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VERITAS Self-Assisted Support Resources Empower Customers

New technologies and support options ease deployment and problem resolution for the world's leading data protection products
NEW YORK - January 18, 2005- VERITAS Software Corporation (Nasdaq: VRTS) today announced enhanced services offerings, including new automated support technologies to help companies more easily deploy and configure the VERITAS Backup Exec 10.0 Suite of software (see related press releases, issued today) and quickly and effectively identify and resolve technical issues. The new offerings include pre-installation environment screening capabilities, enhanced online system diagnostics and a dedicated VERITAS Backup Exec software customer support portal, in addition to pre-existing contract and per-incident support packages.
"With more than two million installations to date, VERITAS Backup Exec software is trusted by customers around the world to help protect their most important asset -- their data," said Greg Hughes, executive vice president of global services, VERITAS. "VERITAS is committed to setting the Gold Standard for service and support offerings, with uncompromising solutions including new technologies, online capabilities, telephone and on-site support to help our customers more efficiently protect and manage their data -- from deployment to issue resolution."
"As a long term user of VERITAS Backup Exec software, it's extremely important that we have the ability to quickly diagnose and solve problems when they occur," said Josh Bauer, Network Administrator, Daymon Worldwide, a Connecticut-based international company specializing in the sales and marketing of Private Label consumer products. "With the enhanced set of self-service support tools and resources that include free online support and DirectAssist, we now have the ability to self diagnose and resolve many problems without picking up the phone and talking to VERITAS technical support."

Intuitive Installation Support

VERITAS now offers tools to help customers ensure smooth installations and quickly self-diagnose and solve technical issues, for both new installations and product upgrades. The Pre-Installation Environment Check is a new utility included with Backup Exec 10.0 software at no cost that can be run in advance of software installation to detect configuration issues before they can cause problems. This intuitive utility provides system environment and Backup Exec configuration checks and identifies potential issues to help prevent errors or failure during the install process. In addition, the Pre-Installation Environment Check report is saved on the server, offering background information to support technicians in the event further support is required.

Free Online Support Tools

With the launch of Backup Exec 10.0 software, VERITAS is introducing www.backupexec.com, a comprehensive Web portal devoted entirely to VERITAS Backup Exec software that provides customers with easy access to a variety of innovative and useful support features free of charge. They include:
  • A fully-searchable VERITAS Web KnowledgeBase with detailed information on ways to address common problems and implement solutions specific to customer environments.
  • An online support forum moderated 24x5 by VERITAS support engineers and advanced engineers to troubleshoot and offer solutions to installation and configuration problems. The support forum will also offer users an opportunity to exchange tips and techniques and share and gain expertise from each other. Each user will earn and accumulate points for answering questions in the discussion forum. A list of top 10 users will be featured on every forum topic page, denoting expert users from participants.
  • An e-mail notification service provides customers with the latest technical news on VERITAS Software products and alerts for notifications regarding critical issues.
  • Immediate access to key configuration and troubleshooting documents, drivers, patches, software updates and downloads, as well as information on how to handle the most common error messages.
  • Compatibility and reference information detailing operating system, platform and device compatibility with VERITAS software products.
  • Self-Assisted Diagnostic Tools and Electronic Support
VERITAS today announced a new, Web-based version of VERITAS DirectAssist. Introduced in May 2004 as a free software client download, DirectAssist is an innovative electronic support solution for Windows-based versions of Backup Exec software. DirectAssist helps enable customers to troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve technical issues independently and free of charge over the Web. Self Assist and Self Diagnosis functionality helps customers resolve issues through pre-programmed diagnosis and repair scripts. The scripts automate problem resolution and can detect and resolve issues themselves. The application can also be used to instantly open support cases with VERITAS Technical Support online in conjunction with existing support contracts. By helping resolve problems quickly, DirectAssist enables customers to avoid costly system downtime and helps ensure that business information is always protected and available.
With the release of Backup Exec 10.0 software, customers will now be able to access DirectAssist from the Web directly at www.backupexec.com.
"As a network administrator I find myself working on several issues at the same time. I find DirectAssist extremely useful because I can begin the support process, then move to a non-backup related issue, meanwhile knowing that VERITAS technicians are working on my backup issue in the background," said Van R. Johnson, network administrator, Teton County School District in Wyoming. "I rely heavily on my software support people and I find DirectAssist is the only way to go for support."

Contract to Incident Support -- Options that Align to Business Needs

VERITAS offers annual support contracts at three levels of service: Basic, Extended and Business Critical. Support options range from regional business hours telephone support to 24x7 telephone support, to fly-to-site engineers and support account managers. The support packages are tailored to meet customer requirements -- from small businesses where IT activity is typically limited to normal business hours -- to support designed for global businesses whose success depends on uninterrupted, 24x7 access to data and applications.
Customers can now purchase technical services on a per-incident basis. The pay-as-you-go model allows customers to obtain support only when they need assistance and may be purchased for a single incident or in five- and 10-incident bundles. Incident support entitles the customer to technical support services until that issue is resolved and/or closed.


To view a Webcast of this announcement beginning today at 12:00 p.m. EST, please visit www.veritas.com/be_webcast.

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