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Symantec Announces the Next Generation of the World's Best-Selling Fax Software Package --WinFax PRO 9.0

Cupertino, Calif --August 24, 1998-- Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq: SYMC), today announced the availability of WinFax PRO 9.0, the newest version of its best selling fax software. WinFax PRO 9.0 provides users a hassle-free way to send, receive and manage laser quality faxes whether in a workgroup, on a stand-alone PC or from a cell phone - anywhere, anytime.

WinFax PRO 9.0 saves users frustration, time and expense with new benefits that enhance the ease of set-up. With an intuitive user interface, WinFax PRO 9.0 makes composing, editing and sending fax communications simple and flexible. Added cellular features address the needs of the mobile professional to manage their faxes effectively while on the road.

"WinFax PRO is the world leader in fax software with nine years of proven experience and more than 15 million copies sold," said Christopher Calisi, vice president of Symantec's Remote Productivity Business Unit. "WinFax PRO 9.0 provides customers the quality and reliability they have come to expect with additional features tailored for the small business, the workgroup, and the mobile professional."

Easy Composition and Editing
WinFax PRO 9.0 features a new send screen that makes it easy to compose, preview and edit a message before it is addressed and faxed. Multiple documents can be added or scanned into a single message and pages within a message can be reordered or deleted making it completely customizable.

Workgroup Fax Capability
WinFax PRO 9.0 includes a new fax-sharing capability feature for the small business or department workgroup operating in a network environment. Designed specifically for smaller workgroups with up to 25 users, workgroup fax sharing significantly reduces potential equipment costs by eliminating the need for every machine to have its own modem and phone line for fax communications. WinFax PRO 9.0 can share its modem and phone line with other copies of WinFax PRO 9.0 on the network. The host copy then acts as receiver and sender for all the incoming and outgoing fax messages.

Simple Upgrade Path for the WinFax Starter Edition User
Every copy of Microsoft Outlook98 includes the WinFax Starter Edition. Customers using the WinFax Starter Edition can easily upgrade to WinFax PRO 9.0 for more fax functionality. Since WinFax PRO 9.0 is fully integrated with Outlook98, customers can choose to receive their faxes in their Outlook98 Inbox or WinFax PRO 9.0's Message Manager.

Easy Guided Set up
A single graphical set up walks users through all of the necessary steps to operate WinFax PRO 9.0. Thoroughly wizard-based, all of the most common functions are covered so users don't have to search endlessly in order to maximize usage of WinFax PRO 9.0's capabilities.

Send and Receive Anywhere, Anytime
WinFax PRO 9.0 now provides full cellular phone support enabling mobile professionals to send and receive their fax communications from a laptop connected to their fax capable cellular telephone. WinFax PRO 9.0 supports most common digital cellular standards for fax devices such as PCMCIA cards and telephones with AT interpreter. Full cellular support means that mobile users can respond immediately to their customers' needs and receive their urgent faxes from anywhere.

Cost Savings for Remote Users
WinFax PRO 9.0 has a new credit card dialing wizard for the mobile professional or telecommuter who uses calling or credit cards to bill fax communications. Using a calling card can offer significant cost savings when dialing from a hotel room. The credit card dialing feature can be set up quickly and easily for domestic as well as international settings.

Pricing and Availability
WinFax PRO will be available August 24, 1998 with an estimated street price of $119.

System Requirements
WinFax PRO 9.0 requires an IBM PC or 100% compatible with Pentium processor, 16MB RAM (Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0), Class 1, Class 2 or Class 2.0 fax modem, or fax capable ISDN CAPI 2.0 card. A complete list of compatible modems is available on the Symantec web site.

About Symantec
Symantec is the world leader in utility software for business and personal computing. Symantec products and solutions help make users productive and keep their computers safe and reliable anywhere and anytime. Symantec offers a broad range of solutions and is acclaimed as a leader in both customer satisfaction and product brand recognition. Symantec is traded on Nasdaq under the symbol SYMC. More information on the company and its products can be obtained at www.symantec.com.

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