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Firewall Engine on Symantec Gateway Security 5400 Series Appliances Earns Common Criteria EAL4 Certification

CUPERTINO, Calif. - April 12, 2004 - Symantec Corp. (NASDAQ: SYMC), the global leader in information security, today announced that Symantec Gateway Security 5400 Series v2.0 (firewall engine) has been awarded Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 4 (EAL4) certification. This prestigious certification assures customers that Symantec Gateway Security 5400 Series v2.0 (firewall engine) has gone through a long and rigorous testing process and conforms to standards sanctioned by the International Standards Organization. Symantec Gateway Security 5400 Series v2.0 is the first full-inspection firewall appliance with integrated security technologies to achieve EAL4 certification of its firewall engine.

"The certification validates the ability of Symantec Gateway Security 5400 Series to protect enterprise IT assets with one of the most secure, high-performance solutions available for ensuring safe connections with the Internet and between networks," said Tom Mazich, vice president of public sector, Symantec Corp. "Recognizing that the Federal government is a leading proponent of Common Criteria Certification, Symantec is well positioned to continue providing customers in the Department of Defense and civilian federal agencies with gateway protection technology that meets stringent EAL4 certification."

Symantec will be formally awarded the EAL4 certification for Symantec Gateway Security 5400 Series at Infosecurity Europe 2004 in Olympia, London, UK on April 28, 2004. Symantec's recent accomplishment provides government customers, who require certification, with further validation that they are receiving best-of-breed security technology to protect their corporate networks. For more information about Symantec's Common Criteria certifications, visit:

"The Certification Body is pleased to announce that the firewall engine on Symantec Gateway Security 5400 Series v2.0 appliances has achieved certification at the EAL4 level against Common Criteria (ISO15408:1999)," said Pete Fischer, head of the Certification Body, UK IT Security Evaluation & Certification Scheme. "This certification highlights Symantec's commitment to standards that offer their customers the highest level of security in today's market."

Recognized for its ability to protect against blended threats such as Sobig, Blaster, Netsky and Beagle, Symantec Gateway Security 5400 Series provides advanced full-inspection firewall, gateway antivirus, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, virtual private networking (VPN), content filtering and anti-spam technologies. In addition, Symantec Gateway Security 5400 Series can scale to speeds of up to 1.8Gbps, dependent upon system configuration and selected functions, providing optimum throughput and performance for customers with T1 to Gigabit Ethernet connections.

About Common Criteria
The Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (CCITSE) is a set of evaluation criteria agreed to by the United States' National Security Agency/National Institute of Standards and Technologies and equivalent bodies in 18 other countries. It was designed to resolve the technical and conceptual differences among existing standards for the evaluation of security systems and products. Certification to the Common Criteria EAL4 requires in-depth analysis of product design and development methodology, backed by extensive testing. EAL4 certificates are currently recognized by the following countries: United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, France, Germany, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

The Common Criteria represents the outcome of efforts to develop criteria for evaluation of IT security that are widely accepted within the international community. Further information is available at and

About Symantec
Symantec is the world leader in providing solutions to help individuals and enterprises assure the security, availability, and integrity of their information. Headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., Symantec has operations in more than 40 countries. More information is available at

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