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Market-Leading Norton Internet Security 2001 and Norton Personal Firewall 2001 Now Support Windows Millennium Edition

Norton Internet Security 2001 Defends Against Hackers, Protects Privacy and Eliminates Dangerous Viruses with the new Norton AntiVirus 2001

CUPERTINO,Calif. -Sep. 18, 2000- Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced that Norton Internet Security 2001 v. 2.5, Norton Internet Security 2001 Family Edition v. 2.5 and Norton Personal Firewall 2001 v. 2.5 now support Windows Millennium Edition, along with Windows 9x, Windows NT and Windows 2000. Both Norton Internet Security 2001 suites incorporate the newly released Norton AntiVirus 2001 to provide users with essential Internet protection in one complete security and privacy suite, defending against malicious hackers, privacy intrusions and viruses. Norton Internet Security Family Edition also provides powerful parental control capabilities to limit children's access to inappropriate Web content and protect confidential family information.

"The threat of hackers, viruses and compromised privacy is a reality for anyone who uses the Internet, " said Steve Cullen, senior vice president of Symantec's Consumer Products Division. "With the addition of support for the Windows Me platform, the Norton Internet Security line of products now brings security solutions and peace-of-mind to a broader base of home PC and small business users."

Norton Internet Security 2001
Norton Internet Security 2001 brings award-winning security capabilities to home PC users in a single integrated suite. The powerful Norton Personal Firewall solution controls all Internet connections to and from the computer and blocks attempted intrusions. Norton Privacy Control prevents personal data from being sent online to web sites without the user’s knowledge and the Ad Blocking component removes online banner advertising for faster download speeds. Norton Internet Security also includes the newly-released Norton AntiVirus 2001 software that protects the user’s computer from viruses and malicious code at all entry points, including e-mail attachments and Internet downloads.

Norton AntiVirus 2001 boasts new and improved LiveUpdate technology, which automatically senses an open Internet connection then checks and automatically retrieves and installs any available virus definition updates ensuring that users have the most up-to-date protection. The new SmartScan technology intelligently finds all files with executable code that must be scanned for viruses, providing unmatched protection and improved file-scanning performance. Norton AntiVirus 2001 also provides a bootable CD and utility to create an emergency boot disk, allowing users to easily start up systems in the event of an emergency situation.

Norton Internet Security 2001 Family Edition
Norton Internet Security 2001 Family Edition includes all of the capabilities of Norton Internet Security 2001 with the addition of parental control capabilities. This component allows parents to control which Web sites each child can visit and prevent children from sending confidential family information, such as credit card and phone numbers to unsecured Web sites. Norton Internet Security 2001 Family Edition includes a list of objectionable sites that have been categorized so that parents can choose what categories of sites are appropriate for their kids to see. Parents can easily block access to all sites on the list, and they can customize the list by adding sites. Additionally, Norton Internet Security 2001 Family Edition allows parents to configure different Internet access levels for each member of the family.

Norton Personal Firewall 2001
Norton Personal Firewall 2001 protects home PC users against unauthorized connections to and from the Internet -- without requiring any special configuration or complex setup. Users can block connections to their PCs preventing hackers from gaining access to important files, passwords, banking number or other confidential data stored on the PC. In addition, users can configure which applications are allowed to access the Internet and are notified when an unauthorized program, such as a Trojan horse or spyware application tries to send information from the PC.

Norton Personal Firewall 2001 includes exclusive, patent-pending technology to configure the firewall automatically for the most common Internet applications -- saving time and minimizing unnecessary security alerts. Users can choose one of the pre-configured protections settings or customize the firewall with the intuitive, step-by-step Rule Assistant.

Norton Personal Firewall 2001 also includes enhanced security features not found in competing personal firewall products, such as the ability to prevent Web sites from downloading specific or all Java applets and ActiveX controls. Norton Personal Firewall 2001 provides comprehensive event logs and statistics detailing intrusion attempts, the IP address of potential attackers, and unauthorized connections. Information from the logs can be used to track the source of attempted attacks.

Ongoing protection
Norton Personal Firewall 2001, Norton Internet Security 2001 and Norton Internet Security 2001 Family Edition each provide ongoing Internet security for one year via the Live Update feature that automatically retrieves updates. Norton Personal Firewall 2001 provides one year of regular firewall protection updates. Norton Internet Security 2001 includes one year of free virus and firewall protection updates to keep users protected from the latest Internet Security threats. The Family Edition not only includes virus and firewall protection updates, but also includes one year of free Web filtering list updates to help parents protect their children from the increasing number of inappropriate Web sites.

Pricing and Availability
Norton Personal Firewall is priced at US$49.95; Norton Internet Security 2001 is priced at US$69.95 and Norton Internet Security 2001 Family Edition is priced at US $79.95. Owners of competitive products can receive a mail-in rebate from Symantec of US$10 for Norton Personal Firewall 2001, US$20 for Norton Internet Security 2001 and $US20 for Norton Internet Security 2001Family Edition. Current owners of Norton Internet Security and Norton Personal Firewall can upgrade to the 2001 versions at reduced prices; information is available from Symantec Customer Service at www.Symantec.com/custserv/nis.html. Customers can purchase products at various retailers, Symantec's online store at www.SymantecStore.com as well as other online retailers.

About Symantec
Symantec is the world leader in providing solutions to help individuals and enterprises assure the security, availability, and integrity of their information. Headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., Symantec has operations in more than 40 countries. More information is available at www.symantec.com.

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