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Norton Utilities 2000 Makes Computer Maintenance and Repair Easy and Fast

Latest Release of Market-Leading Problem-Solving Software Provides Consumers of All Levels the Most Powerful Trouble-Shooting Tools Available in an Easy-to-Use Package

CUPERTINO, Calif. August 23, 1999 - Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced Norton Utilities 2000, the latest version of the industry's most effective system optimization and problem-solving tool. Norton Utilities 2000 builds on the previous release of Norton Utilities, version 4.0, and offers consumers of all levels of expertise an easy-to-use solution for fixing, maintaining, and optimizing their personal computers. An integral part of Symantec¹s award-winning Norton SystemWorks utilities suite, Norton Utilities 2000 includes new Windows hardware diagnostics that further ease PC maintenance. Customers can buy Norton Utilities 2000 immediately at Symantec¹s recently introduced online store at www.SymantecStore.com as well as other online retailers.

"Today's PC users of all levels of experience need tools that safely diagnose and repair their systems with very little intervention," said Enrique Salem, vice president of Symantec's Security and Assistance Business Unit. "Norton Utilities 2000 offers these customers the most powerful and complete troubleshooting utilities that are virtually effortless to use."

Norton Utilities 2000 simplifies the critical but often complex task of finding, fixing, and repairing computer problems. By providing crash protection, registry repair and optimization, disaster recovery, and more in a comprehensive yet simple package, Norton Utilities 2000 enables both new and power users to be sure their PCs are running at peak performance levels. The addition of Windows hardware diagnostics to Norton Utilities gives users the ability to quickly check the health of their entire PC systems-including speakers, CD-ROMs, memory, printers, modems, and more-with a single mouse click.

This latest version of Norton Utilities ensures improved system performance through an enhanced SpeedDisk utility, which enables users to improve system performance by optimizing the placement of files on their hard drives. More effective than Windows and competing products¹ defrag tools, SpeedDisk accelerates optimization time while requiring less disk space. Additional tools cut application load time by half, and compact and fine-tune the registry for significantly increased performance.

Norton System Check
Norton Utilities 2000 features Norton System Check, which makes Norton Utilities easier to use and more flexible than ever before. Unlike competing utility products that force users to run each utility separately, Norton System Check consolidates all the major portions of Norton Utilities 2000 in one application, allowing users to quickly diagnose their systems in a single step. For additional convenience and ease-of-use, Norton System Check can be run at the user's request or scheduled to run at a specific time.

Robust, Yet Simple to Use

Norton Disk Doctor
To guard against data loss, Norton Utilities 2000 not only finds, but prevents many system problems. Norton Disk Doctor checks boot records, file allocation tables, and directories and performs a series of surface analysis tests to ensure the integrity of hard disks. For added usability, Norton Disk Doctor can be configured to repair various disk problems automatically, even while it runs in the background. Working together with Norton System Doctor, which monitors and analyzes the "vital signs" of various parts of a computer, Norton Disk Doctor helps ensure trouble-free computing.

Crash Intervention/Recovery Utilities
Norton Utilities 2000 includes crash intervention utilities designed to catch crashes and prevent data loss and wasted time. To further guard against unproductive downtime that can result from inevitable crashes, Norton Utilities 2000 also features Rescue Disk capabilities. Users can quickly recover from system crashes by using their Rescue Disk set and following clear, step-by-step instructions. Norton Zip Rescue, the only rescue utility to enable users to boot from their familiar Windows environment, saves rescue information to an Iomega Zip or Jaz drive. A Rescue Recovery Wizard guides the user through the process of restarting and fixing a system that fails to boot.

Also new to Norton Utilities 2000 is a free three-month subscription to Norton Web Services, an Internet-based service for one-button problem solving, self-help information, and extended support services.

Price and Availability
Norton Utilities 2000 is available immediately for an estimated retail price of US$49.95 from Symantec¹s recently introduced online store at www.SymantecStore.com. It will be in retail stores in late-August. In addition, it will also be available at the following online retailers: www.beyond.com, www.outpost.com, www.downloadwarehouse.com, and www.compusanet.com. For more information on how to become a Symantec business partner, retailers can visit http://business.symantec.com. A $20 rebate is available for users of earlier versions of the product.

System Requirements
Norton Utilities 2000 requires an IBM PC or 100 percent compatible; Windows 95/98; 80486 or higher; 16MB RAM (32MB recommended); 70MB hard disk space for typical installation, 47MB hard disk space for compact installation; CD-ROM drive 2X or higher; and 256-color VGA or better video. A sound card and Iomega Zip or Jaz drive are optional.

About Symantec
Symantec is a world leader in Internet security technology and technology solutions that help companies manage and support workforces that use laptop computers and other mobile devices.

The company is a leading provider of software products for the consumer market and is rapidly growing its presence as a provider of solutions to enterprise organizations

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