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Symantec Announces Norton AntiVirus for Lotus Notes

Company provides committed expertise to create the best defense for Notes users against today's viruses and tomorrow's new ones

CUPERTINO, Calif. --November 3, 1997-- Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq:SYMC) today announced Norton AntiVirus (NAV) for Lotus Notes, the latest addition to the company's suite of automatic, comprehensive virus protection products. NAV for Lotus Notes works in real time to scan, detect, and repair viruses found in Notes databases and mail file attachments, including pervasive macro viruses in Word and Excel documents. NAV for Lotus Notes includes Symantec's revolutionary Bloodhound technology which is able to detect and repair new and unknown viruses automatically.

"With a growing number of corporations migrating from traditional e-mail systems toward collaborative groupware systems, it has become increasingly imperative to provide those users with the same high level of security designed into our other Norton AntiVirus products," said Enrique Salem, chief technical officer and vice president of Symantec's Security and Assistance Business Unit. "Our NAV for Lotus Notes offering is yet another indication of our commitment to providing users with a total integrated suite of the industry's premier anti-virus products for multiple computing platforms."

"Lotus Notes administrators need assurance that the Notes database is free from viruses, and customers are looking for a system that will easily allow them to eliminate viruses in the database while not slowing performance," said Pierre van Beneden, senior vice president Lotus development. "Symantec, the anti-virus market leader, provides a solution that not only protects against known and unknown viruses, but one that is also integrated with Notes."

Collaborative applications often act as a breeding ground for viruses. NAV for Lotus Notes prevents virus infections from invading mission-critical groupware applications, saving corporations countless hours of downtime and rework. In addition to providing real-time protection for file attachments, NAV for Lotus Notes scans, detects, and repairs viruses in OLE objects and in FTP downloads. A quarantine database holds notes or mail messages whose attachments cannot be repaired or contain suspect components, ensuring administrators and users that infectious documents are isolated and, therefore, cannot spread to other files. Eighty percent of all infections are from Macro viruses—the major infector in a Notes environment.

NAV for Lotus Notes users receive cutting-edge protection against unknown viruses through Symantec's revolutionary Bloodhound technology. While most anti-virus scanners are only able to identify viruses that have been pre-analyzed by virus researchers, the Bloodhound system uses heuristic technology to analyze programs, detect unknown or new viruses, and enable the user to repair the infected file immediately. Bloodhound is able to detect and repair up to 90 percent of all new and unknown macro viruses automatically.

Because virus protection is only as good as its virus definitions are current, the LiveUpdate feature of NAV for Lotus Notes automatically updates users with the latest virus definitions and can be scheduled in advance. LiveUpdate updates virus definitions in order to ensure that each server remains completely protected against the latest threats. These updates, which continue for the life of the product, are free of charge, automatically delivered, and fully tested at all times.

NAV for Lotus Notes also includes a signature feature that automatically scans signed notes. In addition, administrators can use the extension list feature in NAV for Lotus Notes to specify which files can safely be excluded from scanning, providing administrators with an added level of control and flexibility.

Administrators will find NAV for Lotus Notes easy to use and configure. With features such as e-mail alerting for repair and quarantine notification, Notes-based configuration and documentation, and a log update detailing critical events, administrators receive the information they need to help them maintain a virus-free environment.

Symantec AntiVirus Research Center
NAV for Lotus Notes is backed by the Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (SARC). SARC is the industry's largest dedicated team of virus experts. With offices located in the United States, Japan, Australia, and the Netherlands, the sun never sets on SARC. The center's mission is to provide swift, global responses to computer virus threats, proactively research and develop technologies that eliminate such threats, and educate the public on safe computing practices. As new computer viruses appear, SARC develops identification and detection for these viruses, and provides either a repair or delete operation, thus keeping users protected against the latest virus threats.

Pricing and Availability
NAV for Lotus Notes will be available by the end of this year and will be priced at $795 per server protection 25 users. Site licenses are also available. A public Beta will be available in November.

System Requirements
NAV for Lotus Notes runs on all Notes 4.5 servers using Windows NT 3.51 or 4.0.

About Symantec
Symantec Corporation helps make users productive and keep their computers safe and reliable anywhere and anytime. Symantec offers a broad range of solutions and is acclaimed as a leader in both customer satisfaction and product brand recognition. The company is focused on addressing customer needs in three main application areas: the Norton Product line of anti-virus and PC-assistance products; the pcANYWHERE, WinFax, and ACT! product lines that cater to remote user productivity; and the Café product lines in Internet development tools.

Founded in 1982, the company's global operations span North America, Europe, Japan, and several fast-growing markets throughout Asia Pacific and Latin America. Traded on Nasdaq under the symbol SYMC, Symantec Corporation is based in Cupertino, California, and employs more than 2,000 people. Information on the company and its products can be obtained by calling (800) 441-7234 toll free, (541) 334-6054, or accessed on the World Wide Web at

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