recognition. The company is focused on addressing customer needs in three main application areas: the Norton product line of anti-virus and PC-assistance products; the pcAnywhere, WinFax and ACT! product lines that cater to remote user productivity; and the Café product lines in Internet development tools.

Founded in 1982, the company's global operations span North America, Europe, Japan and several fast growing markets throughout Asia Pacific and Latin America. Traded on Nasdaq under the symbol SYMC, Symantec Corporation is based in Cupertino, California and employs more than 2000 people. Information on the company and its products can be obtained by calling (800) 441-7234 toll free, (541) 334-6054 or accessed on the World Wide Web at

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