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Symantec's Mobile Essentials Decreases Costs of Supporting Mobile Professionals as IT Creates, Administers Location Profiles

Software Enables Laptop Users to Quickly Adjust to Different Environments

Cupertino, Calif. July 1, 1999 - Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq: SYMC) announced it is shipping Mobile Essentials 2.0, a tool used by IS/IT departments to create laptop configuration settings for every location that end users travel to. These location profiles are created once and then quickly deployed to mobile professionals. As a result, mobile professionals as well as IS/IT personnel experience significantly increased productivity as location changes are addressed without the need for helpdesk support.

"Supporting increased numbers of mobile users is a growing concern for IS managers as their help desk staff spends more and more time helping these users resolve network configuration problems," said Richard Villars, vice president of Network Software at International Data Corporation, a Framingham, Mass.-based consulting firm. "Products such as Symantec's Mobile Essentials give IS professionals and end users a cost and time effective solution for creating and managing the multiple configurations required by mobile users."

Using Mobile Essentials 2.0 significantly reduces the time users spend adjusting their PC settings every time they arrive in a new location and resolving problems caused by incorrect settings. By enabling IS/IT departments to create location profiles and then quickly deploy these settings to their mobile workforce via e-mail, the Web, or the corporate network, Mobile Essentials 2.0 results in increased productivity across the organization.

Gary Bernstein, an IT professional at a major gas and oil company, has been beta testing Mobile Essentials 2.0. Because Bernstein is responsible for providing technical support to the corporation's traveling senior executives, his testing has focused largely on the product's viability in a large corporate setting. "Talking through all the settings that must be changed when an executive arrives at a new location often takes more time than that individual can spare. With Mobile Essentials, however, an executive can simply click on his or her new location and everything changes automatically-drive mappings, default printer settings, area code and calling card numbers, Internet access settings, and more. It saves a considerable amount of time and effort for both the executive and the helpdesk."

Once the location profiles are installed, the laptop user simply starts Windows and selects a location profile. All of the settings change automatically and instantly, resulting in a dramatic decrease in downtime and a significant increase in productivity. When a location profile requires updating, IS/IT deploys the update via e-mail. The update installs automatically, without user intervention, thereby further preventing the possibility of downtime and lost productivity. In addition, if allowed by the IS/IT department, laptop users can add or modify locations when necessary.

Pricing and Availability
Mobile Essentials 2.0 is available now. The price is $56 per user for a 10 user license and $43 per user for a 100 user license. Volume site-license pricing is also available by calling 1-800-745-6054 x.P164.

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