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Norton Antivirus Products Among First To Achieve ICSA Cleaning Certification

Among Top Three Anti-Virus Vendors, Symantec Only Vendor Certified

CUPERTINO, Calif. Sept. 1, 1999 - Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced that Norton AntiVirus products are among the first to receive ICSA Cleaning Certification. Certified products include Norton AntiVirus for Win 3.x, Norton AntiVirus for Windows 95/98, Norton AntiVirus for Windows NT Workstation and Server, and Norton AntiVirus for NetWare. The new certification tests a product's ability to not only detect a virus, but to also remove the virus from the user's computer. The testing certifies that the cleaning process also leaves the file intact while effectively removing the virus. Symantec¹s products were the only ones to pass among the top three anti-virus vendors.

ICSA, provider of objective Internet security assurance services, sets standards for commercial security products. Its certification validates that the product significantly reduces both real and perceived risks associated with Internet use.

"It's not enough for computer users to know they have a virus. They need the assurance that once a virus has been found, it will be removed from their system without destroying the file," said Enrique Salem, vice president of Symantec's Security and Assistance Business Unit. "Norton AntiVirus effectively repairs viruses so that users don't have any downtime and loss of productivity."

In today's e-business world, data is a key asset and protecting that content is a critical focus of the security industry. As corporations expand their investments in e-systems, it becomes increasingly important to be able to quickly detect viruses and repair the files. Deleting files, macros or other valuable content costs IT money and time. By focusing on both detection and repair, Norton AntiVirus is able to provide unmatched content security. Symantec delivers certified detection, certified repair and speed-of-response to new problems that combat the new threats to content.

To achieve ICSA Cleaning Certification, products must first be ICSA Certified. ICSA Cleaning Certification goes one step further by assuring that anti-virus solutions not only detect viruses found "in the wild," but that the products can also reliably clean computer systems. ICSA's virus libraries and test suites are updated at least monthly, and products are randomly tested every 60 days to assure they are current. Products that fail spot checks from the previous month's library must correct the problem and ship the solution or lose their certification status. The complete criteria for both certifications can be found at http://www.icsa.net/services/consortia/anti-virus/.

About ICSA.net
ICSA.net, a GartnerGroup affiliate, is an industry leader in the growth and improvement of Internet security. ICSA.net offers TruSecure security services as well as multi-vendor, cross-industry product certification programs. ICSA.net helps businesses reduce their information security risks and enables the expansion of Internet technology implementation.

About Symantec
Symantec is a world leader in Internet security technology and technology solutions that help companies manage and support workforces that use laptop computers and other mobile devices.

The company is a leading provider of software products for the consumer market and is rapidly growing its presence as a provider of solutions to enterprise organizations

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