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Trussville Utilities Board Protects Critical Customer Data with VERITAS and DLT Solutions

Municipal utility reduces time to recover critical data by 60 percent and cuts daily backup time by 50 percent.
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - May 16, 2005 - VERITAS Software Corporation (Nasdaq: VRTS) today announced that Trussville Utilities is using VERITAS Backup Exec™ for Windows software to protect its critical customer information. Implemented by DLT Solutions Inc., VERITAS Backup Exec software helps make Trussville Utilities’ customer data available 24/7, while reducing daily backup time by 50 percent.
Trussville Utilities provides water and natural gas to more than 22,000 citizens in Trussville, Alabama and the surrounding areas, playing a key role in stimulating the city’s economic development. Customer service is key to Trussville Utilities’ success, and keeping customer information available and protected is a critical component of their IT operation.
“Availability of data directly impacts our bottom line because lost customer information can result in inaccurate billing, affecting our revenues and customer satisfaction,” said Matthew Carter, network administrator, Trussville Utilities. “Gas and water line location information is also business critical for us, helping to maintain public safety and the safety of our workforce. Having that information offline is simply unacceptable, and we count on VERITAS to help ensure it is available 24/7.”
Prior to implementing VERITAS Backup Exec software, Trussville Utilities’ nightly backups took more than 12 hours and threatened to impact operations during business hours. Furthermore, backups were often incomplete and unsuccessful, leaving Trussville Utilities’ critical customer database unprotected and unrecoverable in the event of a system failure or disaster.
Working with DLT Solutions, Trussville Utilities selected VERITAS Backup Exec software for centralized data protection. With more than a decade of experience delivering VERITAS-based solutions to government agencies, DLT designed and deployed an entirely new backup infrastructure for the utility.
“DLT outlined a completely customized solution based on VERITAS Backup Exec,” said Carter. “They specified which Backup Exec agents we needed to intelligently handle the data from our Microsoft® Exchange and SQL Servers™. Having an expert to help us understand exactly which software to buy saved us a lot of time and money.”
Using VERITAS Backup Exec software, Trussville Utilities has cut its nightly backup time in half—from 12 hours to six hours and Carter spends minutes-rather than hours-each day monitoring the results of the backup operation. “VERITAS software has significantly reduced the risk of losing vital customer information and increased operational efficiencies,” said Carter. “By drastically reducing the time I spend to manage backups, VERITAS Backup Exec has allowed me to focus on adding value to the business through IT.”
VERITAS Backup Exec software helps allow Trussville Utilities to easily recover critical customer data in the event of a server crash. “It would have taken a full work day to recover one server’s data with the old backup system,” explains Carter. “Now we can restore an entire server from scratch in three hours—a 60 percent time reduction.”
The VERITAS and DLT relationship has proved to be successful for Trussville Utilities. “I couldn’t be happier with how DLT Solutions and VERITAS solved our problems. We now have dependable backups using VERITAS software, and DLT provides us with reliable support when we need it.” added Carter. “In VERITAS and DLT, Trussville Utilities has a great team focused on helping us to keep up with our growing city.”

About DLT Solutions

Founded in 1991, DLT Solutions, Inc. is a premier government solutions provider delivering best-of-class technology solutions to federal, state and municipal governments and businesses. To achieve that mission, DLT has teamed with some of the most prominent IT software and hardware manufacturers in the world including Adobe, Autodesk, Oracle, Quantum, Quest Software, Red Hat, Symantec and VERITAS. Headquartered in Herndon, Va., DLT's knowledgeable and technical sales staff provide top-notch technical and configuration assistance and fast, flexible ordering. DLT is the recipient of Oracle PartnerNetwork's 2002 Business Excellence Award, and is recognized as Oracle's largest reseller worldwide. DLT is also the recipient of Autodesk’s 2004 Platinum Award, and is recognized as one of Autodesk's largest partners in the U.S., Quantum's largest reseller of storage solutions, VERITAS' largest GSA partner, and Quest Software's largest partner in the U.S. For more information or to place an order, contact DLT Solutions at 800-262-4358; email sales@dlt.com; or visit www.dlt.com.

About VERITAS Software

Software, one of the 10 largest software companies in the world, is a leading provider of software and services to enable utility computing. In a utility computing model, IT resources are aligned with business needs, and business applications are delivered with optimal performance and availability on top of shared computing infrastructure, minimizing hardware and labor costs. With 2004 revenue of $2.04 billion, VERITAS delivers products and services for data protection, storage & server management, high availability and application performance management that are used by 99 percent of the Fortune 500. More information about VERITAS Software can be found at www.veritas.com.

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