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ZDTV to Launch New Show: "CyberCrime" to Highlight Online Security and Privacy Issues

Symantec to Sponsor Weekly Series by ZDTV's High-Tech Crime Unit

San Francisco-November 9, 1999 ZDTV today announced it will launch a new weekly half-hour show, "CyberCrime," sponsored by Symantec, beginning the first week of February 2000. This fast-paced, innovative show will provide an in-depth look at the dangers facing computer users in the digital age. As a reliable source for consumers and network professionals, "CyberCrime" will feature news and commentary on a broad spectrum of issues, including hacking, fraud, viruses, privacy, sex crimes, software piracy, and censorship.

Luke Reiter and Alex Wellen will host the new program. Reiter is a former Assistant District Attorney in the Homicide Investigations Bureau of Queens County, New York. Wellen is an experienced intellectual property and antitrust litigator from the New York firm of Pennie and Edmonds, LLP.

On "CyberCrime," Reiter and Wellen will expand their groundbreaking work for ZDTV News. Since the network's launch in May 1998 the two have provided daily reports on high-tech security and privacy. At the forefront of an emerging field, Reiter and Wellen are responsible for breaking several national news stories on topics such as the Melissa computer virus, hacker Kevin Mitnick's guilty plea, and a hospital's voice-mail security flaw that exposed patients' medical records to the public.

In the past year, the team served as technical consultants for an episode of NBC's critically acclaimed crime drama "Homicide: Life on the Street." In addition, they provided editorial assistance to other national news outlets, including CNN, ABC News, and the popular newsmagazine "Dateline NBC."

"'CyberCrime' will cover issues that affect consumers on a daily basis, as well as larger issues that could potentially bring the Net to its knees," said Greg Drebin, ZDTV's senior vice president of programming and production.

Symantec and "CyberCrime" will also provide a unique interactive experience for viewers. To help ensure a safe computing experience on the Internet, Symantec will offer a free security check-up for all "CyberCrime" viewers. The check-up will scan the viewer's PC for the top ten Internet security threats facing computer users as identified by Symantec. If any security "holes" are detected, viewers will have immediate solutions recommended for closing them.

Viewers will be able to see just how pervasive security threats are by checking the statistics at the "CyberCrime" Web site, or, once the program gets underway. During the show, Reiter and Wellen will also report on the number of viewers with specific security issues. All of this information will be captured and reported anonymously to guarantee the privacy of "CyberCrime" viewers. Finally, ZDTV and Symantec will maintain the information for the entire first year of the program so viewers can see how security threats are increasing as more people flock to the Web and as broadband adoption grows.

"By sponsoring 'CyberCrime', we hope to educate corporations and consumers about the security threats they face online with the Internet's increasing amount of potentially dangerous, malicious, or inappropriate content," said Dana Siebert, Symantec's executive vice president of worldwide sales, marketing, and services.

Joe Gillespie, ZDTV's executive vice president and chief operating officer, said "Just as ZDTV is the most credible channel to produce this programming, Symantec's global leadership in Internet security technology positions them as the natural sponsor."

ZDTV is a 24-hour cable television channel about computing, technology, and the Internet designed to appeal to viewers from the computer novice to the technology expert. Produced in its digital state-of-the-art studios in San Francisco, ZDTV's programming ranges from daily industry news to features on emerging technologies. Specific shows include Internet Tonight, The Money Machine, ZDTV News, Call For Help, GameSpot TV, The Screen Savers, Fresh Gear, Big Thinkers, Computer Shopper, and Silicon Spin. The channel's integrated Web site,, enhances the programming and encourages viewer interaction through e-mail, live chat and video mail. Through the ZDTV 3Com Netcam Network, the channel and Web site have created an integrated community that appears on air and contributes to ZDTV's programming. ZDTV is a unit of Ziff-Davis, Inc. (NYSE: ZD, ZDZ), and is one-third owned by Vulcan Ventures.

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