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Toshiba Selects Norton Internet Security to Protect Cable Modem Customers Throughout North America

CUPERTINO,Calif. -August 29, 2000 - Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced that Toshiba America Information Systems Inc., Network Products Division (TAIS NPD) has selected Norton Internet Security 2000 Family Edition to protect cable modem customers who use Windows 9x/2000. Under the terms of the agreement, Toshiba is providing customers with a full version of Norton Internet Security Family Edition when they purchase a Toshiba PCX 1100 cable modem sold through retail channels in North America.

"Bundling Norton Internet Security with our cable modems empowers our customers to take full advantage of the Internet in a safe environment," said Mike Knudsen, vice president and general manager, TAIS NPD. "We are confident that the formidable protection our customers will enjoy as a result of using Norton Internet Security will help ensure their continued satisfaction with broadband cable modem Internet access."

"Like a growing number of the world's most innovative and successful technology leaders, Toshiba has turned to Symantec to ensure the security of its Internet-savvy customers," said Gary Warren, senior vice president of Business Development for Symantec Corporation. "We support Toshiba's responsible commitment to customer safety online, and are pleased to secure the Internet connections of Toshiba cable modem users through our unique and highly acclaimed integrated Internet security suite."

Norton Internet Security provides essential Internet protection for Toshiba cable modem users with a complete, flexible, integrated security and privacy suite that includes Norton Parental Control, Norton Personal Firewall and Norton AntiVirus.

The Norton Parental Control component provides parents a comprehensive list of questionable sites; parents can customize the list to better accommodate their children's needs. Parents can also control their children's use of specific Internet applications, including chat software. In addition, the multiple-profiles feature of Norton Internet Security allows parents to set up different Internet access privileges for each person in the household.

The Norton Personal Firewall component of Norton Internet Security safeguards PCs by controlling both incoming and outgoing Internet connections over Toshiba cable modems. It alerts users to unauthorized connection attempts by hackers, lets users control which applications can access the Internet, and keeps detailed logs to help users determine the source of every Internet connection.

Norton Internet Security includes the industry-leading Norton AntiVirus. With Norton AntiVirus, Toshiba cable modems users can be assured that they have the most up-to-date, robust protection against even the latest threats, including viruses, Java applets, ActiveX controls, and other malicious code.

To ensure the privacy of confidential data, the Norton Privacy Control component allows Toshiba customers to specify which information should remain protected, then prevents that information from being sent to unsecured web sites. Norton Privacy Control can also prevent web servers from retrieving Toshiba customers' e-mail addresses and other personal information without their knowledge. Parents can use Norton Privacy Control to protect their children from sending information to strangers, unfamiliar web sites, and other places where it could be used for inappropriate purposes. Norton Internet Security further guards the privacy of Toshiba customers through cookie control, enabling customers to specify which web sites can record information about their activities within a site or between different sites.

With Norton Internet Security, Toshiba customers can reduce screen clutter and accelerate download speeds by stopping web servers from sending banner ads and pop-up windows. Users can also block ActiveX controls and Java applets on a site-by-site basis, permitting users to use their favorite sites while protecting them from possible dangers on unfamiliar sites.

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