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Norton 2000 Corporate Edition 2.0 Eases Management Through Enhanced Administration, Improved Database Options

Version 2.0 Features New Reporting, Flexible Scanning, and Remediation Capabilities

Cupertino, Calif. June 14, 1999 - Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq: SYMC), the world leader in utility software for business and personal computing, today announced Norton 2000 Corporate Edition 2.0. Norton 2000 is an effective Y2K solution that addresses century-date issues on corporate desktop and laptop PCs, thereby minimizing the risks associated with downloading data from or uploading data to network servers. Norton 2000 quickly and easily attends to the three critical desktop and laptop vulnerabilities common to corporate computing environments: data, applications, and the BIOS/real-time clock. Version 2.0 of Norton 2000 Corporate Edition includes enhanced administrative features and improved database options. The new version also features Fix Assistant to help automate repetitive and tedious remediation tasks.

"Symantec leads the industry in providing desktop protection products. As a result, Norton 2000 Corporate Edition excels at addressing ongoing desktop date problems and providing detailed reports to ease remediation efforts throughout an organization," said Enrique Salem, vice president of Symantec's Security and Assistance Business Unit. Norton 2000 Corporate Edition 2.0 checks popular software applications against a database of known Year 2000 problems. The application database is kept up-to-date using LiveUpdate, Symantec's powerful utility program that makes it easy to stay on top of updates to the software. Version 2.0 includes flexible scanning and reporting options to allow an organization to compile reports with different levels of detail and set its own criteria for measuring risk. Norton 2000 Corporate Edition now supports the ability to associate machine names and user names for easy identification in reports. It also supports the ability to sort the log window results from the data scan by severity, issues, errors, and notes. The new Fix Assistant for Microsoft Excel allows for quick and easy remediation of common, repetitive year 2000 issues in data. Norton 2000 scans Excel, Access, Paradox, dBase, Lotus, and Quattro Pro files. It identifies, prioritizes, and reports on date calculation anomalies in spreadsheet cells and formulas, database fields, and forms text. Unformatted files, or files with formats unknown to Norton 2000, are examined with a generic text date scanner. Fix Assistant enables users to expand all two-year dates in a spreadsheet to four digits within a 100-year window that the user specifies. Fix Assistant also allows users to visit each "root of an issue" cell in turn, in order to make individual decisions about data cells.

Norton 2000 Corporate Edition features enterprise project management and data analysis tools. The Norton 2000 Database assists administrators in identifying and tracking desktop Year 2000 problems across the entire organization by evaluating progress towards complete Year 2000 compliance. Results from the system date test, application scan, and data scan can be combined and rolled into the Norton 2000 SQL Server Database. Norton 2000 Corporate Edition 2.0 snaps into the Norton System Center, providing a single administrative console for quick and easy distribution, reporting, and management throughout a LAN environment. In addition, the recently released Tivoli Plus for Norton 2000, IT Director Edition, enables network managers to use the centralized control and systems management capabilities of Tivoli IT Director with Norton 2000 to efficiently and thoroughly detect, fix, and test for Y2K compliance throughout the IT network.

To help ensure the safety of data on desktops, Norton 2000 uses a boot floppy to test the BIOS, thereby avoiding possible problems or disruptions that other methods of testing can create, including triggering time bombs in applications. For added convenience, Norton 2000 also offers a Windows-based system date test that checks the ability of the operating system to roll date sensitive data to January 1, 2000.

Norton 2000 continues to earn praise from publications representing both the public and private sectors. In January, Government Computer News awarded Norton 2000 its Reviewer's Choice designation for outperforming its six competitors, and Windows Magazine named Norton 2000 to its influential WinList-the only Y2K solution to receive the recognition.

Pricing and Availability
Norton 2000 is available now from Symantec's network of authorized resellers. A 100 user license is $54 per node. Volume discounts are available.

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