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Symantec Announces Norton SystemWorks

- Norton is First to Deliver Integrated Suite of Software Utility Products -

Cupertino, Calif --August 24, 1998-- Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced Norton SystemWorks, the industry's first integrated suite of utility and anti-virus products. Norton SystemWorks solves the need of a broader set of computer users who want an integrated solution to keep their computer working, at a price they can afford.

Norton SystemWorks is comprised of the latest versions of Symantec's award-winning utility and anti-virus products, including Norton Utilities, Norton AntiVirus, Norton Uninstall Deluxe, Norton CrashGuard, and a six-month subscription to Norton Web Services. Norton SystemWorks gives users everything they need in one box, with one manual and one support line. The product will be available in September.

"With Norton SystemWorks, Symantec continues to add value to Windows 98 by delivering an innovative solution designed to keep computers up and running well at all times," said Brad Chase, Vice President of Windows Marketing and Developer Relations for Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq: MSFT).

"With Norton SystemWorks, consumers can be assured of seamless integration among products that have set the standard in utilities and virus protection categories," said Enrique Salem, vice president of Symantec's Security and Assistance Business Unit. "By offering the highest level of virus protection as well as problem-solving, system maintenance, PC diagnostics, and optimization tools in a single product, Symantec has made it easier and more convenient than ever before to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from using Norton products."

Norton SystemWorks is 40 percent less expensive than purchasing individual anti-virus and problem-solving software from vendors such as Network Associates (Nasdaq: NETA) or Quarterdeck (Nasdaq: QDEK). Only Norton SystemWorks offers a truly integrated solution, because the products work together to detect and solve problems, eliminate viruses, and recover from system crashes. For example, if Norton Utilities detects low disk space, Norton Uninstall will automatically remove unneeded files or programs. An Integrated Solution for Many Different Computer Problems Simply providing traditional solutions to computing problems -- viruses, system crashes, lost data, software conflicts, slow, full hard drives, and out of date software -- is not enough for computer users today. Increasingly, how problems are solved is as important as the solutions themselves, and what users want today is a solution that is automatic, fully integrated, and comprehensive.

Norton SystemWorks offers unsurpassed integration, thereby simplifying installation and start-up. Product integration features include a single install, single emergency disk set, and the Norton Integrator. The Integrator provides a single control panel for easy access to all the utilities included in Norton SystemWorks.

SystemWorks: A Full Array of Award-Winning Products
Norton Utilities, named MVP by PC Computing magazine, is included with Norton SystemWorks. Norton Utilities offers users unrivaled problem-solving power for their systems. For more than 15 years, users have relied on Norton Utilities to detect, repair, and prevent major and minor computer problems. Norton Utilities optimizes a computer to run at peak efficiency, detecting Windows problems and providing intelligent solutions.

Norton SystemWorks also includes Norton AntiVirus, PC Magazine's perennial Editor's Choice Award winner. Norton AntiVirus provides the best detection of both in-the-wild and Word macro viruses, and detects and removes known, unknown, and unidentified viruses. Its LiveUpdate feature simplifies the process of downloading virus definition updates, thereby helping ensure that users' systems are virus-free and protected from all possible sources of infection. Norton AntiVirus includes the ability to safely isolate questionable files, submit files for analysis to the Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (SARC) directly from the product, handle additional compressed file formats, and automatically report on actions the anti-virus software has taken. The product also automatically blocks destructive Active X code and Java applets from entering a user's computer.

Norton Uninstall, recently named to Windows Magazine's influential WinList of recommended products, is also included in Norton SystemWorks. Norton Uninstall safely removes programs and files users no longer need, and moves, copies, and stores programs and files. With InstallGuard, users have a one step undo from the program they installed. This means that any files that were overwritten, any programs that were left inoperable, any problems that users experienced after the install, can be removed and the system configuration is rolled back to exactly the way it was before the installation.

Norton SystemWorks protects users against data loss with Norton CrashGuard, which Family PC recently designated as a recommended product. Norton CrashGuard provides three times the crash protection of any competing product. It minimizes the chance of a system crash by utilizing award-winning Norton technology to unfreeze your machine or save your data in the event of an application crash.

Norton SystemWorks also includes Norton Web Services, a library of web-based programs designed to make computing easier and more reliable. Norton Web Services enables users to receive software updates as well as freeware/shareware via a simple point-and-click interface. LiveUpdate Pro, a component of Norton Web Services, was recently called the best-designed update service product by PC Magazine. LiveUpdate Pro provides patches for Symantec products, as well as over 3,000 updates and drivers for other vendors' products as well.

Product Specification, Pricing and Availability
Norton SystemWorks provides a depth of features and integration unmatched by competitive products.

FEATURENorton SystemWorks Nuts & Bolts 98Nuts & Bolts Deluxe
Award-winning products in all the major utility categories X - -
Integration between products in the suite X - -
Complete anti-virus protection X - X