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Symantec Announces Anti-Virus Uninstaller Technology to Help Companies Break Free from Subscription-Based Licenses

Technology uninstalls anti-virus products from Network Associates, Dr. Solomon's, Computer Associates with minimal disruption and impact on end-user productivity

Cupertino, Calif. April 19, 1999 - Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq: SYMC) has developed anti-virus uninstaller technology which will help companies break out of the stranglehold of subscription-based licenses for anti-virus products that are difficult to remove from networks.

"Anti-virus companies using subscription-based license models are putting their customers in an impossible position," says Dana Siebert, Symantec's executive vice president of worldwide sales, marketing and support. "Customers that sign up to such licenses never own the anti-virus software. Instead they pay a subscription to use it for the term of the license. We have spoken with organizations that have been threatened with legal action by their anti-virus vendor for using unlicensed software unless they renew their subscription.

Siebert adds. "Many of these customers are dissatisfied with the performance of the product and service from the vendor but are resigned to renewing the license rather than face legal action or replace the software - a process which has until now been expensive and disruptive."

The new anti-virus uninstaller technology announced by Symantec has been developed to provide such companies with a solution. It will uninstall anti-virus applications made by Network Associates, Dr. Solomon's, Command and Computer Associates from networks without user intervention to minimize impact on end-user productivity and optimize IS resource for maximum efficiency.

Used as part of Symantec's anti-virus transition service to migrate customers to Norton AntiVirus, the uninstall technology can be used from within Norton System Center and other management consoles, as well as from NT login scripts on Windows 3.x systems. Totally configurable, it can be used from a single point by the system administrator to conduct a phased de-installation to prepare for the installation of Norton AntiVirus across the entire network.

Manually removing an anti-virus application from a network of 5,000 workstations is estimated to take over 1,250 hours* and cost as much as $87,500*. According to Siebert, the Symantec uninstaller technology can perform the same task in less than two weeks using significantly fewer resources.

The technology uses either existing uninstall files resident on workstations and servers or, when required, initiates its own uninstaller program to remove the anti-virus application. "For example," says Siebert, "despite being acquired by Network Associates, Dr. Solomon's AntiVirus Toolkit is still used by an estimated 10,000 companies worldwide. Installation of AntiVirus Toolkit via the Dr. Solomon's Management Console leaves no uninstall information on the workstation and makes removal of the program even more difficult. In this situation the Symantec technology initiates its own uninstaller to do the job."

* Estimate based on 15 minutes per workstation and labor costs of $70/hour.

Symantec is currently working with more than 4,000 companies to migrate them to Norton AntiVirus. The uninstaller technology is used as part of Symantec's Transition Assistance Service, which also includes on-site training, technical support and support from transition consultants.

Symantec's corporate business has grown 69 percent over the last twelve months and accounted for 42 percent of total revenue in the company's recently announced March quarter earnings. In the last year, Symantec has also achieved a 395 percent increase in the number of corporate site licenses sold.

"Without a doubt, our corporate business is growing," says Siebert. "Consolidation in the anti-virus market over the last twelve months means that tens of thousands of companies are having to rethink their anti-virus strategy because the vendor of their currently installed technology is no longer in the market. This provides us with the opportunity to grow our corporate anti-virus business further."

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