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Symantec's New Norton Internet Security 2002 Delivers Unmatched Protection to Online PC Users

New Functionality Includes Instant Message Filtering, Enhanced Parental Control Features, Simplified Home Networking Capabilities and Windows XP Support

CUPERTINO, Calif. - Aug. 28, 2001 - Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC), a world leader in Internet security, today announced Norton Internet Security 2002, the most complete and well-integrated online security and privacy suite for Windows users. Now compatible with Windows XP, Norton Internet Security 2002 features Symantec's updated, best-of-breed firewall, privacy, anti-virus, and content filtering technologies in a single, easy-to-use suite.

Key new features in Norton Internet Security 2002 include Instant Message Filtering, enhanced parental control features and simplified home networking capabilities. Instant Message Filtering blocks personal and confidential information from unknowingly being sent through Microsoft Instant Messenger, Windows Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger. Norton Parental Control allows parents to protect children from receiving inappropriate content through file-sharing programs and peer-to-peer networks, such as those commonly used by teenagers to share digital music files. Norton Parental Control Wizard guides parents through the process of setting-up accounts for various family members and helps with configuration of Internet access controls. And, Home Networking Wizard automatically detects home networks for quick and easy configuration.

"Unlike bundled products, Norton Internet Security 2002 gives users everything they need to enjoy a safe, private online experience‹all in one convenient package that features a single install, a single interface, and a single update center," said Steve Cullen, senior vice president of Symantec Consumer and Client Product Delivery. "By offering consumers our highly effective Internet security and privacy products in a well-integrated and easy-to-use suite, Symantec continues to provide the most trusted, convenient, and powerful solutions for protecting home PC users."

One-of-a-Kind Personal Firewall
The Norton Personal Firewall product in Norton Internet Security 2002 is the only personal firewall to combine rule-based firewall, application control, and intrusion protection capabilities. Norton Personal Firewall controls all Internet connections to and from the computer and blocks attempted intrusions. Intrusion Protection with AutoBlock intelligently detects hacking activity and automatically blocks hackers. Application control stops known and unknown threats, preventing Trojan horses and spyware applications from making silent connections from a PC to the Internet in the background.

New Privacy Features
The Norton Privacy Control component of Norton Internet Security 2002 prevents personal data from being sent online to unsecured web sites without the user's knowledge. Norton Privacy Control extends privacy protection by providing Instant Messaging filtering, which blocks personal or confidential information from being sent through Microsoft Instant Messenger, Windows Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger. It also provides cookie blocking which prevents users from being tracked online.

Enhanced Parental Control
Also included in Norton Internet Security 2002 is Norton Parental Control to ensure the safety and protection of children as they use the Internet. This component features a customizable list of web sites that are categorized as objectionable by parents, teachers, and law enforcement officials, and allows parents to protect children from receiving inappropriate content through file-sharing programs and peer-to-peer networks. Highly flexible and easy to use, Norton Parental Control includes the Parental Control Wizard to provide parents step-by-step instructions for configuring accounts to meet each child's unique online needs. Norton Parental Control Wizard also automatically recognizes already-established account profiles for Windows 2000 and Windows XP users resulting in the ability to quickly switch from one user account to another.

The World's Most Trusted Anti-Virus Solution
The complete version of Norton AntiVirus provides Norton Internet Security 2002 users the smartest and easiest anti-virus protection. By default, Norton AntiVirus automates critical tasks to minimize user interaction, providing automatic repair of virus-infected files as well as automatic updating of virus definitions. It also features exclusive script-blocking technology to proactively detect and stop fast-moving script-based viruses such as the I Love You and Anna Kournikova viruses. Norton AntiVirus is integrated with Windows Explorer so users can easily access many common product functions directly from the web browser. And, unlike competing products, Norton AntiVirus scans both outbound and in-bound e-mail, thereby preventing e-mail programs from sending or forwarding virus-infected e-mail. Norton AntiVirus features a completely updated user interface, simplified non-obtrusive alerting, links to the online virus encyclopedia, and new user documentation. Intelligent feedback capabilities keep users informed regarding the status of their virus protection activities.

Home Networking Safety & Protection
To ensure easy user interaction, Norton Internet Security 2002 is enhanced with the Home Network Wizard to automatically detect systems on the user's home network for easy addition to the "Trusted Zone." In addition, automatic LiveUpdate keeps critical virus definitions up-to-date, without user intervention. Norton Internet Security 2002 also integrates seamlessly with Windows XP user accounts, automatically switching to the appropriate Internet access profile when a user logs in.

Pricing and Availability
Norton Internet Security 2002 is available now for preorder at at an estimated retail price of US$69.95. Current users of Norton Internet Security, Norton Internet Security Family Edition, Norton AntiVirus, Norton AntiVirus Professional Edition, Norton Personal firewall as well as competitive products can take advantage of a $30 mail-in rebate when they upgrade to Norton Internet Security 2002. In September, customers can purchase Norton Internet Security 2002 from various retail locations, Symantec's online store at as well as from other online retailers.

About Symantec
Symantec, a world leader in Internet security technology, provides a broad range of content and network security solutions to individuals and enterprises. The company is a leading provider of virus protection, firewall and virtual private network, vulnerability management, intrusion detection, Internet content and e-mail filtering, remote management technologies and security services to enterprises around the world. Symantec's Norton brand of consumer security products leads the market in worldwide retail sales and industry awards. Headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., Symantec has worldwide operations in 37 countries. For more information, please visit

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