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Symantec’s Veritas Storage Foundation Helps Reduce Storage Cost Through Policy-Based Management of Information

Symantec Joins with Industry Suppliers to Build Comprehensive, End-to-End Persistent Data Solution

CUPERTINO, Calif. – Oct. 3, 2006 – Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced the ability to leverage its Dynamic Storage Tiering technology to enable cost-effective, policy-based automated storage management of persistent data profiles — the fastest growing segment of stored data at the enterprise level. Dynamic Storage Tiering is a feature of Veritas Storage Foundation, which offers organizations a complete solution for heterogeneous online storage management.

Symantec has joined the new Persistent Data Storage Architecture (PDSA) alliance, led by enterprise-class MAID storage solutions provider COPAN Systems, to address how enterprise customers manage information.

“Symantec’s Veritas Storage Foundation provides an advanced storage management infrastructure that enables organizations to dramatically reduce their storage costs by non-disruptively moving data to less expensive tiers of storage as the business value of the data changes,” said Rob Soderbery, senior vice president of Symantec’s Storage Foundation Group. “Establishing a standard storage software infrastructure is critical today as organizations look to scale storage operations, maximize the value of tiered storage, and address the need to manage information effectively.”

“Veritas Storage Foundation and its Dynamic Storage Tiering combined with COPAN Massive Array of Idle Disks (MAID) delivers a compelling solution to address the growing challenge customers face in managing persistent data,” said Roger Archibald, senior vice president of marketing and business development for COPAN Systems. “With policy-based Dynamic Storage Tiering, IT organizations can utilize the appropriate tier of storage for their applications without impacting the application’s availability to the business.”

With the Dynamic Storage Tiering capabilities of Veritas Storage Foundation, information can be moved to less expensive storage based on the changing value of the information to the business. Organizations can define policies that move files based on a variety of criteria such as: date created, time and frequency of access, owner, size, or name. The policies move files dynamically to higher or lower tiers of storage based on the defined criteria eliminating administrative overhead. Since the Veritas File System can span multiple volumes and tiers of storage hardware, the file system directory structures are unchanged. Consequently, file movement is completely transparent to the users, applications, databases, backup recovery policies and access to data is never interrupted.

“With broad knowledge of file system and volume management, the Dynamic Storage Tiering feature of Veritas Storage Foundation helps customers build logical storage tiers, automate data movement between tiers and ensure consistent application access,” said Brian Babineau, analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group. “The end result is that customers can deploy heterogeneous storage systems, build tiers based on data performance and accessibility requirements and then begin storing data more efficiently. The ability to create flexible policies, add volumes to tiers and maintain application access can help organizations align business requirements with the vast amounts of information being created.”

In addition to the management of online information with Veritas Storage Foundation, COPAN Systems is integrated with Symantec’s Veritas NetBackup for backup and recovery of information. The combination of COPAN Systems’ enhanced MAID technology and Veritas NetBackup allows organizations to simplify data management from a single console by offering superior reliability and scalability.

About Symantec

Symantec is the world leader in providing solutions to help individuals and enterprises assure the security, availability, and integrity of their information. Headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., Symantec has operations in 40 countries. More information is available at

About COPAN Systems

COPAN Systems is the leading provider of intelligent, enterprise-class, enhanced MAID storage solutions that unlock the value of long-term data. The company is led by storage industry veterans from Hitachi Data Systems, Sun/StorageTek, Dell, HP/Compaq, EMC, and others, and is privately held with investments by Austin Ventures, Globespan Capital, Pequot Ventures, and Credit Suisse. COPAN Systems’ storage solutions have been shipping since March 2004, with customers spanning the healthcare, financial, government, media, and service provider industries. More information is available at

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