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Mobile Essentials Personal Edition Available Free To Public

Based on Powerful Corporate Version, Software Enables Mobile Professionals to Heighten Productivity by Instantly Adjusting Laptop/Notebook Settings to New Locations

CUPERTINO, Calif. October 26, 1999 - Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced that Mobile Essentials Personal Edition is available free to the public for a limited time. Based on Mobile Essential 2.0, Mobile Essentials Personal Edition simplifies the often cumbersome and error-prone task of reconfiguring laptop and notebook settings with every location change. Mobile Essentials Personal Edition increases user productivity while reducing help desk support demands. For a limited time, the software can be downloaded free from the Symantec web site at

"Mobile Essentials Personal Edition removes much of the uncertainty and complexity associated with laptop computing. With this offer, Symantec is providing corporate users as well as small-business professionals an exclusive opportunity to enjoy the benefits of using this powerful tool to maximize productivity while away from the office," said Robin Matlock, vice president of product management, Symantec Corporation.

Mobile Essentials Personal Edition enables mobile professionals to quickly adjust to different work environments that require various dialing, TCP/IP, default printer, e-mail, and browser settings. As a result, instead of using traditional manual methods of configuration that can take nearly 20 minutes per location, users can configure up to four unique locations in advance and then simply click on the preconfigured location upon arrival at their destination. All settings change automatically and instantly, resulting in a dramatic decrease in downtime and a significant increase in productivity. With Mobile Essentials Personal Edition, users can also modify locations when necessary. Consequently they spend less time adjusting their laptop settings and make fewer calls to the help desk. This, in turn, leads to increased productivity and uptime.

Mobile Essentials Personal Edition meets the personal needs of individual users while Mobile Essentials 2.0 is a corporate tool. Individuals use Mobile Essentials Personal Edition to configure and manage their own location settings, IT departments use the corporate edition, Mobile Essentials 2.0, to create laptop configuration settings once and then quickly deploy those settings to mobile professionals throughout their organization. In addition to enabling IT staff to configure and distribute dialing, TCP/IP, printer, e-mail, and browser settings, the corporate product also enables IT professionals to create and deploy multiple network and dialup networking settings using the Location Administrator. Mobile Essentials 2.0 supports a virtually unlimited number of locations and enables administrators to distribute updated profiles from a central location via e-mail; the update then installs automatically, without requiring user intervention.

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Symantec is a world leader in Internet security technology and technology solutions that help companies manage and support workforces that use laptop computers and other mobile devices.

The company is a leading provider of software products for the consumer market and is rapidly growing its presence as a provider of solutions to enterprise organizations

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