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Symantec's pcAnywhere 9.0 Reduces Remote Network Management and Support Costs

New Central Management, Strengthened Security, and Increased Internet-Based Capabilities Ease Administration and Help Desk Burden

Cupertino, Calif. June 14, 1999 - Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq: SYMC) announced today the availability of pcAnywhere 9.0, the leading remote control and file transfer system for mobile users and the IT professionals who support them. Version 9.0 features easier central administration, improved integration with industry-leading network management solutions, increased security, and enhanced Internet-based functionality. These new features provide support staff and mobile workers a secure and flexible solution for reducing remote management and support costs.

"With version 9.0 of pcAnywhere, Symantec once again delivers a ground-breaking remote access and remote support solution," said Christopher Calisi, vice president of Symantec's Remote Productivity Solutions Business Unit. "Whether you're an IT professional supporting a remote network, a help desk manager or reseller supporting a remote customer or troubleshooting Y2K issues, or a mobile professional accessing your system remotely, pcAnywhere 9.0 offers the most comprehensive, reliable, and secure remote access solution available."

"Time is money on the railroad," said Brian Cook, software consultant for one the nation's largest railway systems. "Train delays multiply the cost factor dramatically, and that gets offset to the customer. Reducing train delays and keeping operating efficiency above the 90 percentile or higher is the goal. Using pcAnywhere 9.0 to keep software up-to-date on the railroad's dispatching systems, which improves overall operations, increases productivity as well as profit margins both for the customer and for the railroad itself."

Customization and Network Management Features Increase IT Professionals' Productivity IT professionals are faced with supporting remote employees and remotely managing servers and networks while trying to reduce costs. As a result, many corporations are turning to remote control as a way to increase productivity, which, in turn, reduces overall operating costs. pcAnywhere 9.0 provides IT professionals an efficient, flexible tool for remote management and support of both servers and end user computers located on either side of the corporate firewall.

Version 9.0 eases deployment by enabling IT professionals to pre-configure installation and runtime settings as part of the remote installation procedure. Using an enhanced Host Administrator utility, pcAnywhere 9.0 provides access to remote Windows 95/98 and Windows NT systems and the capability to reconfigure, start, stop, and connect to the pcAnywhere host on the remote system. The utility also enables administrators to view the security log on each machine. The new pcAnywhere Host Administrator is a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in and can be integrated into any MMC-based console.

The pcAnywhere Host Administrator integrates into the Norton System Center 3.1 utility to provide a single, consistent interface for remotely deploying and managing pcAnywhere as well as other Symantec solutions. The pcAnywhere administrative functions can also be integrated with Microsoft's System Management Server (SMS), Computer Associates' UniCenter TNG, Tivoli's NetView management solution, and Remedy's Help Desk 4.0 and ActionRequest Systems. As a result, IT professionals can improve their productivity by executing pcAnywhere administration and auditing functions from within their organization's management tools. It also best meets customer needs by allowing IT managers to deploy and benefit from remote control today while protecting their investment in pcAnywhere if and when they decide to roll-out system management tools in the future.

Enhanced Security Offers Greater Control To ensure secure remote control sessions, pcAnywhere 9.0 addresses IT professionals' most critical security concerns. This latest version includes Windows NT authentication capabilities, allowing remote user authentication against the Windows NT user and group names on the Windows NT domain server and enabling IT professionals to leverage the Windows NT security scheme for all of their Windows 95/98 and Windows NT systems.

pcAnywhere's remote security features provide restricted drive access, data encryption, file transfer rights, and more. pcAnywhere v9.0 now further protects against unauthorized access by providing a warning message when a host has been launched without desktop security features enabled. To help users quickly and efficiently secure pcAnywhere, the Quick Start wizard steps the user through the creation of a user name and password.

Version 9.0 also features several centralized monitoring capabilities that offer users and administrators enhanced security. To facilitate monitoring, the pcAnywhere Host Administrator utility lets administrators view the logs of remote Windows 95/98 and Windows NT systems. pcAnywhere 9.0 logs events to a central location. The centralized logging facility is robust, secure, and offers a means for guaranteed log delivery if the central logging server is not available.

pcAnywhere 9.0 now also supports SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) messaging to facilitate centralized monitoring from within the most popular management platforms. In addition, pcAnywhere v9.0 features the latest Norton AntiVirus scanning engine to enable automatic virus scanning during file transfer.

Increased Internet Functionality Eases Remote Support Version 9.0 employs a new directory service feature to provide a fast and easy method for locating hosts over the Internet and intranet. The directory service feature supports LDAP-compatible directory servers.

To further aid communication via the Internet, Symantec and Yahoo!, a leading global Internet media company, have teamed to provide integration with Yahoo! Pager ( for the pcAnywhere 9.0 product and a free copy of Yahoo! Pager is included on the pcAnywhere 9.0 CD. pcAnywhere users can now easily find and communicate with each other through Yahoo! Pager, and a pcAnywhere session can be launched with a simple click of a button within Yahoo! Pager for support, training, or collaboration purposes.

pcAnywhere now also supports access over Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections for secure access via the Internet. New to version 9.0 of pcAnywhere is the integration of pcAnywhere with the market leading VPN-1O family of solutions from Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHKP). Check Point VPN-1 solutions enable pcAnywhere customers to use the Internet securely while managing systems remotely. pcAnywhere 9.0 was recently Open Platform for Secure Enterprise Connectivity (OPSEC) Certified by Check Point Software to ensure its interoperability with Check Point VPN-1 software. The Check Point SecuRemote client VPN software, which is bundled for free with pcAnywhere

9.0, works transparently and prompts the user for authentication credentials when he or she attempts to remotely access the corporate network via a Check Point VPN-1 Gateway connection.

Usability Features Enhance Productivity Version 9.0 of pcAnywhere includes enhancements specifically designed to increase end-user and administrator productivity. An improved File Manager user interface makes folder navigation and file transfers easy. The new user interface leverages the familiar Internet Explorer-like look and feel, making it even easier for users to immediately and intuitively begin using the product's file manager capabilities.

For maximum efficiency during a remote control session, pcAnywhere 9.0 scales to the highest common denominator of color depth between the host and remote, ensuring that the host is not sending data that cannot be supported on the remote PC. For example, if a video on the remote PC is configured for 16 colors, the host will not send more than 16 colors. Version 9.0 also adds support for unlimited colors for viewing high-resolution graphics remotely. Enhanced algorithms in version 9.0 ensure greater accuracy when using ColorScale to reduce colors, thereby further improving screen refresh transfer rates and increasing user productivity.

Pricing and Availability
pcAnywhere 9.0 is available now at an estimated retail price of US$169.00. Corporate Solution Edition pricing is also available in quantities greater than 25 units. Volume license options are available for separate LAN Host, Host Only, and Remote components.

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