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Indianapolis Public Schools Select Symantec's Norton AntiVirus For District-Wide Protection

Indiana's Largest School District Maintains Safe Computing Environment for Students, Faculty, Staff with 15,000 User Licenses of Symantec's Norton AntiVirus Enterprise Solution

CUPERTINO, Calif. - Nov. 14, 2000 - Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC), the leading Internet security provider, today announced that the Indianapolis Public Schools have chosen Symantec to provide up to 15,000 user licenses of Norton AntiVirus Enterprise Solution. This agreement covers all systems in the K-12 District, including desktops, laptops, servers, email gateways, and firewalls used by approximately 46,000 students, faculty, and staff.

"Education is our first priority, and our network of workstations and servers are an invaluable tool in enabling us to provide high-quality education," said Luther Bowens, network analyst for Indianapolis Public Schools. "Consequently, protecting this learning environment is also one of our most important challenges. "We selected Norton AntiVirus because it enabled us to focus on education by ensuring reliable solutions throughout our organization."

According to Bowens, the District re-evaluates its existing anti-virus software every year to determine whether the technology provides optimal protection to meet the changing needs of users and their increased use of the Internet. The District migrated to the Symantec solution in order to provide a safer computing environment. Symantec's Norton AntiVirus utilizes several powerful detection technologies and delivery mechanisms to protect the District's systems from viruses, worms, Trojan Horses, password stealers, and malicious code in ActiveX controls and Java applets.

"Educational institutions are increasingly dependent on network systems for efficient productivity and information sharing, resulting in the importance for these organizations to have protection against malicious virus attacks," said Gail Hamilton, senior vice president of Enterprise Solutions at Symantec. "Symantec continues to address the protection needs of customers by providing the most powerful and reliable anti-virus solutions for dealing with present and future threats."

Symantec's Norton AntiVirus Solution not only provides Indianapolis Public Schools with best-of-breed anti-virus protection across a variety of operating platforms, it also offers convenient administration tools to ensure that all systems remain virus-free.

"Norton AntiVirus integrates seamlessly with our Windows, NetWare, and Macintosh systems, and its alerting and updating features enable us to maintain system security from a single management console," Bowens said. "That kind of centralized control is a time-saver in a large school district such as ours, where computer systems are spread across the District's 78 schools."

About Norton AntiVirus
Norton AntiVirus is a component of Symantec Enterprise Security, a comprehensive and modular Internet security solution for enterprise computing environments. Symantec Enterprise Security includes best-of-breed products in three major security categories: intrusion prevention, virus protection and content filtering. Norton AntiVirus provides automatic protection against viruses and other malicious codes at all possible virus entry points, including shared e-mail attachments and Internet downloads, as well as floppy disks, drives, and networks. Norton AntiVirus guards against dangerous codes in Active X controls and Java applets, as well as worms, Trojan Horses, and password-stealers. Norton AntiVirus is supported by the Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (SARC), one of the industry's largest dedicated team of virus experts. As new computer viruses appear, SARC develops identification and detection for these viruses, and provides either a repair or delete operation, thus keeping users protected against the latest virus threats.

About Symantec
Symantec is the world leader in providing solutions to help individuals and enterprises assure the security, availability, and integrity of their information. Headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., Symantec has operations in more than 40 countries. More information is available at

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