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Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition 7.0 Automatically Protects Corporations Against Malicious Virus Attacks

Product Helps Maintain Corporate Anti-Virus Policies, Offers Centralized Management

CUPERTINO, Calif. Sept. 14, 1999 - Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition 7.0, and Symantec System Center, the next generation in a family of best-of-breed products. The solution protects corporations from malicious virus attacks and is one part of Symantec's Norton AntiVirus Enterprise Solution. Symantec System Center will allow companies to easily manage Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition 7.0 as well as maintain appropriate anti-virus policies inside the enterprise. The solution uses state-of-the-art patented technology developed by Symantec, IBM, and Intel to deliver virus protection that keeps systems running at peak performance.

"Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition 7.0 is a significant step forward in corporate virus protection for desktops and servers, providing intelligent, proactive problem-detection and problem solving capabilities," said Enrique Salem, vice president of Symantec's Security and Assistance Business Unit. "With the inclusion of the next generation of Scan and Deliver, the product enables virus cures to be created and delivered faster than the malicious code can spread in many cases."

Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition 7.0 and Symantec System Center include proven systems and policy management technology from Intel. This technology allows administrators to easily and efficiently protect, control, and monitor all machines in a domain, including both Windows NT and NetWare servers, from a single centralized console. Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition 7.0 is available in managed and standalone configurations, thereby giving administrators the flexibility to select the most appropriate anti-virus software for their mixed desktop/mobile client environments.

With Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition 7.0, corporations receive multi-tier protection for Windows 9x, Windows NT/2000 workstation and server, NetWare, and Windows 3.x/DOS.

Using the Quarantine Server, administrators have a safe central location for isolating suspicious files or files damaged beyond repair. Administrators can then easily submit these files to SARC for analysis. The new Quarantine console allows administrators to manage the Quarantine Server either locally or from a remote computer. This console allows the IT manager to visually track virus status and set parameters for virus management across domains. The new DefWatch feature enables the IT manager to monitor and control the processing of infected files being held in Quarantine when new virus definitions are returned from SARC.

Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition 7.0 also includes a new version of the highly successful Scan and Deliver feature that provides customers with the most complete and accurate anti-virus protection cycle available. The new Scan and Deliver is an automatic, global response process for submitting suspected or infected files and receiving new virus repair definitions over e-mail. When a new viral event is discovered at a client, the system can automatically package and forward the sample to the Quarantine Server from where it can be submitted directly to SARC. Once SARC receives the sample, it is automatically passed to the new Symantec AntiVirus Research Automation (SARA) technology which can in turn, automatically create a cure and transmit the resulting fix back to the reporting corporation. The cure is also made available to other service subscribers, which significantly minimizes the possibility of widespread infection. This automation technology will greatly reduce the amount of time to create a cure for a new virus, providing much relief to the IT administrator from today's fast moving threats. The new Scan and Deliver is based on technology co-developed with IBM.

The product is the first anti-virus product to deliver highly automated and hands-free virus protection. To minimize IT costs in the face of unknown virus threats, Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition 7.0 relies on a unique technology called NAVEX. With this technology, Norton AntiVirus can be updated to include protection from new and unknown viruses without having to redeploy the software.

LiveUpdate provides a simple two-click process for end-user clients or server administrators to get the most current virus definitions from the Symantec web site on a global 24x7 basis. LiveUpdate Admin enables IT managers to download a complete set of the most current virus definitions for the entire domain and for any mix of platform types; these definitions, in turn, are used by end-users to update their personal virus definitions. Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition 7.0 also provides microdefinitions‹incremental virus definition downloads‹with weekly updates via LiveUpdate Admin. With microdefinitions, instead of sending a complete set of virus definitions to the requestor, only necessary definitions are sent.

Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition 7.0 is expected to be available in October 1999.

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