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Norton Utilities 3.0 Earns High Praise from

Industry's Leading Publications Offer NU 3.0 Unprecedented Recognition, Accolades

Cupertino, Calif --April 7, 1998-- Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced that Norton Utilities (NU) 3.0, the most recent version of Symantec's award-winning problem-solving software, is garnering high praise from industry trade publication editors and reviewers nationwide. Norton Utilities 3.0 has earned an extraordinary number of positive reviews-from leading publications such as Home Office Computing, PC/Computing, and Windows Magazine-and has already won five industry awards since its introduction in November 1997.

"The sales for Norton Utilities 3.0 have been very strong," said Enrique Salem, vice president of Symantec's Security and Assistance Business Unit. "Shortly after the product began shipping, it made PC Data's list of best-selling business software. Clearly, Norton Utilities continues to meet customers' needs for solving and preventing serious computer problems."

"Sales of Norton Utilities 3.0 at our 149 Computer Superstores around the nation have far exceeded our expectations," said Larry Mondry, executive vice president of merchandising for CompUSA. "Symantec is clearly satisfying the needs of thousands of discriminating PC users."

Winning a spot on Windows Magazine's coveted WinList in the March 1998 issue, NU 3.0 was praised for its significant enhancements and new features. In his enthusiastic review, editor Scott Finnie wrote, "There may never have been a more vastly improved version of Norton Utilities, and this upgrade earns a spot on our WinList of recommended products." Finnie commended Symantec for its compelling improvements to System Doctor, writing, "System Doctor's bevy of real-time trouble sensors help to distinguish Norton Utilities 3.0 from its competitors, none of which come close to Norton's professional strength system monitoring."

Finnie also praised Norton Zip Rescue as "a promising new idea" and called the new WinDoctor "one of the most notable new features." WinDoctor focuses on finding and fixing Windows problems and, according to Finnie, "goes a tad deeper into Registry problems [than do competitors' products] and is also better at automatically fixing them." Finnie ended his review, "All in all, this major upgrade easily retains Norton Utilities' place on our shelf of everyday software tools-the kind we install on every PC."

PC Computing magazine editor Ron White wrote in his lively February 1998 review, "Symantec Norton Utilities is back and it's awesome. You'll find more utilities to keep your PC running smoothly, and the new integrated interface puts the features you need at your fingertips." White compared NU 3.0 with Nuts & Bolts and wrote, "If you depend on your PC to make money, Norton has rebounded big-time to counter the threat of other software companies . . . This new version counters all the fixit, tuneit, guardit, and updateit features found in rival products. And it rounds it all off with a licenseplate chic face-lift."

The product earned a four star rating in the April 1998 Home Office Computing review. According to reviewer David Haskin, "The new Norton Utilities 3.0 adds even more weapons to its arsenal, yet it is easier to use than ever . . . The new Norton Utilities 3.0 reclaims its position as the top utility for maintaining your PC's health and efficiency."

CustomBytes, Inc. President and InformationWeek reviewer Andy Feibus recommended NU 3.0 to all Microsoft Windows 95 users. In the January 26, 1998, issue, Feibus wrote, "One way to keep your Windows 95 system going is to buy a copy of Symantec's Norton Utilities Version 3.0 for Windows 95 . . . Norton Utilities 3.0 is the best tool available for providing standalone system performance improvements and troubleshooting. Until Microsoft provides a self-tuning, crash-protected Windows operating system . . . Norton Utilities 3.0 needs to be on your purchasing checklist for each Windows 95 system."

Praise continued for NU 3.0 in the January 19, 1998, issue of Computerworld. Reviewer Howard Millman, who operates Data System Service Group LLC, wrote, "Version 3.0 of Symantec Corp.'s venerable utility collection, Norton Utilities for Windows 95, adds several performance-enhancing and preventive maintenance modules. A new interface, System Integrator, significantly simplifies the use of the program's many features."

In the January 1998 reviews section, CNET editor Gregg Keizer wrote, "Symantec's Norton Utilities is once again the big dog of Windows 95 utility suites; it now has more diagnostic and repair teeth than . . . its toughest competitor." Keizer continued, "Norton Utilities is more or less synonymous with disk diagnostics and PC maintenance, and for good reason: its lineage is long; its reputation, strong. Version 3.0 is no different, as it preserves the power of its predecessor while adding some new and useful components."

PC World editor Stan Miastkowski reviewed NU 3.0, and in the January 1998 issue he wrote, "Overall, Norton Utilities 3.0 excels at optimizing your PC, as well as detecting and fixing a wide variety of problems . . . In short, Norton Utilities is still the package of choice for experienced users who want to keep close tabs on their PCs and do some serious performance tweaking."

PC Novice/Smart Computing magazine applauded NU 3.0's comprehensive utilities and ease of use. In the magazine's Spring 1998 issue, reviewer Shawn Mummert wrote, "Norton Utilities . . . provides perhaps the best combination of computer maintenance tools for consumers. It is best suited to people with more technical knowledge, but it also can be used by novices because the utilities will function with only minimal prompting . . . If you're in the market for a utility package, give the powerful, easy to use Norton Utilities a look; you can't go wrong with the spry ancestor of modern utility packages."

In the January 1998, Windows Sources editor Michael J. Zulich gave NU 3.0 a "Stellar" rating and titled his review, "Norton Utilities Retakes the Lead." In comparing NU 3.0 to its competitors' offerings, Zulich wrote, "Norton Utilities 3.0 for Windows 95 is ready to retake that [product of choice] crown." Identifying the product's pros and cons, Zulich wrote, "Pros: All-in-one utility software; easy to use; powerful. Cons: None."

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