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Norton Ghost Disk Cloning Tools Now Available for Power Users

Available Immediately At and other Online Retailers

Cupertino, Calif, August 2, 1999 - Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced Norton Ghost 2000 Personal Edition, the most powerful disk cloning and imaging solution for the power user. Available for the first time at retail, Norton Ghost 2000 Personal Edition makes PC system migration, hardware upgrades, hard disk backups and disaster recovery fast and easy. Customers can buy Norton Ghost Personal Edition immediately at Symantec¹s recently introduced online store at as well as other online retailers.

Norton Ghost 2000 Personal Edition is based on the proven technology of Norton Ghost Corporate Edition, the world's most widely used PC cloning utility. Norton Ghost is recommended and used by more IT managers than any other solution.

"Norton Ghost 2000 Personal Edition leverages the award-winning technology considered a standard in the corporate market to provide power users a professional-quality tool for backing up and recovering their high-performance personal computers," said Enrique Salem, vice president of Symantec.

Offers Fast, Easy Cloning, Recovery
Norton Ghost 2000 Personal Edition is the essential set of disaster recovery and system migration power tools. It provides fast, reliable PC cloning that greatly reduces PC upgrade times. In addition, it creates, stores and restores disk and partition images making disaster recovery faster and easier. Norton Ghost 2000 Personal Edition offers the greatest set of integrated disk cloning tools available. Power users can quickly and easily clone an existing hard drive, reset the hard disk, and recover an entire hard drive, individual directories, or files. In addition, Norton Ghost 2000 Personal Edition compresses image files up to 70 percent, reducing storage requirements and transfer times.

Provides Unmatched Flexibility, Control
Norton Ghost 2000 Personal Edition features a flexible, "no frills" interface that gives power users complete control. It offers multiple cloning methods, enabling users to clone drives and partitions from one internal drive to another, via removable media, and through peer-to-peer communications. Built-in error checking and image comparison capabilities provide assurance that stored images exactly duplicate the original. For added flexibility, individual partitions can be cloned as well as entire disks. When cloning, partition sizing is automatically calculated and performed on the destination drive while the user has the option of adjusting the recommended size. Norton Ghost 2000 Personal Edition is compatible with all Microsoft operating systems and partition types.

Features Additional Standalone Utilities
For increased functionality, Norton Ghost 2000 Personal Edition includes Ghost Explorer and GDISK. Ghost Explorer provides graphical manipulation capabilities, thereby enabling power users to easily restore individual files, directories, or entire hard drives from images after disk failure or user error. GDISK is a command-line driven partitioning tool with functionality more robust than FDISK. GDISK keeps cluster sizes small, providing more efficient use of hard disk space and makes existing partitions visible and invisible again, allowing the computer to be booted into any selected, bootable partition. Additionally, GDISK, re-initializes the master boot record to solve disk detection problems with some BIOS¹ when installing a new disk.

Norton Ghost 2000 Personal Edition uses the same robust and flexible technology that was developed for Norton Ghost Corporate Edition, which continues to earn praise and recognition as a superior disk-cloning solution. Most recently, PC Computing magazine awarded Norton Ghost its top five-star rating. In February 1999, Norton Ghost outperformed Micro House International's Imagecast in all 18 tests conducted by ZDTag, the ZD Testing and Analysis Group, the independent, for-hire testing arm of Ziff-Davis.

Pricing and Availability
Norton Ghost 2000 Personal Edition is available immediately for an estimated retail price of US$69.95 from Symantec¹s recently introduced online store at It will be in retail stores in mid-September. In addition, it will also be available at the following online retailers:,,, and For more information on how to become a Symantec business partner, retailers can visit

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