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Symantec Adds IBM Neural Network Boot Detection Technology to Norton Antivirus

Artificial Intelligence Complements Bloodhound Heuristic Technology to Provide Superior Protection Against Known, Unknown Boot Viruses

Cupertino, Calif, August 4, 1999 - Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced the integration of IBM's patented neural network boot detection technology into Norton AntiVirus products. This neural network technology, which uses artificial intelligence to detect boot viruses, complements Symantec's revolutionary Bloodhound heuristic technology, which detects boot viruses by using expert systems to identify virus-like behavior. As a result, Norton AntiVirus customers receive two powerful heuristic technologies proven to detect up to 90 percent of new and unknown boot viruses. The technology is available to Norton AntiVirus customers at no cost via LiveUpdate.

"The integration of IBM's neural network boot technology into Norton AntiVirus offers further evidence of the continued collaborative relationship between Symantec and IBM," said Enrique Salem, vice president of Symantec's Security and Assistance Business Unit. "We are pleased to be able to offer this new technology to our customers immediately through LiveUpdate, thereby providing them increased protection against boot viruses that represent a significant threat to the integrity of their valuable computer systems."

"IBM and Symantec are working together to create a global system that will find new viruses, analyze them, create a cure, and spread that cure worldwide, all automatically and faster than the virus itself can spread. This is amazing technology," said Steve R. White, senior manager of antivirus research at IBM's Watson Research Center in Hawthorne, NY.

New Neural Network Strengthens Technology-Rich Norton AntiVirus

The addition of neural network boot detection technology into Norton AntiVirus builds upon the numerous detection technologies already incorporated into the industry-leading anti-virus software, including Striker polymorphic virus detection technology and the Macro Virus Protection (MVP) system. To combat the proliferation of complex new and unknown viruses, Norton AntiVirus utilizes Bloodhound technology, which loads each file into a software-simulated environment, coaxes the viruses into exhibiting malicious behavior, and then notifies the user.

IBM's neural network boot detection technology provides additional security by mimicking human neurons in learning the difference between infected and uninfected boot records. By being shown many examples of viruses and non-viruses, the neural network learned to recognize viruses better than traditional heuristics hand-tuned by virus researchers. This neural network can detect an extremely high percentage of new and unknown boot record viruses automatically. Together, these technologies provide Norton AntiVirus customers superior protection against both known and unknown boot sector viruses.

LiveUpdate, NAVEX Ease Update Process

Because customers need an easy, automatic way to receive this updated technology, Symantec is making the technology available via LiveUpdate. LiveUpdate simplifies the update process; it automatically detects an Internet connection or modem and connects to a Symantec server, then downloads and installs the latest virus definitions, software updates, or product information. Norton AntiVirus users can schedule LiveUpdate to run at regular intervals or can trigger it manually by pressing the LiveUpdate button.

Norton AntiVirus also features a modular engine called NAVEX that allows Symantec to ship fundamental changes and updates to the engine, such as the IBM neural network technology. LiveUpdate delivers this engine, but NAVEX is what keeps these changes small enough to download over the Internet.

Technology Integration Reinforces Symantec-IBM Collaborative Relationship

The integration of IBM's neural network boot detection technology into Norton AntiVirus reinforces the ongoing relationship between the two industry leaders. Last year, Symantec and IBM announced a partnership to deliver a single family of anti-virus products to be marketed under the Norton AntiVirus brand name. In addition, Symantec has licensed IBM's immune system technology and patents, and is combining it with its own technology to produce a range of products. As part of the agreement, IBM also assigned its existing anti-virus customer and OEM contracts to Symantec and recommends Norton AntiVirus to its customers worldwide as the anti-virus solution of choice.

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