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Symantec's Norton AntiVirus 4.0 Delivers Multi-Platform Support

Industry leading solution protects against the viruses users have today and the new ones they will face tomorrow

CUPERTINO, Calif. --September 23, 1997-- Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced Norton AntiVirus (NAV) 4.0, the latest version of the industry's leading automatic, comprehensive virus protection for Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.1, and DOS workstations. NAV 4.0 answers users' demands for a cost-effective, easy-to-use anti-virus solution that can be installed, set, and forgotten. The product protects all the possible entry points for viruses, including shared floppy disks, the Internet, e-mail attachments, and networks.

NAV 4.0 provides users with detection and repair of in-the-wild viruses. In addition, NAV 4.0 users receive cutting-edge protection against unknown viruses through Symantec's revolutionary Bloodhound technology. While most anti-virus scanners are only able to identify viruses that have been pre-analyzed by virus researchers, the Bloodhound system uses heuristic technology to analyze programs, detect unknown or new viruses, and enable the user to repair the infected file immediately.

"Viruses are still being produced at an exponential rate, fueled in part by macro viruses and they spread rapidly due to the Internet," said Enrique Salem, vice president of Symantec's Security and Assistance Business Unit. "In fact, a recent research study indicated that the likelihood of getting a virus has grown 20 times in just two years. With the release of Norton AntiVirus 4.0, Symantec continues to provide its customers with protection against today's viruses and tomorrow's new ones."

It is crucial for users to keep virus definitions up-to-date or risk rendering their computers vulnerable to the hundreds of new viruses that surface every month. NAV 4.0's LiveUpdate feature updates users with the latest virus definitions and can be scheduled in advance. LiveUpdate will then continue to unobtrusively update virus definitions in order to ensure that each user workstation remains completely protected against the latest threats. These updates, which continue for the life of the product, are free of charge, automatically delivered, and fully tested at all times.

Additionally, NAV 4.0 introduces a new e-mail feature for LiveUpdate. Just by registering e-mail addresses, users are kept informed of the latest virus information, availability of new virus definitions, and any hoaxes or other threats to guard against. Each LiveUpdate E-mail message comes from the Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (SARC) and includes a LiveUpdate attachment. The user simply clicks on the attachment and LiveUpdate is immediately launched from his or her own e-mail program. Any new virus definitions or program patches or enhancements are automatically downloaded and installed, all at no cost to the user.

NAV 4.0 also includes Repair Wizard, which simplifies system cleanup after a virus infection. This feature walks the user through the step-by-step cleanup of an infection and removes viruses automatically without damaging files.

In addition to NAV 4.0, Symantec also offers users a premium value with NAV 4.0 Deluxe. NAV 4.0 Deluxe provides users with protection against malicious websites and Internet hackers, and state-of-the-art encryption software to protect communications over the Internet. NAV 4.0 Deluxe also includes a free upgrade to NAV 5.0 once it is released.

Symantec AntiVirus Research Center
NAV 4.0 is backed by the Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (SARC). SARC is the industry's largest dedicated team of virus experts. With offices located in the United States, Japan, Australia, and the Netherlands, the sun never sets on SARC. The center's mission is to provide swift, global responses to computer virus threats, proactively research and develop technologies that eliminate such threats, and educate the public on safe computing practices. As new computer viruses appear, SARC develops identification and detection for these viruses, and provides either a repair or delete operation, thus keeping users protected against the latest virus threats.

Pricing and Availability
NAV 4.0 and NAV 4.0 Deluxe are available now. NAV 4.0 is priced at a suggested retail price of $49.95. NAV 4.0 Deluxe is priced at a suggested retail price of $69.95. Special upgrade rebates of $20 are available for NAV users and competitive antivirus users. Site licenses are also available. For a free 30-day trial version, visit the Symantec web site at

System Requirements
For Windows NT users, NAV 4.0 requires Windows NT Workstation 3.51 or 4.0, an Intel CPU, 16MB of RAM required (32MB or higher is recommended), 16MB of hard disk space required, and a CD-ROM drive. For Windows 95 users, NAV 4.0 requires an IBM PC or 100% compatible, Windows 95, an 80386 DX or higher (80486 DX or higher recommended), 8MB of RAM required (16MB recommended), 16MB of hard disk space required, and a CD-ROM drive. For Windows 3.1X users, NAV 4.0 requires Windows 3.1X, an 80386 DX or higher, 4MB of RAM required (8MB recommended), 9MB of hard disk space required, and a CD-ROM drive. For DOS users, NAV 4.0 requires MS-DOS 5.0 or higher, an 80386 DX or higher, 4MB of RAM required (8MB recommended), and 9MB of hard disk space required.

About Symantec
Symantec Corporation helps make users productive and keep their computers safe and reliable anywhere and anytime. Symantec offers a broad range of solutions and is acclaimed as a leader in both customer satisfaction and product brand recognition. The company is focused on addressing customer needs in three main application areas: the Norton Product line of anti-virus and PC-assistance products; the pcANYWHERE, WinFax, and ACT! product lines that cater to remote user productivity; and the Café product lines in Internet development tools.

Founded in 1982, the company's global operations span North America, Europe, Japan, and several fast-growing markets throughout Asia Pacific and Latin America. Traded on Nasdaq under the symbol SYMC, Symantec Corporation is based in Cupertino, California, and employs more than 2,000 people. Information on the company and its products can be obtained by calling (800) 441-7234 toll free, (541) 334-6054, or accessed on the World Wide Web at

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