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Symantec Security Analyzer Debuts Today On ZDTV's Cybercrime Website

Recent Denial of Service Attacks Illustrate Need for PC Security Assessment Tools for Computer Users

CUPERTINO, Calif. - March 3, 2000 -- Beginning today, Internet security leader Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) and ZDTV's CyberCrime web site are teaming up to provide computer users with a valuable web-based PC security assessment tool on the CyberCrime website (www.cybercrime.com).

The recent denial of service attacks, as well as other hacking and virus incidents highlight the need for added security vigilance on the part of consumers. Symantec's security analyzer, which can be accessed for no charge, assesses a PC's Internet security in four key areas -- susceptibility to hackers, risk of infection by a computer virus, loss of personal information and inadvertent access to inappropriate materials. The release of the security check on the CyberCrime web site follows the launch of ZDTV's CyberCrime television show last month.

Running a security assessment tool on a computer can help consumers determine if they are at risk for a variety of potential computer threats, including contributing to the malicious hacking that recently crippled several of the world's most popular Web sites. In these attacks, consumers became unwitting contributors to the mayhem when hackers took control of their PCs without their knowledge and then instructed these compromised systems -- which hackers refer to as "drones" -- to launch Denial of Service attacks against selected systems.

By visiting the CyberCrime web site and running the security check, visitors can learn about potential security vulnerabilities on their PCs. Information is provided which explains exactly what the security vulnerability is and what a user might chose to do to eliminate the vulnerability. In some cases, merely changing settings or downloading a free software update can eliminate the vulnerability. Other cases result in the recommendation that the user consider the purchase of Internet security software.

"We are very pleased that Symantec is teaming up with ZDTV to increase awareness of and provide solutions to Internet threats and safety," said, Joe Gillespie, ZDTV's executive vice president and chief operating officer. "Symantec is providing us with the best technology available for our web visitors to easily assess their own level of risk. Additionally, Symantec also provides a virtual arsenal of tools with which to guard against these ever increasing threats."

"ZDTV's CyberCrime television show and website are doing a great job of creating awareness for the new threats computer users now have to face on a daily basis, " said Steve Cullen, senior vice president of Symantec's consumer products division. "We are pleased to be able to extend our technology to ZDTV's CyberCrime website so that users get a personalized assessment of their level of Internet security -- and an opportunity to avoid security threats and potential damage to their systems."

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